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CallSign : CEDAR JET

Founded : 1945

Key people : Mohammad El Hout

Country : Lebanon

Office Address : PO Box 11-206 Airport Road,

City : Beirut

Zip Code : 1107-2801

Phone number : 011 961 1330

Official Website :

Covid :

Middle East Airlines (MEA) Overview 

Middle East Airlines  – Air Liban S.A.L. or Middle East airlines was founded in 1945 and it is the flag carrier of Lebanon. Moreover, this airline flies to both domestic and international destinations. Furthermore, The current fleet of the airline consists of 26 fleet in service, for instance, some of these aircraft include Airbus A320–200, Airbus A330–900, Airbus A3921 new, and more. The airline also owns subsidiaries like Cedar executive, Middle East airport services, etc. which are operated independently. Lastly, the airline is a part of SkyTeam Airline Alliance. Therefore, it has codeshare agreements with Air Canada, Etihad Airways, Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways, Air France, Kuwait Airways, Saudia, Alitalia, Vietnam airlines, Air Europa, Czech  Airlines, Aeroflot, Royal Jordanian, and TAROM. 


Middle East airlines Hub and Destinations 

Middle East airlines has its hub airport as Beirut-Rafic International airport (BEY). Moreover, the airline operates flights to both domestic and international destinations. Furthermore, the network consists of destinations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to this, The airline offers direct connections between the route and the following destinations – Brussels, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Copenhagen, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Amman, Cairo, Istanbul, Baghdad, Lagos, Accra and et cetera. 


Middle East airlines Travel Class 

This airline only offers two cabin classes on-board, they are Economy Class, and Business Class.  

Economy Class 

Economy cabin is the most basic cabin class available on Middle East airlines. However, it comes with satisfying and comfortable service for the budget traveler. Moreover, passengers can enjoy complementary food and beverages on-board. Furthermore passengers can also make the most of duty free shopping and in-flight magazine for entertainment.  They also get to enjoy the entertainment system on-board. Lastly, seats in economy cabin class a very comfortable. They have faded head rests, 32 inches seat bitch and opposition in a very comfortable manner. The passengers will surely have a very relaxing journey. 

Business Class (Cedar Class)

Middle East airlines has branded Business Class as Cedar Class. This is perfect for passengers who are looking for high-end service, and ease while traveling. Firstly, passengers get priority service at the airport. Moreover, on-board passengers get to enjoy complimentary delicious premium food and drinks. In addition to this, The meals may differ depending on the departure time of the flight. Furthermore, personal televisions and noise cancelling headphones are actually for an entertaining flight. Lastly, passengers are also provided blankets and pillows for a cozy journey. 

Seats on the aircraft provide maximum comfort to the passengers. They recline back fully and so they are the best space on the craft. Receipts are also equipped with adjustable panel control and reading lights. The seat pitch is around 46 inch and the seats are set in 2 x 2 configuration. 


In-Flight Entertainment 

Middle East airlines not only provides passengers with an in-flight magazine, but it also provides entertainment systems on board. Therefore passengers can stream a wide variety of movies, TV shows, music as well as play games. Further more Wi-Fi is also available on board, passengers can stay connected to the world. Pricing plans available are as follows: 


In-Flight Food 

Middle East airlines provides fresh, delicious food and beverages to passengers on-board. Moreover, the food has a rich hint of both Lebanese and European cuisine. For breakfast the airline serves fresh juices and fruits, viennoiseries and a main course. In addition to this, a Lebanese speciality called Knafeh is also served on crafts flying out of Beirut. Furthermore, on longer flights to Europe or Africa, the airline serves lunch and dinner. The food is a combination of fresh salad, desserts, European hors d’oeuvres, a choice of main course. On the other hand, flights on the golf route selection of Lebanenes hors d’oeuvres, a choice of main course, desserts and salad can be expected. Lastly, on short flights cold snacks are available.

Special Meals

 Passengers can also access special meals on the flight. Moreover, this meal caters to special medical and dietary requirements of individuals. Furthermore, passengers can indicate their needs at the time of booking. Lastly, following are the special meal options available on Middle East airlines flights: 


Frequent Flyer Program 

Cedar Milesis the frequent flyer program of Middle East airlines, which is to award loyal passengers. Moreover, passengers can earn miles as they travel with the airline or its partners. So essentially further the passengers travel, they get to earn more miles and enjoy membership upgrades. In addition to this, passengers can redeem miles for free tickets and upgrades. Lastly, following tier of memberships are available

Middle East Airlines (MEA) Popular Flight Routes

Middle East Airlines (MEA) Route Map


Middle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines (MEA) FAQ's

1. Where does Middle East Airlines fly? +

The airline offers passenger domestic flights as well as international flights across  Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 


2. Where will Middle East Airlines be based? +

The airline is headquartered in Beirut,  based at Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY).



3. Can I book Middle East Airlines flights online? +

Yes, you can.


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