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Founded : 3 February 1923

Key people : Evgeny Ditrich (Board Chairman) | Mikhail Poluboyarinov (CEO)

Country : Russia

Office Address : Арбат ул, 1

City : Moscow

State : Moscow,

Zip Code : 119019

Phone number : 86 687 97647

Official Website :

Covid :

Aeroflot airlines Overview

PJSC Aeroflot is the Russian airline that is generally known by Aeroflot. It is the flag carrier with staying the largest carrier in the Country.
Aeroflot is the oldest well-known airline in the world, which was founded in 1923. Aeroflot's headquarter is located in the central administrative Okrug, Moscow.
The airline was controlling approximately 40% of the airline market in Russia itself. In addition, Aeroflot owns the lowest-cost airline, Rossiya Airlines based in Saint Peterburg, Pobeda, and also almost 51% of Aurora airlines located in the Russian Far East.

Aeroflot Alliance Airlines and Codeshare Programs

The airline became a SkyTeam member during April 2006 and it was the first Soviet Union carrier to get involved. However, Aeroflot was not able to meet the standards of the alliance but Skyteam saw scope in its huge hub networks. Aeroflot Cargo, a branch of Aeroflot was again integrated into the parent company, controlled by Skyteam Cargo.

Aeroflot has Codeshare agreements with the given airlines:

Air France, Aeroméxico, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Finnair, KLM, Korean Air, Saudia, Bangkok Airways and Kenya Airways

Fleet size

Aeroflot has wide and narrow-body aircraft in its fleet size. The airline has seven families and they are the Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Airbus A350 XWB, Boeing 777, the Boeing 737, and the Sukhoi Superjet 100. There are 246 passenger carrier aircraft in its fleet size as per May 2020.

Aeroflot Airlines Destinations and Hub Airports

Aeroflot airline serves to 146 destinations in 52 different countries. The domestic destinations are Moscow, Nalchik, Novokuznetsk, Saint Peterburg, Omsk, Orenburg, and many more. In addition, the airlines have international destinations to Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, and many more
Aeroflot airline has its main hub airport at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow. It is the busiest airport and gets yearly traffic of 45 million passengers every year.

Economy class

Aeroflot airline has an economy class as its standard main cabin. You can enjoy the free baggage allowance as per the fare class and the destinations.
The economy class comes up with the tray table that will give you reading and eating comfort. You can even get extra legroom as space+ while economy seat reservation. You can purchase it while doing check-in and booking flight tickets.
If you're traveling with your children age between 3 to 11, then your child can get additional kits like games and coloring books, etc.
You will get much inflight entertainment like magazines, food menu, and multimedia.

Premium economy class

Comfort class is the premium economy class of Aeroflot Airlines. The comfort class is only available in Boeing 777 aircraft for long-hauls. You will get free checked bags as per your fare types and destinations. Flex and classic fare family will get 2 checked baggage of 23 kgs and 1 piece of carry=on baggage up to 10 kgs. Moreover, the Base fare family will get one checked bags of 23 kgs and one of carry-on up to 10kgs.

The premium seat comes up with 96.52 cm of itch and 49 cm width. In addition, you will get comfortable seats with a USB port, a charger cord for charging mobile devices and laptops, light fixtures, and much more.

The comfort class, as per name suggests, will give get great quality in-flight sleeping experiences with blankets and travel pillows. And, you will get a magazine, multimedia, food menu, and wifi on board.

Business class

Aeroflot airlines business class comes up with every comfort you want on your long hauls. Get the business seat that is very comfortable, wide, and extra-legroom space, and also put your seats into a horizontal position with adjusting backrest and footrest.
In the airline business class, you can do your business through your laptop very easily and also eat your desire ordered meals and drinks keeping it on the tray table. Moreover, it has light-adjusting options, amenities, travel pillow, blankets, and slippers too. You can also enjoy complimentary drinks, meals, and snacks, also you get a charging port with the backseat Panasonic personal tv screen. If you're traveling Aeroflot business class, then you get VIP lounge access for free.

In-flight Entertainment

 If you're either traveling into an economy class or an expensive business class, you will get all the inflight entertainment in every class.
Aeroflot airlines deal with the passenger's comfort and there is no compromise you can notice.
For economy class, they provide blankets above 3 hours of flights, travel pillows above 6 hours of flights, and amenity kits for passengers traveling 6 hours or more haul flights.
The airline inflight entertainment comes up with a Panasonic Multimedia system of 9' inches of display. There is Wifi facilities for every Aeroflot passengers with the inflight amazing magazines to read onboard.
Even after the flight departure, there are many post-flight comforts Aeroflot provides to its passengers.

In-flight Food Menu and Beverages

Taking about the food and the drinks on board, you can purchase your order or get complimentary as per your fare classes. In economy seating, you can enjoy different varieties of meal options and especially there are many kid meals and special health and dietary food meal options on board.
Taking about premium and business class, you can get very exciting meals and beverages on your seats. For business and high classes, there are exclusive chefs from Russia and foreign restaurants to get you an expert meal and varieties onboard.
You will be happy to have hot meals, Haute, and gourmet cuisine.

Frequent-flyer Program

Aeroflot airline has a three levels Aeroflot Bonus as their frequent flyer program. The first level is regular that has no benefits on basic level. However, the air travel can initiate the participation in Aeroflot program from the age of 2. The second level is silver has benefits like prior Aeroflot reservation, check-in, and seat selection. It also provides extra 10 kg baggage allowance. The requirements is to fly 25,000 miles or 25 flights segments during calendar year. The last level is the gold and with many more benefits. You will get lounge access, seat selection, priority baggage handling, boarding, check-in, high waitlisting, and with 20 kg baggage allowance. Moreover, you will get tier bonus miles of 50% flown (50,000 miles).

Aeroflot Airlines Popular Flight Routes

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Aeroflot Airlines

Aeroflot Airlines FAQ's

1. Is Aeroflot flying to USA? +

You can do Aeroflot airline reservation to four destinations in the USA. You can book flight tickets to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington.

2. What is the best Russian airline? +

The number one airline of the Russia is Aeroflot airline. You can do Aeroflot flight reservation for best deals and facilities.

3. Does Aeroflot airline serve food onboard? +

You will get all varity of meals, beverages, and snacks options in their food menu. You can get free complimentary food and snacks for free and for economy class you can upgrade the higher inflight entertainmnet and meal options.

4. Why is Aeroflot airline cheap? +

You can book cheap flights tickets in Aeroflot airline as compared to many other airlines. This is beacuse the airline is state owned and huge oil reserved already.

5. How do I contact customer care of Aeroflot airline? +

You can call Aeroflot customer care service number - 1 (866) 879-7647


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