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CallSign : ETIHAD

Founded : July 2003; 17 years ago

Key people : Mohamed Mubarak Al Mazrouei (Chairman) Tony Douglas (CEO)

Country : United States

Office Address : Etihad Airways New York (NY), USA City Office, Rockefeller Center, 600 Fifth Avenue,20th Floor, NY 10020, New York, United States of America

City : New York

State : New York,

Zip Code : 10020

Phone number : +1 (877) 690-0767

Official Website :

Etihad Airlines Overview

Etihad Airlines, the 2nd flag carrier of UAE and Founded by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This Airline was the wish of President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Etihad holds the position of the second-largest airline of UAE after Emirates. 

Etihad fleet size has crossed a century by having 102 aircraft in operation. They have Abu Dhabi International Airport as their main hub. Mohamed Mubarak Al Mazrouei is the current Chairman and Tony Douglas is the CEO of Etihad Airways.

Etihad Alliance Airlines and Codeshare Program

All around the Globe have Codeshare with only three airlines. Etihad is the shareholder on these given airlines, Etihad has majority shares and made an alliance known as Equity Alliance. We are listing down the Airline below

Etihad Airlines Destinations and Hub Airports

Etihad Airways has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Their main hub airport is at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The main headquarters are in Khalifa city, Abu Dhabi. 

Etihad Airways serves customers by flying over 100 destinations across 47 countries. 

Mentioned below are some of the destinations which Etihad flies to. 

Etihad Airlines booking in the class of services

Basic Economy Class  

Passengers can have foremost comfort after buying tickets for Economy Class. They have re-designed the Economy Class to make it much snugger for passengers. The decent legroom and Pillows and Blanket makes the Flight cozier. 

In Economy Classes, if passengers choose smart Economy seats they will have touch screen monitors as in-flight entertainment and enjoy 300 + movies by enjoying complimentary drinks.

Premium Economy Class

Premium  Economy Class almost comes with the same features as Economy Class. Passengers can add extra snacks with drinks in complimentary slots by Etihad. Etihad has provided two options in Economic Premium Class.

Economy space

In this alternative passengers have extra legroom up to 36” inches of space.

Economy Neighbour-free

Passengers can have 3 times more space and can bid on any seats they want.

Business Class

Looking forward to their standards and luxury they want to provide, you will find a Business class on A380 and Dreamliner. As they promised the Luxury, it comes as they mentioned. Passengers will have a 5 star like experience. 

With touch screen tv to noise-canceling headsets to have the best music for your ears. Boutique hotels on the upper deck of A380 can give you the feeling of lonely space. Etihad connects you with your family and friends by providing Wi-Fi on board. 

Business Class travelers can dine whenever they want. Speaking about comfort, Etihad gives extraordinary Flatbeds with full-size pillows and cushions which can make you sleep in minutes.  


The Chauffeur service of Etihad is the most premium and luxurious of all. The service starts with the Arrival Lounges, just go there freshen up, have a shower, and get some refreshment. Till then your clothes will be ironed and your Chauffeur will be ready to drop you to your destination. 

If you are flying on an A380 then you are flying a 7 star or world-class hotel. When it’s bedtime, crew members will recline your seats and will make sure you have everything you want, when you wake up you can have a shower and get freshened up.

Talking about in-Flight entertainment you will have unlimited access to movies, shows, and games with a wide touch screen and a noise-canceling headset. You can socialize on the upper deck of the A380 where you have a widescreen TV.

Still, getting bored? You will have ports to charge your device to access their Wi-Fi and connect to the world on social media.

In-flight Entertainment 

Install the In-Flight entertainment app and enjoy the world of E-Box on your personal tablet or mobile phone. This gives you the handy experience to access the streaming app on your phones to avoid touchpoints in this pandemic situation. 

They have shows and movies, especially for children. Etihad Airlines gives a special parental control feature to flyers. On-Board passengers can have access to wifi if there is a member of Etihad Guest Platinum, and users can use the leftover data within 14 days by connecting to Etihad.

One can make calls and talk to anyone over the Globe. Etihad takes their service on top-notch by providing such services and by calling on flight charges will apply the same as international Charges

In-flight Food Menu and Beverages

Meal options turn into the restaurant when you fly with Etihad Airways. Etihad while sailing skies serves an exotic menu for passengers. In Economy Class, passengers have the option to buy food items.

Business Class passengers can enjoy their meal whenever they want, the menu is stimulated by upmarket bistros. 

If a passenger wants to look for the menu prior to boarding then he/she can look on Etihad’s official website. The first-class pax has an irreconcilable menu on board. 

A culinary delight to Grill menu, First Class passengers get the best from Etihad. The dishes are made by inflight chefs for each passenger.

Etihad serves all kinds of meals, Special Dietary, Religious meals, and a special meal set for Children too.

Etihad in terms of Beverages has a complimentary bar service which includes nearly all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks they serve on board. They have drinks like Champagne, hot chocolate as paid ones.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Etihad has its frequent flyer program for its frequent loyal customers. They call it the Etihad Guest. Under this Etihad Guest program, you can earn points every time you fly with the airline or any partner airline. 

After earning valuable points by flying with Etihad you can spend your points in the following ways:

Etihad Airlines Popular Flight Routes

Etihad Airlines Route Map

No route details.

Etihad Airlines

Etihad Airlines FAQ's

1. What are the provisions for children flying alone? +

Children from the age of five to eleven who are flying alone will be assisted under the unaccompanied minor service free of cost. 

2. What special documents are required for pregnant women to fly? +

Women who are pregnant up to eight months do not need a medical certificate. As soon as the ninth month begins a medical certificate stating fitness to fly is mandatory. 

3. Are there any special services for passengers with medical conditions? +

Etihad says your wellness matters. For passengers flying with any medical conditions which require special services, they are respectively provided with the same. 


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