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Vietnam Airlines Flight Reservations

  • IATA : VN
  • ICAO : HVN
  • Founded : 1956
  • Key people : Lê Hồng Hà, Đặng Ngọc Hoà
  • Country : Vietnam
  • Office Address : 200 Nguyen Son Street., Long Bien District
  • City : Hanoi
  • Zip Code : 100000
  • Phone number : 19001100
  • Official Website :
  • Covid :

Vietnam Airlines Information

Vietnam Airlines is the national carrier of Vietnam, headquartered in Hanoi. The airline was founded in 1956 and has since grown to become one of the largest airlines in Southeast Asia, with a network of destinations that spans Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

Vietnam Airlines operates a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft focusing on safety, reliability, and passenger comfort. The airline offers a variety of cabin classes, including Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class, all of which provide comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, and delicious cuisine.

Why Book Flight with Vietnam Airlines

Here are some unique qualities of Vietnam Airlines:

  1. Cultural Promotion: One of the unique qualities of Vietnam Airlines is its commitment to promoting the culture and heritage of Vietnam. The airline's cabins and lounges feature traditional Vietnamese decor, and its in-flight meals often showcase Vietnamese cuisine. This creates a unique and immersive experience for passengers traveling to and from Vietnam.
  2. Skytrax 4-Star Airline: Vietnam Airlines has been recognized as a 4-star airline by Skytrax, an independent airline rating agency. This rating is based on factors such as passenger comfort, in-flight entertainment, and customer service, and it places Vietnam Airlines among some of the best airlines in the world.
  3. Modern Fleet: Vietnam Airlines operates a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, focusing on safety, reliability, and passenger comfort. The airline regularly updates its fleet to ensure passengers have the most comfortable and enjoyable travel experience possible.
  4. Comfortable Cabin Classes: Vietnam Airlines offers a variety of cabin classes, including Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class, all of which provide comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, and delicious cuisine. This allows passengers to choose the level of comfort and service that best fits their travel needs.
  5. Sustainability: Vietnam Airlines has implemented several sustainability initiatives, such as reducing waste, recycling materials, and implementing energy-efficient practices. This commitment to sustainability helps to reduce the airline's environmental impact and promote a more eco-friendly travel experience.

Vietnam Airlines Destinations and Hub Airports 

here is a table of Vietnam Airlines' hub and destinations:

Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) in Hanoi


Domestic Destinations International Destinations
Buon Ma Thuot Beijing
Can Tho Frankfurt
Da Nang Guangzhou
Dien Bien Phu Hong Kong
Dong Hoi Kaohsiung
Hai Phong Kuala Lumpur
Ho Chi Minh City London
Hue Melbourne
Nha Trang Moscow
Phu Quoc Osaka
Pleiku Paris
Quy Nhon Seoul
Rach Gia Shanghai
Thanh Hoa Siem Reap
Tuy Hoa Singapore
Vinh Sydney

Vietnam Airlines Cabin Classes

here's some information on Vietnam Airlines' travel classes:

1. Economy Class:

The Economy Class on Vietnam Airlines provides a relaxing and economical travel experience. The seating will be comfy, with headrests that can be adjusted, personal entertainment screens, and USB outlets for charging electronic gadgets. The airline also provides a complimentary meal and beverage service during the trip. In addition to a variety of food options, such as vegetarian and special meals, passengers in economy class have the option of pre-ordering their meals. Tea, coffee, and soft drinks are snacks and beverages in Vietnam Airlines' Economy Class. In addition, long-haul passengers can benefit from extras like blankets, cushions, and amenity kits filled with necessities like toothbrushes, earplugs, and eye masks.

2. Premium Economy Class:

With bigger seats, legroom, and a higher degree of recline than Economy Class, Vietnam Airlines' Premium Economy Class provides a more pleasant and opulent travel experience. Additionally, passengers traveling in premium economy class can use a dinner service that is expanded with more menu options and complimentary alcoholic beverages.

In Premium Economy Class, travelers can anticipate spacious seats with up to a 19-inch width and a 42-inch seat pitch. Along with a selection of movies, TV shows, and music, the airline also provides personal entertainment screens with USB charging outlets for gadgets.

Additionally, passengers flying in premium economy class can benefit from extras like blankets, cushions, and amenity kits filled with necessities like toothbrushes, earplugs, and eye masks. 

3. Business Class:

Fully flat beds, attentive service, and access to the airline's premium airport lounges are all features of Vietnam Airlines Business Class, which offers a magnificent travel experience. In addition to personal entertainment screens with a selection of movies, TV shows, and music, passengers may anticipate comfortable sitting with a seat pitch of up to 78 inches and a breadth of up to 23 inches.

In addition to various facilities like a la carte cuisine selections created by top chefs, amenity packs with necessities like toothbrushes, earplugs, and eye masks are available to Business Class passengers. The Business Class of Vietnam Airlines also provides a complimentary bar service with wine, champagne, and high-end spirits.

Vietnam Airlines Manage Booking

Vietnam Airlines Manage Booking offers a range of features that allow you to modify your reservation according to your needs, such as Modifying your itinerary, Selecting your preferred seat, Requesting special assistance, Adding extra baggage, Upgrading your heart, and Updating your contact information. You can access this feature on the Vietnam Airlines website or mobile app by entering your booking reference and last name. In addition, passengers can customize their travel plans with various tools that Vietnam Airlines manages booking offers. You can manage bookings for Vietnam Airlines in several ways, including the following:

Flight Status

Additionally, travelers may choose their seats in advance, with Vietnam Airlines managing to book. People who want to sit with their travel companions or have specific seating preferences may find this function helpful.

Change Flight/Cancel Flight

To cancel your Vietnam Airlines flight, you can do so through the following methods:


Many airlines allow passengers to change or cancel their flights online by visiting the airline's website and logging into their accounts. Once logged in, navigate to the Manage Booking section and follow the prompts to change or cancel the flight. This method is usually the quickest and most convenient way to change or cancel a flight.

Customer Service:

Passengers can change or cancel their flights by calling the Vietnam Airlines customer service hotline. Be sure to have your booking reference number and personal details ready when calling. This method may take longer than changing or canceling online, as you may have to wait to speak to a representative on hold.

Ticket Office:

For some airlines, you can change or cancel your flight in person at the airport or a ticketing office. This method may be helpful if you are already at the airport and must make changes or cancel your flight at short notice.

Select Seats

Another helpful feature of Vietnam Airlines Manage Booking is the ability to select your seats. This is especially important if you have a specific seat preference or want to ensure that you sit with your travel companion. Go to your itinerary and select the "Select Seats" option to choose your seats. You'll then be able to see a seating map of the aircraft and select your preferred seats. Note that some hearts may come with an additional fee.

Upgrade Your Seat

Upgrading your seat can provide added comfort and convenience during your flight with Vietnam Airlines. Whether you're looking for more space, better amenities, or a premium travel experience, the airline offers a range of upgrade options to meet your needs.

Add Special Requests

Vietnam Airlines offers several types of special requests for their flights, including:

  1. Dietary Requirements: If you have any special dietary requirements, you can request a special meal on your flight. This includes options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher meals.
  2. Medical Assistance: If you require medical assistance during your flight, you can request special assistance. This includes options such as wheelchair assistance and oxygen supply.
  3. Special Needs: If you have any special needs, such as traveling with a service animal or requiring special seating, you can request a special. Assistance.

Add Baggage

If you need to bring more baggage than your allowed baggage allowance, you can do so by paying an excess baggage fee. The fees vary depending on your destination and the extra luggage you must bring.

In-Flight Entertainment and wifi

  1. Vietnam Airlines offers many in-flight entertainment options for passengers in all travel classes. In addition, passengers can enjoy personal entertainment screens with various movies, TV shows, music, games, and interactive maps to track their flight progress.
  2. In Economy Class, passengers can enjoy various movies, TV shows, and music and access the airline's in-flight magazine, Heritage Fashion & Life. Passengers can also use personal entertainment screens to track their flight progress and access various games and other interactive features.
  3. In Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class, passengers can enjoy even more extensive in-flight entertainment options, with a broader selection of movies, TV shows, music, and noise-canceling headphones for a more immersive experience.
  4. Vietnam Airlines also offers a selection of in-flight magazines and newspapers, with content available in several languages, including English, Vietnamese, and French.

In-Flight Food Services

Vietnam Airlines offers a complimentary meal and beverage service on all flights, with various meal options to suit different dietary requirements and preferences. Passengers can also pre-order their meal before the flight to ensure they receive their preferred choice.

In Economy Class, passengers can enjoy a range of meal options, including vegetarian and special meals, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the flight. Passengers can also purchase snacks and drinks from the airline's in-flight menu.

In Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class, passengers can enjoy an enhanced meal service with a broader selection of menu options, including a la carte dining and meals prepared by top chefs. Passengers can also enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages, including wine, champagne, and premium spirits.

Vietnam Airlines' meal options reflect the country's culinary traditions, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and flavors. The airline also offers a range of traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as pho and banh mi, and international cuisine options.

Frequent Flyer Program 

  1. Vietnam Airlines' frequent flyer program is called Lotusmiles, and it allows passengers to earn miles when they fly with Vietnam Airlines or its partner airlines. Miles can be redeemed for various rewards, including free flights, upgrades, and travel discounts.
  2. Lotusmiles has four tiers of membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. Each level offers different benefits and privileges, such as bonus miles, priority check-in and boarding, access to airport lounges, and extra baggage allowance.
  3. Members of Lotusmiles can also earn miles through the program's partners, including hotels, car rental companies, and retail partners. Members can also transfer miles to family and friends and purchase miles to top up their accounts.
  4. Lotusmiles also offers a range of promotions and special offers for members, such as bonus miles for flying on specific routes, discounts on flights and travel packages, and exclusive access to events and experiences.
  5. Overall, Lotusmiles provides passengers various benefits and rewards for their loyalty to Vietnam Airlines and its partners. From free flights and upgrades to access to airport lounges and extra baggage allowance, Lotusmiles offers a range of perks that make flying with Vietnam Airlines even more rewarding.

Codeshare Program

Vietnam Airlines has a codeshare program that allows passengers to book flights with partner airlines and travel to more destinations worldwide. The airline has codeshare agreements with several major airlines, including Delta Air Lines, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Korean Air.

Through the codeshare program, Vietnam Airlines passengers can book flights to destinations beyond the airline's network, such as North America, Europe, and Africa. This allows passengers to travel to multiple destinations with a single booking and enjoy a seamless experience.

Passengers who book a codeshare flight with Vietnam Airlines will have their flight operated by the partner airline but can still earn frequent flyer miles with the Vietnam Airlines' Lotusmiles program. They will also be able to enjoy Vietnam Airlines' in-flight services, such as entertainment and dining options, on their codeshare flight.

Customer Reviews

Vietnam Airline Customer Reviews

Customer Service

Phone Number

To contact Vietnam Airlines' customer service team by phone, passengers can call the airline's 24/7 customer service hotline at 1 (415) 677-0888. This number can be used for general inquiries, flight reservations, and booking changes.

Email Address

Passengers can also email Vietnam Airlines' customer service team at[email protected]. This email address can be used for inquiries about flight schedules, bookings, and other general questions.

Vietnam Airlines Popular Flight Routes

Vietnam Airlines Route Map


Vietnam Airlines  Flight Reservations

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Vietnam Airlines FAQ's

Vietnam Airlines offers a range of in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games. Passengers can access these options through the in-flight entertainment system on their screens.

Passengers can bring food and non-alcoholic drinks on board Vietnam Airlines flights. However, alcoholic beverages must be purchased on board.

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