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Aerolink Uganda: Fast & Easy Flight Reservation 

An air operator's certificate and a licence from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority identify the privately owned airline in Uganda as Aerolink Uganda. It is focused on getting tourists to Uganda's National Parks so they may spend less time travelling and see more. This airline's flights can be compared to scheduled "luxury buses/trains" in the sky. Many locations are served as part of a circuit or route, especially in the bush safari regions. If there is a scheduled passenger to pick up or drop off, the aircraft will only land there. In contrast to a bus, you don't have to be concerned about missing your stop if you nod off.

About Aerolink Uganda

In 2012, the Kenyan-based owners of Aerolink Uganda founded the company. Entebbe and Uganda's national parks are connected by the airline for tourists. In the Western Region of Uganda, there are daily scheduled flights to the airports of Kisoro, Kihihi, Kasese, and Mweya. Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park, both in the Northern Region of Uganda, have airfields that are accessible three days a week with a minimum number of passengers.


Where Does Aerolink Uganda Fly?

The business runs regular routes to locations in East Africa from its hub at Entebbe International Airport. The locations that Aerolink Uganda serves are listed below

  1. Masai Mara
  2. Kisumu
  3. Bugungu
  4. Chobe
  5. Entebbe/Kampala
  6. Kasese
  7. Kidepo
  8. Kihihi
  9. Kisoro
  10. Mweya
  11. Pakuba
  12. Semliki

Travel Class Amenities in Aerolink Uganda

Aerolink Uganda Ltd offers basic economic class, economy class, first-class cabins, and premium business class cabins as its four main seating classes.

Economy Class

There is enough of legroom in every economy class cabin, and those who want even more can choose to upgrade to a bulkhead or an exit row seat.

Business Class

The most comfortable seating is found in business class on Aerolink Uganda. The airline provides additional legroom and the greatest headrest seats. On board, Aerolink Uganda offer delectable food and beverages.

What Fleet Does Aerolink Uganda Have?

They run a fleet of Cessna Grand Caravans, which have a reputation for being dependable and well-liked workhorses. The Caravan is the go-to aircraft for both business and pleasure thanks to its adaptability and comfort in difficult circumstances. Regional airlines utilise it all over the world. The aircraft has the most recent in-flight technology, which gives the crew the ability to steer clear of hazardous weather and terrain. With plenty of legroom and leather seats, it transports guests to their remote safari sites in comfort. It can hold up to 11 persons. To give intuitive situational awareness at a glance, the brand-new command center-Garmin G1000 glass cockpit integrates all key flight, engine, and sensor data. All of which provide "your go-anywhere, do-anything Caravan" new levels of security and assurance. The Pratt Whitney turbo-prop engine has an enviable reputation for dependability. The aircraft has a maximum range of 2000 kilometres (1,240 miles) and a top speed of 320 kilometres per hour. Two full-rated Aerolink crew members fly every aircraft.

Aerolink Uganda Customer Service

The fastest way to contact Aerolink Uganda through customer care is via the toll-free number: +256 317 333 000. Apart from the toll-free number passenger can connect with e-mails or tweet on @Aerolinkuganda.Furthermore, the website has a section dedicated to writing complaints and feedback via message response. To enquire about any trip, group travel, or vacation plan, its suitable to inquire via message box, available on the official website.


Aerolink Uganda Popular Flight Routes

Aerolink Uganda Route Map


Aerolink Uganda Complete Passenger Guide

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Aerolink Uganda FAQ's

The primary international airport servicing Uganda is Entebbe International Airport. Kampala, the nation's capital and largest city, is served by Entebbe International, which is situated close to the town of Entebbe.

When 2021 comes along, the outlook is entirely different. There are 50 pilots working for the new Uganda airlines at the moment, 42 of whom are Ugandan. Five women from Uganda are included in this exclusive club. Vernita Kayiwa and Tina Drazu are two of these women who fly the Airbus A330.

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