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Vietnam Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy




Founded : 1956

Key people : Lê Hồng Hà, Đặng Ngọc Hoà

Country : Vietnam

Office Address : 200 Nguyen Son Street., Long Bien District

City : Hanoi

State :

Zip Code : 100000

Phone number : 19001100

Airline Official Website :

Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Policy

As per the "About Cancellation Policy of Vietnam Airlines," the airline has specific rules and guidelines that passengers must follow when canceling their flights. Here's 

Things to Remember 

  1. Fees and restrictions may apply for cancellations.
  2. Passengers can cancel online or through customer service.
  3. Refund options include a refund to the original form of payment or a travel voucher.
  4. It's recommended to cancel as early as possible to avoid fees or restrictions.

Ways to cancel a flight

Here are some of the most common ways to cancel a flight:


Many airlines allow passengers to cancel their flights online by visiting the airline's website and logging into their accounts. Once logged in, navigate to the Manage Booking section and follow the prompts to cancel the flight. This method is usually the quickest and most convenient way to cancel a flight.

Over The Phone:

Passengers can cancel their flights by calling the airline's customer service hotline. Be sure to have your booking reference number and personal details ready when calling. This method may take longer than canceling online, as you may have to wait to speak to a representative on hold.

Ticket Office:

For some airlines, you can cancel your flight in person at the airport or a ticketing office. This method may be helpful if you are already at the airport and must cancel your flight on short notice.

Travel Agent:

If you booked your flight through a travel agent, you might need to contact the agent to cancel your flight. Check with your travel agent for their cancellation policies and any applicable fees.

Cancellation Due to Weather

In the event of a flight cancellation due to weather, Vietnam Airlines will typically provide passengers with the following options:


Passengers can be rebooked on the next available flight to their destination at no additional cost. The airline will try to accommodate passengers on the earliest available flight.


Passengers who choose not to rebook can receive a full refund of their ticket price. The refund will be credited back to the original form of payment.

Vietnam Airlines Refund Policy

Passengers may be eligible for a refund if they cancel their flight within the timeframe specified by Vietnam Airlines and if their fare type allows for refunds. Non-refundable fares are typically not eligible for refunds.

The refund will be processed in the original form of payment used to purchase the ticket. For example, a refund would be credited to the same credit card if the ticket was purchased with a credit card. The refund process may take several business days to complete.

Vietnam Airlines may charge a fee for processing a refund, depending on the fare type and the reason for cancellation. Passengers should check with Vietnam Airlines customer service for more information on any applicable refund fees.

The timeframe for receiving a refund may vary depending on the payment method and the reason for cancellation. In some cases, the refund may be processed immediately, while in other cases, it may take several business days or weeks.

Steps to Cancel a Flight

Step 1. Contact Vietnam Airlines: The first step in canceling your flight is to contact Vietnam Airlines directly. You can call their customer service center or visit their website using their 'Manage Booking' form.

Vietnam Airline Manage Booking

Step 2. Provide Booking Details: When you contact Vietnam Airlines to cancel your flight, you'll need to provide your booking reference number and last name, such as the date and time of your flight.

Vietnam Airline booking detail window

Step 3. Check Eligibility for Refund: Vietnam Airlines will typically process your refund within a specific time frame if your ticket is refundable. However, if your ticket is non-refundable, you may only be able to receive credit for future travel.

Step 4. Pay Cancellation Fees: Depending on the type of ticket you've purchased and the timing of your cancellation, you may be charged a cancellation fee. This fee will be deducted from the amount your refund amount, if applicable.

Step 5. Receive Refund: If you're eligible for a refund, Vietnam Airlines will typically refund your payment to the original payment method within a specific time frame.

Vietnam Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

Yes, however this depends on the fare type. 


You can contact Vietnam Airlines’s Call Center on 19001100. 


To rebook a flight you can call on 19001100 (from within Vietnam) or +842438320320 (from abroad to Vietnam). 


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