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CallSign : UZBEK

Founded : 1992

Key people : Bakhtiyor Khakimov (CEO)

Country : Uzbekistan

Office Address : 41, Amira Temura Prospect

City : Tashkent

State : .,

Zip Code : 100060

Phone number : +998 71 140 02 00

Official Website :

Uzbekistan Airways Overview

Uzbekistan Airways was founded in 1992, it is the national airline of Uzbekistan. It flies to more than 60 destinations, across Europe, Asia and some part of North America. Moreover, it is the only airline which operates scheduled flights in the country, making it the only mode of transport for leaving and entering the country. Additionally, it is the only time-efficient way of transport for domestic travelling. Lastly, Uzbekistan Airways has codeshare agreements with Ural Airlines, Air Baltic, Belavia, Korean Air, S& Airlines, Czech CSA Airlines, Alitalia, Malaysia Airlines and Korean Airlines.

Uzbekistan Airways destinations and airport hubs

The airline travels 60 destinations across Europe, Asia and parts of North America. Moreover, the airline operates charter flights in range from New Zealand to Alaska. Some destinations Uzbekistan Airways travels to, for instance, are Turkey, Pakistan, UK, US, Russia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc. Lastly, Tashkent International Airport is the hub Uzbekistan Airways operates from.

Uzbekistan Airways Travel Class

The airline offers two classes for seating, Economy and Business Class.

Business Class

The cabin crew of business class facilities is specially highly trained. They are very friendly and attentive. Passengers have access to the Lounge before the flight and further get first class service on board. Business class seats are very comfortable and can turn into a flatbed when the passengers want that comfort. In addition to this a hot and delicious meal is included in the ticket price. The menu is altered every once in a while, the airline collaborates with brands to provide a variety of snacks, drinks and food options to the passengers. The seats are as follows -






Airbus A320

12 seats

1 m

17.8 cm


Boeing B767

15–40 seats

1.5 m

10–80 degree

(can recline into a

lying position)

60 cm

Boeing B757

15–60 seats

1 m

19–20 cm

45–48 cm

Economy class

The economy class facilities are a very affordable style of traveling, it is the most basic class of cabin available. On board passengers can use the individual reading laps available at their seat, personal table, a blanket and pillow. Additionally, the passengers can access 12 inflight audio channels for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, they can order from the range of food options. These include cold snacks, desserts, main course, vegetable snacks, hot drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Lastly the seats are as follows-






Airbus A310

150 seats

78–82 cm

13–15 cm


Airbus A320

138 seats

81 cm

15 cm


Boeing B767

157–246 seats

78 cm

15 cm


Boeing B757

157–246 seats

76–82 cm

13–15 cm


In-flight Entertainment

Entertainment facilities are provided to all Business Class cabins and some economy class flights. Passengers can use the personal screen or use the free-to-use iPad that the airline provides. There is a selection of movies, TV shows and music that is provided. Moreover, you can also enjoy playing a video game during your journey. Lastly, passengers can stay connected to the world with the wi-fi service available on board, prices start at $5.95 USD.. There is a wide range of packages available to choose from, these include-

LITE — the LITE package gives passengers 20MB to use for instant messaging.

MEDIUM — the MEDIUM package gives passengers 50MB to use for instant messaging, social media and news sites.

STREAM — the STREAM package gives passengers 120MB to work online and to freely surf the internet.

BUSINESS — the BUSINESS package gives passengers 220MB and gives passengers full internet usage.

In-flight food

The food and beverage service is updated so as to avoid unnecessary contact between passengers and flight-attendants. This is a result of the current health crisis. Furthermore, the food served for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as the beverages depends on how long the flight is. 

Passengers traveling internationally can order meals, according to their special requirements, at the time of booking the ticket. The special meal may depend on their gastronomic, medical or religious needs. Moreover, special meals can be ordered 2 hours prior to the long-haul flights and no extra charge is applied. 

Frequent Flyer program

UzAirPlus is the frequent flyer program that Uzbekistan Airways operates. Passengers can get closer to free benefits, upgrades and flights the more you fly with the airline. In addition to this, frequent flyers can also enjoy increased baggage allowances and access to Uzbekistan Airways Lounges at the airport. Lastly, 3 levels of members are provided under the UzAirPlus program and they are as follows:

  1. Premium - first level
  2. Silver - second level
  3. Gold - third level 

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