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Uzbekistan Airways Baggage Policy



CallSign : UZBEK

Founded : 1992

Key people : Bakhtiyor Khakimov (CEO)

Country : Uzbekistan

Office Address : 41, Amira Temura Prospect

City : Tashkent

State : .,

Zip Code : 100060

Phone number : +998 71 140 02 00

Official Website :

Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers can carry one item of carry-on baggage, as per included in the price of their ticket. The baggage dimensions should not exceed 56 x 45 x 25cm and 8kg weight. In addition, passengers can carry one additional personal item, for instance, a handbag, camera, etc. 

Checked Baggage

For checked baggage, items should not exceed the 150cm dimension. Passengers in Y class are permitted to carry baggage within 20kg weight, F class passengers can carry baggage up to 40kg weight and C class passengers can carry baggage up to 30kg weight.

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Excess Baggage

The type of exceeding the norms

Calculation of the charged rates

Excess baggage

- 1 rate for each additional seat in excess of the established norm

Exceeding the size of the seat (more than 158 cm or 115 cm (for children under the age of 2 years) by the sum of three dimensions)

- 0.5 rate, for each place exceeding the established standard dimensions

Exceeding the weight allowance for a piece of baggage over 10 (for children under 2 years of age), 23 or 32 kg

- 0.5 rate, for each place exceeding the established standard weight

Special Equipment 

The following items, regardless of their actual dimensions shall be accepted for carriage as a luggage piece with the size of 158 cm (62 inches) by the sum of three dimensions: 

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Uzbekistan Airways Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. How is bag measured? +

Baggage is measured by length + width + height. The dimensions of each measurement are added together to compose the total number of linear inches/ centimeters.


2. What items are not permitted to carry? +

You are not allowed to carry firearms, edged weapons, explosives and flammable substances, chemical and toxic substances.


3. Can I travel with my pet? +

Yes, you can. However a health certificate is required to travel. Additionally, you can carry small pets that can fir in a small or medium pet pack (max. 8kg with cage). Otherwise the option to ship your pet as cargo is available.


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