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Founded : 1963

Key people : Samer Majali (President and CEO), Saeed Darwazeh (Chairman)

Country : Jordan

Office Address : Headquarters: Building 37, Mohammad Ali Janah Street,

City : Amman

Zip Code : 11118

Phone number : +962.6.5100000

Official Website :

Covid :

Royal Jordanian Overview

Royal Jordanian (Arabic: الملكيَّة الأردنيَّة‬) was founded in 1963 and it was then known as Alia Airlines but has since changed its name. Moreover, this airline is a flag carrier of Jordan. In addition to this, the airline offers passenger flights within Mexico and across the United States. Moreover, it has codeshare agreements with a number of airlines. For instance, Middle East Airlines, S7 Airlines, Etihad Airways, Alitalia, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, American Airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, British Airlines and more.

Royal Jordanian Hub and Destinations 

Royal Jordanian has its primary hub airport as Queen Alia Airport, Amman. The airline operates flights to around 43 destinations throughout 31 countries. Moreover, the airline operates over 500 flights every week. Furthermore, some of the destinations that the airline flies to include Accra, Berlin, Zurich, Israel, Tunis, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Tabuk, Belgrade, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Aden, Jakarta, Bahrain, Khartoum, and many more. Lastly, Royal Jordan Airline is the only Arab carrier that serves Israel. 


Royal Jordanian Travel Class

This airline only offers two cabin classes on-board and they are Economy class and Crown Business class.

Economy Class 

Economy Class is the most basic cabin class available on Royal Jordan Airlines . However, it comes with satisfying and comfortable service for the budget traveler. Moreover, once on-board passengers can satisfy their appetite as Royal Jordanian provides an array of delicious cuisine to passengers. On long haul flights passengers can expect a choice of up to three main courses. Furthermore, complimentary service is also available to passengers. Lastly, in-flight entertainment is also available. 

Seats in this cabin class will surely help the passengers feel fresh and energetic. The seats are spacious, cushioned and also have generous pitch. Lastly, the seats are equipped with reading lights, individual fans and also headrest cover.

Crown Business Class

Royal Jordanian’s Business Class is perfect for passengers who are looking for high-end service and luxury on-board as well as on ground. This travel class comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, passengers get free access to Crown Class lounges to relax in a luxurious space before their flights. Secondly, passengers can enjoy baggage handling and avoid cues at the airport due to priority service. Next, on-board passengers also get to enjoy delicious SriLankan food along with beverages. The food is prepared with care by experienced chefs, moreover, healthy food options are also available. Furthermore, the whole dining experience is “Crown Dining” worthy. Lastly, in-flight entertainment is available.

Seats on the aircraft provide maximum comfort to the passengers. In addition to this, it also provides a lot of privacy. The seats are spacious and have a lot of legroom, they can recline into flatbeds (on selected aircrafts) and are also the best space on the craft to relax.


In-Flight Entertainment 

Royal Jordanian provides in-flight entertainment for the passengers, the back of the seats on the craft have TV screens on them. Therefore, passengers can view a selection of movies and TV shows be it drama, comedy, romance, horror, etc. Passengers will surely have an entertaining journey. Moreover, the in-flight entertainment system really enhances the flying experience


In-Flight Food 

Royal Jordanian strives to provide the best quality food on board. Moreover, chefs take only the freshest ingredients to prepare high quality and authentic food which is extremely tasteful. In addition to this, the menu offers a wide array of delicious dishes that includes both local and international flavour. Lastly, a kids meal is also available on-board, this meal specially caters to what youngsters like. 

Drinks and beverages are also available alongside food and snacks. On flights shorter than 2 hours duration a light snack and beverage is available. Whereas, on longer flights meals and drinks are available. In addition to this, alcoholic drinks are also available for passengers to enjoy.


Frequent Flyer Program 

Royal club is the name of Royal Jordanian frequent flyer program, it is to reward loyal customers. Essentially members of this program have the chance to earn miles through a variety of ways. For instance they can earn miles when they fly with Royal Jordanian Airline or its partners or if they make transactions with any of their non-airline partners, etc. Furthermore, they can use these miles and benefit from a wide range of rewards. For instance cabin upgrades, extra baggage and many more. Lastly, joining the program costs nothing and there are three tiers of membership available. Refer below for details:

Tier To Qualify To Maintain
Miles Segments Period Miles  Segments Period 
Silver JAY 15,000 14 12 months 12,000 12 12 months
Gold SPARROW 40,000 12 12 months 30,000 26 12 months
Platinum HAWK 65,000 46 12 months 110,000 80 24 months

Royal Jordanian Popular Flight Routes

Royal Jordanian Route Map


Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian FAQ's

1. Does Royal Jordanian have wi-fi on-board? +

No, the airline does not have wifi. 

2. What is the contact number of Royal Jordanian? +

You can contact the airline on 00 962 6 510 0000

3. Is Royal Jordanian safe? +

Yes, the airline has been listed as top 20 safest airlines in the world.


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