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  • IATA : LH
  • ICAO : DLH
  • CallSign : LUFTHANSA
  • Founded : 6 January 1953; 67 years ago
  • Key people : Carsten Spohr, (Chairman & CEO)
  • Country : Germany
  • Office Address : 640 Hempstead Turnpike East Meadow, NY 11554
  • City : Cologne
  • State : North Rhine-Westphalia,
  • Zip Code : 11554
  • Phone number : +1 (800) 645-3880
  • Official Website :

Lufthansa Airlines Information

Lufthansa is the largest German Airline, established on 6th January 1953, founded by F.A. Fischer von Puturzyn. This Airline is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance. This Airline is considered the second-largest Airline in Europe when we contemplate passengers carried. Lufthansa was the former Flag carrier of Germany. A substantial daily number of people book their Lufthansa Airlines Reservations to travel to different destinations around the world. 

Lufthansa's parent company has the world's largest airline fleet, with 700 flights. Whereas in terms of fleet, Lufthansa airlines have 227 flights over 220 Destinations. Lufthansa has been run by Chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr since 2014.

Why Book Flight with Lufthansa Airlines 

  1. Comfortable Travel Experience - Lufthansa Airlines is dedicated to offering its passengers a relaxing and peaceful travel experience.

  2. Excellent Customer Service - One of the reasons travelers return to Lufthansa Airlines is the Airline's devotion to customer service. 

  3. Wide Network of Destinations - Lufthansa Airlines serves nearly 200 locations globally, giving it one of the world's most comprehensive airline networks.

  4. On-time Performance - Lufthansa Airlines has an exceptional performance record, so you can count on your flight departing and arriving on time.

  5. Innovative Technology - Lufthansa Airlines is dedicated to providing its customers with cutting-edge technology that improves their travel experience.

Lufthansa Airlines Hub and Destinations 

Hub Airports
Frankfurt Airport
Munich Airport
International Destinations
Abu Dhabi
Addis Ababa
Buenos Aires
Cape Town
Dar es Salaam

NOTE- Apart from this, there are more destinations as well.

Cabin Classes

Economy Class

Don't forget your seats if you are flying with Lufthansa in Economy Class. Lufthansa provides the best seats for Economy Class with extra Legroom; for long-haul flights, pax can have cushions of 40 cm and adjustable Headrests for comfort.

Lufthansa serves you movie snacks while watching your favorite TV show or Movie On the Lufthansa Wide TV screen. In addition, they have a wide range of international radio stations, Movies, and TV programs such as In-Flight Entertainment. 

Premium Economy Class

You have a cocktail table on your armrest and enjoy 50% more room and comfort than the economy. You will find the Practical Travel Kit at your seat will help you to feel refreshed. 

You will find Fine China tableware, where your ordered meal will be served; you will have welcome drinks (non-alcoholic) and a water bottle on your seat. 


Business Class passengers will enjoy fine dining, even on short-medium flights, served on high-quality China tables. During Lufthansa Airlines Reservations booking, you will find that the middle seats are always empty to give you the best comfort and your personal space to stay undisturbed. 

Passengers will have all Lounge services at all major international airports. Passengers will have priority boarding and priority check-in to save valuable time. You can take two extra pieces of baggage with your checked baggage, called priority baggage. 


First Class service is considered a world-class service in the world. If you want a private jet or fly in your cabin, it's your wish.  Passengers get pleasant service by getting valet parking options for their rental or private cars. 

They have the finest In-flight entertainment and First class lounges in the world. Passengers will get Limousine service from their First class terminal to the aircraft. In addition, Lufthansa severs culinary delights, fine wines, and a personal assistant always in your favor. 

Booking Your Lufthansa Airlines Reservation

Choosing Your Dates

Choose your trip dates as the first step in making a reservation with Lufthansa Airlines. Remember that the peak travel period runs from mid-December to mid-April, and costs may rise.

Selecting Your Flights

After you've decided on your travel dates, it's time to book your flights. Lufthansa Airlines provides a wide range of travel choices, including nonstop flights from several Lufthansa Airlines cities to both international and domestic destinations.

Choosing Your Seat

You can select your seat when making your reservation with Lufthansa Airlines. Make sure to choose your preferred seat when booking your Lufthansa Airlines flight if you have one, such as an aisle or window seat.

How to access Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking

Lufthansa Airlines offers an easy-to-use Manage Booking service that allows you to make changes to your booking quickly and conveniently. For example, you can modify your flight details, such as your seat selection, meal preference, and flight schedule, through the Manage Booking section on the Airline's website or mobile app.

My Bookings

lufthansa airline my bookings

Flight Status

In "Manage my booking," passengers can go through the option of "Flight Status, where the passenger can check their flight status. Apart from the flight status, passengers can also update themselves on delays and cancellations.

Change or Cancel a Flight

Here are some methods that passengers can use to change or cancel their Lufthansa Airlines flight:

Over the phone:

You may easily alter or cancel your flight by phoning the Lufthansa Airlines customer support center.


Through the Lufthansa Airlines website, you can change or cancel your flight.

Airport desk:

You can alter or cancel your flight in person near a Lufthansa Airlines ticket counter or airport.

Select Seats

Passengers on Lufthansa Airlines can pick their favorite seats during the booking process or through the Airline's Manage Booking service. Passengers can select their seats depending on personal taste and comfort, such as a window seat, an aisle seat, or a seat with more legroom.

Upgrade Your Seat

Passengers on Lufthansa Airlines can upgrade their seats to a higher class of service, such as Business or First Class, for increased comfort and luxury throughout their journey.

Add Special Requests

Lufthansa Airlines realizes that specific customers may have particular demands during their journey, such as dietary restrictions or medical concerns. Therefore, special requests can be added during the booking process or through the Airline's Manage Booking service.

Add Baggage

If you need to bring more baggage than your allowed baggage allowance, you can do so by paying an excess baggage fee. The fees vary depending on your destination and the extra luggage you must bring.

Tips for Using Lufthansa Manage Booking

If you are planning to use Lufthansa to manage booking, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Check the Deadline for Making Changes

Lufthansa has a deadline for making changes to your itinerary. Be sure to check this deadline before attempting to make any changes to your booking.

2. Keep Your Confirmation Number Handy

You will need your confirmation number to access Lufthansa' managed booking. So keep this number handy in case you need to make any changes.

3. Check Your Flight Status Regularly

Even if you have already checked your flight status through Lufthansa, manage to book, be sure to check it regularly, as flight schedules can change at any time.

In-Flight Entertainment and Wifi

Regarding entertainment, Lufthansa engages its passengers in every class, whether on short or long-haul flights. They furnish individual HD TV screen monitors on the back of the seat.

To meet the taste of each pax, Lufthansa updates its set of Films and Shows to recent releases and award-winning programs in multiple languages. If passengers have a home-like feeling on the earth's ceiling, they should book their Lufthansa Airlines Reservations travel to different destinations. 

By providing world-class In-Flight Entertainment, Lufthansa has added Wi-Fi on its flights. This facility is available on both long and short-haul flights. Lufthansa FlyNet high-speed internet connects you to the world of the internet. Fees are applied for Wi-Fi usage; they provide this service in packs. For more details, click on

In-Flight Food 

Economy Class passengers can enjoy hot meals on long-haul flights; for short and medium hauls, they have sandwiches, cakes, and muffins (offerings may Vary). In addition, business-class passengers have exclusive services from last-minute breakfast to the entire menu on long-haul flights. 

For short and medium-route passengers, unique meal options should be ordered 24 hours before departure. They will be offered fresh ice creams and additional sweets. Getting caviar service in the day and evening, the best chefs from the topmost restaurants create dishes just for you. All meals are made in a two-month cycle from Michelin stars or toques.

Lufthansa has extended unique dietary options and a special Children's Meal menu. From Dietary Meal, Vegetarian Meal to Religion Meal, Lufthansa looks after every passenger's satisfaction (all this comes under a special meal, which passengers must order 24 before departure). For more details, click on

Frequent-flyer program

Lufthansa calls its frequent flyer program Miles & More. The Miles & More program provides points that can be gained with every flight for its regular and loyal customers. 

The frequent flyer program has three categories which render different benefits,

  1. Frequent Traveller 
  2. Senator 
  3. HON Circle

The points gained by the customers can be redeemed according to one's choice with the class upgrade, discounts on hotels, and much more.

For more information, please visit

Customer Reviews

Trip Advisor Customer Reviews

trip advisor customer reviews

Customer Service

Phone Number

  1. Lufthansa General Sales and Service: +49 69 86 799 799
  2. Lufthansa Flight Reservations: +49 69 86 799 799
  3. Lufthansa Customer Support for Passengers with Disabilities: +49 69 86 799 799

Email account

If you prefer to communicate by email, you can contact Lufthansa customer service by emailing their support team. 

Lufthansa Customer Support Email:

Live Chat

Lufthansa also offers a live chat feature on its website, allowing you to connect with a customer service representative in real-time. 

Lufthansa Live Chat:

Lufthansa airlines Popular Flight Routes

Lufthansa airlines Route Map

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Lufthansa Airlines

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Lufthansa airlines FAQ's

Babies up to two years old are regarded as infants and do not require any ticket expenses unless they would be requiring a separate seat. So no need to take a ticket for your infant just book your Lufthansa Airlines Reservations freely.

When you fly along with your children, Lufthansa makes sure that you have a relaxing journey. You will be rendered with services like boarding priority and much more. 

Little passengers are a priority for Lufthansa. Children aged five to eleven are rendered the unaccompanied children services which take care of your child. Even children after age five to twelve can opt for the same if required. That you can decide at the time of booking Lufthansa Airlines Reservations for a family trip.

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