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CallSign : GULF AIR

Founded : 1950

Key people : Zayed Rashid Al Zayani (Chairman), Waleed AlAlawi (CEO)

Country : Bahrain

Office Address : Gulf Air P.O. Box 138

City : Manama

Zip Code : N/A

Phone number : 00 973 1737 3737

Official Website :

Covid :

Gulf Air Overview 

Gulf Air (Arabic: طيران الخليج‎ Ṭayarān al-Khalīj) was founded in 1950 and it is the national flag carrier of Bahrain. Moreover, this airline is known for its Arabian hospitality and signature products. Furthermore, Gulf air is always striving to evolve and meet the aspirations of its passengers. In addition to this, it also aims to be the industry leader. Lastly, the airline has a fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. 

Gulf Air Hub and Destinations 

Gulf Air has its hub airport as Bahrain International Airport, Muharraq. Moreover, the airline operates flights to around 49 destinations in 27 countries. In addition to this, the airline offers passenger flights around European countries, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Furthermore, some of the destinations that the airline flies to include Dhaka, Paris, Munich, Nice, Larnaca, Chennai, Delhi, Kuwait City, Kuala Lumpur, Amman, Muscat, Moscow, Medina, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and many more. 


Gulf Air Travel Class 

This airline only offers two cabin classes on-board, they are Falcon Gold Cabin and Economy Cabin. Some services may differ depending on the aircraft. For more details on cabin class please click here

Economy Cabin 

Economy cabin is the most basic cabin class available on Gulf Air . However, it comes with satisfying and comfortable service for the budget traveler. Moreover, passengers can enjoy customised meals on their journey. They also get to enjoy wifi and the entertainment system on-board. Lastly, the seats in this cabin class will surely help the passengers feel fresh and energetic. The seat pitch is 32” and the seats recline 5-6”. 

Falcon Gold Cabin

This is perfect for passengers who are looking for high-end service, luxury and ease while traveling. This travel class comes with a lot of benefits and extras. Firstly, passengers get priority service at the airport. Moreover, they can also enjoy extra baggage. Next, passengers also get to experience fast track boarding and get to disembark first. Furthermore, at the airport passengers can also access the lounge. On-board passengers get to indulge and enjoy gourmet meals made by award winning chefs. They also get to enjoy wifi service on-board. 

Lastly, seats on the aircraft provide maximum comfort to the passengers. They recline back fully and also are equipped with privacy screens. In addition to this, the seats are equipped with USB ports, seat massage, and storage compartment.


In-Flight Entertainment 

Gulf Air provides wi-fi to passengers on board. Moreover, passengers can select a package that suits them. There are two packages, Chat and Cmart. Chat package is for USD 10 and it allows passengers to access messaging applications. On the other hand, the Smart package is for USD 15, it comes with additional data allowance and it allows passengers to surf the web, visit social media sites, check emails, etc. Lastly, an on-board entertainment system is available. Passengers can stream a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, documentaries, audio shows, kids movies, etc. 


In-Flight Food 

Gulf Air provides delicious meals to passengers on-board. Falcon Gold passengers can enjoy Sky Chef which is a fine dining experience. Moreover, this is similar to dining experience in a five-star restaurant, the food and service is just amazing. The food has a hint of European and Middle Eastern cuisine. On the other hand, Economy passengers can enjoy meals curated specially for them. 

Special Meals

Special meals are also available to passengers, these meals cater to special dietary requirements. Please refer to the table below for details of special meals:

Special meal type Description
Baby Meal  Pureed fruits, vegetables, meats, desserts suitable for infants.
Bland Meal  will include lightly poached or steamed poultry or fish together with fresh vegetables.
Child Meal  bite-size items are supplied, nutritionally balanced and avoiding ingredients that could upset a child’s digestion.
Diabetic  A meal low in fat but relatively high in unrefined carbohydrates
Fruit Platter  Freshly prepared fruits
Gluten Intolerant  Foods such as bread, cakes, pastries and pies will not be served, although gluten free bread is offered.
Hindu  Beef and veal products are avoided in these meals, which will be prepared using lamb, chicken and other meats, enhanced by the use of spices.
Vegetarian (Oriental)  Vegetarian meal similar to VGML but prepared in the Chinese style of cooking.



Low Fat  No fatty or fried foods are served, and lean meat, white beans, pulses and fresh vegetables are among the principal ingredients.
Vegetarian (Jain)  Vegetarian meals prepared in an Indian style and to strict Jain customs.
Low Sodium (Salt)  Avoiding most processed food products, including bread,
Raw Vegetable  combination of raw fruits & vegetables.
Vegetarian (Hindu)  avoiding meat, poultry, shellfish and fish.
Low Lactose  Excluding dairy products and processed foods, ingredients here major on fresh meat, fish and poultry together with fresh vegetables and fruits.
Vegetarian (Lacto – Ovo) Avoiding meat, poultry, shellfish and fish
Low Calorie A balanced portion of protein is provided by a lean meat or fish entrée, supported with pasta or rice and whole wheat bread
Vegetarian (Vegan)  meal, avoiding meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.


Frequent Flyer Program 

Falconflyer is the frequent flyer program of Gulf Air, which is to award loyal passengers. Moreover, passengers can earn and progress to higher levels of membership. In addition to this, passengers can redeem miles for free tickets and upgrades. 



Gulf Air Popular Flight Routes

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Gulf Air

Gulf Air FAQ's

1. Where does Gulf Air fly? +

The airline offers passenger flights around European countries, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


2. Where will Gulf Air be based? +

The airline’s hub airport is Bahrain International Airport, Muharraq.


3. Can I book Gulf Air flights online? +

Yes, you can.


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