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Gulf Air Check-in and Boarding Pass



CallSign : GULF AIR

Founded : 1950

Key people : Zayed Rashid Al Zayani (Chairman), Waleed AlAlawi (CEO)

Country : Bahrain

Office Address : Gulf Air P.O. Box 138

City : Manama

State :

Zip Code : N/A

Phone number : 00 973 1737 3737

Official Website :

Check-in arrival time at airport:

Domestic: 60 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Minimum required check-in time with baggage:

Domestic: 30 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

Check-In Policy

You may check in for your Gulf Air flight with the following options:

  1. Online check-in (Web check-in)
  2. Mobile Check-in 
  3. Airport check-in
  4. Kiosk check-in

The following travel paperwork must be organized before arriving at Gulf Air Airport:

  1. A valid passport or government-issued identification
  2. E-ticket number
  3. The name and details of your Gulf Air flight

Online Check-in to Get a Boarding Pass

  1. Visit the Airline's Website or App - The first step is to visit the airline's website or app. You can access the website from your desktop or laptop computer or download the app on your smartphone. Once you are on the website or app, look for the check-in option.
  2. Enter Your Booking Details - The next step is to enter your booking details. You must provide your booking reference number and last name to access your reservation. Once you have entered the details, click on the check-in button.
  3. Select Your Seats - After you have checked in, you can select your seats. The seat selection may be free or at an additional cost, depending on the airline and your travel class.
  4. Review Your Flight Details - Before you proceed, make sure to review your flight details. For example, check the flight time, date, and destination to ensure everything is correct.
  5. Pay for Extra Services - If you need additional services, such as extra baggage allowance or priority boarding, you can pay for them at this stage.
  6. Download Your Boarding Pass - Once you have completed the check-in process, you can download your boarding pass. Print the boarding pass or save it on your mobile device. Remember to carry the boarding pass with you when you go to the airport.

Airport Check-in to Get a Boarding Pass

  1. Locate the Check-in Desk - Upon arriving at the airport, locate the Delta Air Lines check-in desk. These desks are typically located near the airport entrance or in a designated check-in area.
  2. Provide Your Information - Provide the Delta Air Lines representative with your confirmation number, SkyMiles number, credit card number, and last name.
  3. Select the Passengers - Choose the passengers you wish to check in by letting the representative know the number of passengers in your party.
  4. Choose Your Seat Assignment - Select your preferred seat assignment from the available options. If no seats are available, Delta will assign you a seat automatically.
  5. Receive Your Boarding Pass - After completing the check-in process, the Delta Air Lines representative will provide you with your boarding pass.

Kiosk Check-in to Get a Boarding Pass

  1. You have to go to the airport and find the kiosk machine check-in area
  2. Touch the kiosk screen to start the check-in process
  3. Enter your Gulf Air flight e-ticket number and your last name
  4. Review your flight details and confirm your check-in
  5. print your boarding pass

Gulf Air Boarding Pass FAQ's

Gulf Air passengers can check-in online, via mobile, or at the airport.

Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight departure time.

No, passengers traveling with infants cannot check-in online.

Yes, passengers can select their seats during online check-in for Gulf Air flights.


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