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Etihad Airlines Baggage allowance and fee



CallSign : ETIHAD

Founded : July 2003; 17 years ago

Key people : Mohamed Mubarak Al Mazrouei (Chairman) Tony Douglas (CEO)

Country : United States

Office Address : Etihad Airways New York (NY), USA City Office, Rockefeller Center, 600 Fifth Avenue,20th Floor, NY 10020, New York, United States of America

City : New York

State : New York,

Zip Code : 10020

Phone number : +1 (877) 690-0767

Official Website :

Etihad Airlines Baggage policy

Etihad Airline's baggage policy is designed to provide passengers with a hassle-free travel experience. As a result, the airline has specific rules and regulations for checked, carry-on, and excess baggage. Here's everything you need to know about Etihad Airline's baggage policy.

Carry-on/Cabin Baggage Policy

Etihad Airlines allows passengers to bring one carry-on/cabin bag and one personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag. Here are the general rules for carry-on/cabin baggage:

  1. Economy Class passengers can bring one carry-on/cabin bag weighing a maximum of 7 kg (15 lbs) and one personal item.
  2. Business Class and First Class passengers can bring two carry-on/cabin bags, each weighing a maximum of 12 kg (26 lbs), and one personal item.

NOTE: Bulkhead seats lack under-seat storage, so all carry-on and cabin luggage must be stored in the overhead compartment during takeoff and landing.

Checked Baggage

Allowance for Flights To/From the U.S. and Canada:

  1. Economy: 2 bags (50 pounds/23 kg each)
  2. Business/First Class: 2 bags (70 pounds/32 kg each)

Excess or Additional Baggage Fee

Destination Excess Baggage Fee (per additional kg)
Within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) AED 60
To/from Europe AED 75
To/from Asia AED 85
To/from Africa AED 90
To/from North America AED 130
To/from South America AED 190
To/from Australia and New Zealand AED 200

Sports Equipment Fee

Etihad Airlines charges excess or additional baggage fees based on your destination and the bag's weight. Here are the general rules for extra or additional baggage fees:

  1. Within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): AED 60 per additional kg
  2. To/from Europe: AED 75 per additional kg
  3. To/from Asia: AED 85 per additional kg
  4. To/from Africa: AED 90 per additional kg
  5. To/from North America: AED 130 per additional kg
  6. To/from South America: AED 190 per additional kg
  7. To/from Australia and New Zealand: AED 200 per additional kg

Etihad Airlines Baggage Policy FAQ's

In case your baggage doesn’t arrive until you at the airport or before you leave the airport premises, you have to contact the baggage services. The baggage services will ensure that you get your baggage as soon as possible. 

Ensuring that the airline makes up for any damage caused is a priority and responsibility. You have to report the damage and get the damage fixed. Airline will make up for all the loss on receiving appropriate details. 


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