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Egyptair is the flag carrier airline of Egypt, headquartered in Cairo. It was founded in 1932 and is one of the oldest airlines in the Middle East. Egyptair operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 75 destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The airline has a modern fleet of more than 60 aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus models.

Egyptair is a member of the Star Alliance, the largest global airline alliance. Egyptair also has codeshare agreements with several other airlines, allowing passengers to book flights on multiple airlines through a single reservation.

The airline offers a range of travel classes, including Economy, Business, and Firs. In addition, it provides passengers with a range of amenities, including in-flight entertainment, meals, and wifi on select flights.

Egyptair has received several awards, including the World Travel Awards "Africa's Leading Airline - Business Class" in 2020 and "Africa's Leading Airline - Economy Class" in 2019. The airline is committed to providing passengers with safe and comfortable air travel and is constantly working to improve its services and operations.

Why Book Flight with Egyptair

Egyptair offers several unique qualities that set it apart from other airlines:

  1. Rich History: Egyptair is one of the oldest airlines in the Middle East, with a rich history that dates back to 1932.
  2. Star Alliance Membership: As a member of the Star Alliance, Egyptair provides passengers with access to a vast wide network of airlines, airports, and lounges around the world.
  3. Modern Fleet: Egyptair has a fleet of more than 60 aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus models, equipped with the latest technology and amenities.
  4. In-flight Amenities: Egyptair offers a range of in-flight amenities, including meals, in-flight entertainment, and wifi on select flights.
  5. Business Class Lounge: Egyptair has a dedicated Business Class lounge at Cairo International Airport, offering passengers a comfortable and luxurious experience before their flight.
  6. Loyalty Program: Egyptair has a loyalty program called Egyptair Plus, which allows passengers to earn and redeem points for flights, upgrades, and other benefits.
  7. On-time Performance: Egyptair has a strong performance record, ensuring that passengers arrive at their destination as scheduled.

Egyptair Destinations and Airport Hubs

Here is a table of Egyptair's destinations and airport hubs:

Airport Hub Destinations
Cairo Abu Dhabi, Accra, Addis Ababa, Algiers, Amman, Amsterdam, Athens, Bahrain, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Casablanca, Copenhagen, Dar es Salaam, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Kyiv, Kuwait City, Lagos, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Muscat, Nairobi, New York City, Paris, Riyadh, Rome, Shanghai, Stockholm, Toronto, Vienna, Washington D.C., Zurich
Sharm El Sheikh Beirut, Berlin, Budapest, Kyiv, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Vienna, Zurich
Hurghada Belgrade, Kyiv, Moscow, Munich, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Warsaw

Egyptair operates flights to more than 75 destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, with Cairo International Airport as its central hub. The airline also has secondary hubs at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport and Hurghada International Airport, mainly serving leisure destinations.

Cabin Classes

Travel Class Description

Economy Class

The standard class of service offers comfortable seats and in-flight meals and entertainment.

Business Class

A premium class of service offering enhanced amenities, including lie-flat seats and gourmet meals.

First Class

The highest class of service, offering the most luxurious amenities, including private suites.

Egyptair offers a range of travel classes to cater to its passengers' diverse needs and preferences. Each travel class provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience with varying amenities and services.

Egyptair Manage Booking

Egyptair Manage Booking is an online tool allowing passengers to modify and manage their flight bookings easily. It offers a range of convenient features, including the ability to change flights, select seats, add extra baggage, request special assistance, check-in online, and view itinerary details. Using Egyptair Manage Booking, passengers can enjoy hassle-free travel and have greater control over their travel plans.

Flight Status

Egyptair Manage Booking also offers a flight status feature that allows passengers to check their flight status in real time. This feature provides up-to-date information on flight delays, cancellations, and other essential details. Using Egyptair Manage Booking's flight status feature, passengers can stay informed about their flights and plan their travel accordingly.

Change Flight/Cancel Flight


Passengers can modify or cancel their flight bookings online through the Egyptair Manage Booking feature on the Egyptair website. This convenient and easy-to-use method allows passengers to manage their bookings from the comfort of their own homes.

Customer Service:

Passengers can also contact Egyptair's customer service department to change or cancel flight bookings. The customer service team is available 24/7 and can assist passengers with booking-related issues or questions.

Change Over the Phone:

Passengers can call Egyptair's reservation hotline to change or cancel their flight bookings over the phone. This quick and easy method allows passengers to speak with a customer service representative directly.

At the Airport:

Passengers can also change or cancel their flight bookings in person at the airport. However, it's important to note that this method may be subject to long wait times and additional fees.

Select Seats

Egyptair Manage Booking offers a convenient feature allowing passengers to select their preferred flight seats in advance. This online tool will enable passengers to choose from various seat options, including aisle, window, or seats with extra legroom. As a result, passengers can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience with Egyptair by selecting seats in advance.

Upgrade Your Seat

Egyptair Manage Booking allows passengers to upgrade their seats to a higher class through its online tool. This feature provides a convenient and hassle-free way for passengers to upgrade their travel experience and enjoy additional comfort and amenities. Passengers can easily upgrade their seats and enjoy a more luxurious and comfortable flight with Egyptair by accessing their booking through Egyptair Manage Booking.

Add Special Requests

With Egyptair Manage Booking, passengers can add special requests to their flight bookings to ensure a more comfortable and personalized travel experience. This feature allows passengers to request special meals, special assistance, or other accommodations through the airline's online tool. Using Egyptair Manage Booking to add special requests, passengers can enjoy a more tailored travel experience and greater control over their travel plans.

Add Baggage

The Egyptair Manage Booking feature allows passengers to add extra baggage to their flight booking, providing a convenient way to manage their luggage. Passengers can purchase extra baggage allowances online and avoid additional fees at the airport by accessing their booking through Egyptair Manage Booking. In addition, this feature allows passengers to customize their travel plans and ensure a hassle-free travel experience with Egyptair.

In-flight Entertainment and wifi

Egyptair offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options to its passengers, including:(In-flight Entertainment)

  1. Movies: Passengers can enjoy a wide selection of blockbuster movies worldwide, classic films, and popular T.V. shows.
  2. TV Shows: Egyptair offers a variety of T.V. shows, including drama series, sitcoms, and reality shows, to keep passengers entertained during their flights.
  3. Music: Passengers can listen to various music genres, including pop, rock, classical, and traditional music from different cultures.
  4. Games: Egyptair offers a selection of interactive games for passengers of all ages, including puzzle games, racing games, and classic arcade games.
  5. Magazines and Newspapers: Passengers can access a range of digital magazines and newspapers through the in-flight entertainment system.

In-flight food

Egyptair offers its passengers a range of in-flight dining options, depending on the length and destination of the flight. Here are some critical points about Egyptair's in-flight food:

  1. Meal Service: Egyptair offers complimentary meal service to all passengers in Economy and Business Class, with a selection of hot and cold dishes, snacks, and beverages.
  2. Special Meals: Passengers with dietary restrictions or preferences can request special meals, such as vegetarian, kosher, or gluten-free, at the time of booking or up to 24 hours before the flight.
  3. Business Class Dining: Passengers in Business Class can enjoy a gourmet dining experience with a menu designed by top chefs and a selection of fine wines and spirits.
  4. First Class Dining: Passengers in First Class can enjoy a customized dining experience with a personal chef and a menu tailored to their preferences.
  5. Snacks and Beverages: Passengers can also enjoy a selection of snacks and beverages throughout their flight, including coffee, tea, juice, and alcoholic beverages.

Frequent Flyer Program

Here is a table outlining the details of Egyptair's frequent flyer program, Egyptair Plus:

Membership Tier Qualification Requirements Benefits
Blue N/A Earn and redeem miles for flights, upgrade certificates, excess baggage allowance, lounge access
Silver 30,000 miles or 30 flights Priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, lounge access, priority boarding, priority baggage
Gold 60,000 miles or 60 flights Priority baggage handling, guaranteed seat availability, additional lounge access, complimentary upgrades
Platinum 90,000 miles or 90 flights Exclusive check-in counters, limousine service, additional lounge access, free companion ticket

Egyptair Plus members earn miles based on the distance flown, fare class, and membership tier. These miles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, excess baggage allowance, and other benefits. Members also enjoy exclusive privileges, such as priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, and lounge access, depending on their membership tier.

Overall, Egyptair Plus offers a range of benefits and rewards for frequent travelers, making it a valuable program for those who frequently fly with Egyptair.


Here is a table of Egyptair's codeshare agreements with other airlines:

Airline Codeshare Routes
Air Canada Canada - Cairo
Air China China - Egypt
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopia - Egypt
EVA Air Taiwan - Egypt
Gulf Air Bahrain - Egypt
Kenya Airways Kenya - Egypt
Korean Air Korea - Egypt
Oman Air Oman - Egypt
Royal Air Maroc Morocco - Egypt
Saudi Arabian Airlines Saudi Arabia - Egypt
Singapore Airlines Singapore - Egypt
South African Airways South Africa - Egypt
Swiss International Airlines Switzerland - Egypt
TAP Air Portugal Portugal - Egypt
Turkish Airlines Turkey - Egypt
United Airlines USA - Egypt
Virgin Atlantic U.K. - Egypt

Passengers can book flights on these airlines through Egyptair's website or reservation center, connecting them to other destinations easily worldwide.

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Egyptair FAQ's

Egyptair offers three travel classes: Economy, Business, and First Class. Each class provides passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, with varying levels of amenities and services.

Egyptair offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, games, and digital magazines and newspapers. Wi-Fi is also available on select flights.

Egyptair Manage Booking is an online tool that allows passengers to manage their flight bookings through the Egyptair website. This feature allows passengers to modify their booking, select seats, add extra baggage, request special assistance, check-in online, and view itinerary details.

Yes, passengers can check-in online using Egyptair Manage Booking. This feature allows passengers to select their seat in advance and save time at the airport.

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