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Founded : 31 March 1974

Key people : Alex Cruz (chairman and​ CEO) | Stephen William Lawrence​ Gunning (CFO and director)

Country : United States

Office Address : British Airways Executive Club 2 Park Avenue Suite 1100, New York NY 10016

City : New York

State : New York,

Zip Code : 10016

Phone number : +1 (800) 452-1201

Official Website :

British Airways Reservations & Overview

Book British Flights reservations to travel with the second-largest Airline of the United Kingdom. With a fleet size of 247, British Airways covers 183 destinations. It is the flag carrier of the United Kingdom. British Airways Reservations have London Heathrow Airport as its main hub. 

The member of Oneworld was founded on 31st March 1974. The company is run by the key person, the CEO and Chairman of British Airways Alex Cruz. BA is the founding member of Oneworld and from it has become the third-largest Alliance in the world.

British Partner Airlines and Codeshare Programs

British Airways while sailing the skies partners many airlines in its codeshare program. British Airways partners only those airlines who can look after the quality of service British airways provides. Listed below are codeshare partners. these airlines also offer services as parther with British Airways Reservations

British Airways Destinations & Hub Airports

British Airways serves the passengers by flying to 23 destinations domestically within the United Kingdom. The domestic destinations include London city, Glasgow, Jersey, Cambridge, and many more.

The airline has two Hub airports, London Heathrow Airport is the main hub airport and London Gatwick Airport as the other one. They have their headquarters near Heathrow airport. 

British Airways renders routes through the skies for over 200 destinations and more than 100 countries across five continents. The airline flies domestically and internationally so you can choose British Airways Reservations as per your requirement.  Below mentioned are some of the destinations of British Airways. 

British Airways booking in the Class of Services

Economy Class 

Economy Classes are curated in several types on British Airways. You have to check it before booking your British Airways Reservations for your journey.

Euro Traveller

Passengers onboard have decent personal space and legroom to stretch, the comfort is not that great but better in Economy Categories. You have in-seat power supplies and several magazines and newspapers to read. 

If you are traveling with infant or children you will have priority check-in

World Traveller

Passengers will have the same service as Euro Traveller including In-flight entertainment and better meal options. They have come up with upgrades in seats for better comfort and they have cushions and blankets for passengers with amenity kits. If you are a traveler then you can choose British Airways Reservations to cover your desire destination in your budget.

Business Class

Club World comes in two variants, short-haul Flight and mid and Long haul. Short Haul Flights have fewer benefits then Long Hauls in terms of meals and amenity kits. The seats are configured in such a manner middle seats are faced backward and the front seats are faced forward. 

In Long haul, you will find a foldable table while in short-haul there will be no passengers in the middle row for space options. Other than comfort BA offers a whole High tech pack of AVOD for Entertainment purpose. 


You will fly in your own cabin from fourteen of those. You can dine prior to your flight with the waiter’s service. First Class will give you all luxury and all benefits to access. From Priority check-in to boarding you will have an enjoyable journey ahead.

In-Flight Entertainment 

In-Flight Entertainment is quite decent on board. Flying on British Airways Reservations will not bore you as such. They have a decent collection of movies and shows for passengers. They have curated a kid zone to keep them engaged on board. The TV and Audio Programs are updated from time to time. To keep you connected with your family and friends they have Wi-Fi onboard.

For Readers British Airways as Exclusive collection of Life Magazine Online. The magazines are full of motivations and inspirational news. To keep you updated on current news you will have Digital Newspapers and Magazines to read.

In-Flight Food Menu

The meal section is adequate and comes with various options on board. 

British Airways have curated meal options for the long haul and short-haul flights

Long-Haul Flight Meals

On long haul flights, you can have great food, passengers are offered complimentary food. Passengers can get afternoon tea and meals onboard. All passengers will get complimentary food, snacks, and drinks. 

On the meal options, passengers have a huge list of special meal options and they can book or reserve it within 30 days and 24 hrs.

Short-Haul Flight Meals

Passengers on Short hauls flight can have males made by Marks and Spencer. Basic Economy Class is just full of comfort, not with free meal options. Premium Economy and Business Class can have meal options based on the span and length of the flight

Frequent Flyer programs

The Frequent Flyer program is quite different from many airlines on the field. They come with a unique and acceptable offer, as most passengers will love to take the membership. 

The Flyer program is called the Executive Club. This Club gets benefits by flying and collecting Avios. It’s just like book British Airways Reservations and flies, the more you collect the more you unlock benefits from car rental to exclusive vacation. 

It’s all up to your collection, what you will have in your vault, a priority check-in, or a flight to your vacations.

British Airways Popular Flight Routes

British Airways Route Map

Some of the best British Airways routes are New York JFK, Singapore, Boston, Dubai, and Los Angeles.

British Airways

British Airways FAQ's

1. Can I book my seats in advance? +

You can book your seats in advance with the frequent flyer membership using Avios or cash. When you book your British Airways Reservations through managing my booking you can choose your desired seats. 

2. What are the services provided if I’m travelling with children? +

If you are traveling with your family along with kids you are rendered all the assistance required. You also get a priority boarding so that you can settle and get comfortable. 

3. Are there services for children flying alone? +

There is no special service for children flying alone with British Airways. Children below the age of 16 if wish to fly alone have to book a British Airways Reservations as an adult. However, SUN-air of Scandinavia provides an unaccompanied minor service. 

4. Can pets travel in the cabin? +

Only assistance dogs and emotional support dogs are permitted to fly in the cabin with appropriate terms and conditions. All pets otherwise will travel in the hold where they are taken care of. 

5. Is assistance for medical conditions provided? +

If you require assistance such as wheelchairs or something else you can request for it 48 hours prior to departure and you will be rendered with the necessary assistance. 


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