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  • IATA : AK
  • ICAO : AXM
  • CallSign : RED CAP
  • Founded : 1996
  • Key people : Tony Fernendes, Group CEO of AirAsia Group, Riad Asmat (CEO),Kamarudin Meranun (Chairman)
  • Country : Malaysia
  • Office Address : KLIA Level 5, Departure Hall Main Terminal Building Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • City : Sepang
  • State : Selangor,
  • Zip Code : 64000
  • Phone number : +60 3 8660 4333, +60 6 0085 8888
  • Official Website :
  • Twitter :
  • Facebook :

AirAsia Information

AirAsia is a low-cost airline which is based in Malaysia. The airline flies to many destinations and is the most significant Malaysian airline regarding fleet size and goals. It is committed to low-cost carrier models, including cost-saving innovations and self-automation. Moreover, in 2019 Skytrax's 'World's Best Low-Cost Airline', running for 11 years, was awarded to AirAsia, which speaks for its value. The airline has quite a few subsidiaries airlines.

Why Book Flight with AirAsia

AirAsia, a low-cost airline based in Malaysia, is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for affordable flights. Here are some reasons why you might want to book a flight with AirAsia:

  1. Low fares: AirAsia is known for offering some of the lowest airfares in the industry, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers.

  2. Extensive network: AirAsia operates flights to over 165 destinations in 25 countries, focusing on Southeast and other parts of Asia. This vast network makes it easy to find flights to popular destinations.

  3. Easy booking process: AirAsia's website and mobile app make searching for flights, comparing fares, and booking tickets easy. The process is straightforward, and you can easily manage your booking online.

  4. On-time performance: AirAsia has a good track record for on-time performance, making you less likely to experience delays or cancellations.

  5. Comfortable seats: Despite being a budget airline, AirAsia offers comfortable seats with adequate legroom and reclining, ensuring you can relax and enjoy your flight.

AirAsia Destinations and Hub Airport

Region Country City Airport
Asia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
  Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI)
  Malaysia Penang Penang International Airport (PEN)
  Malaysia Kuching Kuching International Airport (KCH)
  Malaysia Johor Bahru Senai International Airport (JHB)
  Malaysia Langkawi Langkawi International Airport (LGK)
  Malaysia Alor Setar Sultan Abdul Halim Airport (AOR)
  Malaysia Kuala Terengganu Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG)
  Malaysia Miri Miri Airport (MYY)
  Malaysia Bintulu Bintulu Airport (BTU)
  Malaysia Sandakan Sandakan Airport (SDK)
  Malaysia Labuan Labuan Airport (LBU)
  Malaysia Tawau Tawau Airport (TWU)

Cabin Classes

This seating is one of the two classes of seating that AirAsia offers: economy and premium economy.

Economy Class

AirAsia's Economy Class is designed for budget-conscious travelers who want an essential and affordable travel experience. Seats are comfortable and come with a standard pitch of 29 inches. In-flight meals and beverages are available, and entertainment options include movies, TV shows, and music.

Premium Flatbed

AirAsia's Premium Flatbed is a premium class option that offers a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Seats are designed to recline to a fully flat position, providing a comfortable bed for long-haul flights. Passengers also receive a pillow and duvet, priority check-in and boarding, and AirAsia Premium Red Lounge access. In addition, in-flight meals, beverages, and entertainment options include a personal touch-screen TV.

AirAsia Manage Booking

AirAsia Manage Booking offers a range of features that allow you to modify your reservation according to your needs, such as Modifying your itinerary, Selecting your preferred seat, Requesting special assistance, Adding extra baggage, Upgrading your heart, and Updating your contact information. You can access this feature on the AirAsia website or mobile app by entering your booking reference and last name. In addition, passengers can customize their travel plans with various tools that AirAsia manages booking offers. You can manage bookings for AirAsia in several ways, including the following:

Flight Status

Additionally, travelers may choose their seats in advance, with AirAsia managing to book. People who want to sit with their travel companions or have specific seating preferences may find this function helpful.

Change Flight/Cancel Flight

To cancel your AirAsia flight, you can do so through the following methods:

  1. AirAsia Website:

You can change or cancel your flight online by logging in to your AirAsia account on the airline's website or mobile app. Then, select the Manage Booking option and follow the instructions to change or cancel your flight.

  1. Call Center:

Contact AirAsia's call center to change or cancel your flight. The phone numbers are available on the airline's website or mobile app. Be prepared to provide your booking reference number and personal information for verification.

  1. Airport:

You can also visit the airport ticket counter to change or cancel your flight. Be sure to bring your passport or identification and your booking reference number.

Select Seats

Another helpful feature of AirAsia Airlines Manage Booking is the ability to select your seats. This is especially important if you have a specific seat preference or want to ensure that you sit with your travel companion. Go to your itinerary and select the "Select Seats" option to choose your seats. You'll then be able to see a seating map of the aircraft and choose your preferred seats. Note that some hearts may come with an additional fee.

Upgrade Your Seat

Upgrading your seat can provide added comfort and convenience during your flight with AirAsia Airlines. Whether you're looking for more space, better amenities, or a premium travel experience, the airline offers a range of upgrade options to meet your needs.

Add Special Requests

AirAsia Airlines offers several types of special requests for their flights, including:

  1. Dietary Requirements: If you have any special dietary requirements, you can request a special meal on your flight. This includes options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher meals.
  2. Medical Assistance: If you require medical assistance during your flight, you can request special assistance. This includes options such as wheelchair assistance and oxygen supply.
  3. Special Needs: If you have any special needs, such as traveling with a service animal or requiring special seating, you can request a special. Assistance.

Add Baggage

If you need to bring more baggage than your allowed baggage allowance, you can do so by paying an excess baggage fee. The fees vary depending on your destination and the extra luggage you must bring.

In-Flight Entertainment and wifi

Cabin Class In-Flight Entertainment Wifi
Economy Class Depending on the route, in-flight entertainment may include: Wifi is available for purchase on select flights:
  - Movies and TV shows - AirAsia wifi: offers internet access for a fee
  - Music - Rokki wifi: offers internet access and in-flight entertainment options for a fee
  - Games  
Premium Flatbed In-flight entertainment options include: Wifi is available for purchase on select flights:
  - Personal touch-screen TV with on-demand movies, TV shows, and music - AirAsia wifi: offers internet access for a fee
  - In-flight magazines - Rokki wifi: offers internet access and in-flight entertainment options for a fee
  - Pillow and duvet for long-haul flights

In-Flight Food Services

A delicious range of Asian food is offered on board; you can buy it on a flight or pre-book it 24 hours before the scheduled flight. The food menu is inspired by Asian cuisine and international cuisine. The options may vary according to the flight, but in general, food like fragrant curries, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and oriental rice and chicken dishes are provided. If you pre-order a meal, a complimentary drink will be served. In addition, drinks will be available on board for passengers to enjoy. On most flights, there is both non-alcoholic and a selection of alcoholic beverages available for purchase. In addition, passengers can purchase snacks and a few hot meals on the flight. 

Passengers with special meal requirements that the food menu does not cater to can contact AirAsia directly to check if they can provide a special meal on the flight. 

Frequent-Flyer Programs

AirAsia has an AirAsia Asean Pass, which allows passengers to book flights at base fares at least 14 days or more before the flight. It is also BIG, the name of the Frequent Flyer Program currently being run. There are a lot of benefits and incentives that are different. The four-status system moves from Red status – for passengers who fly up to 13 AirAsia flights a year – to Gold and Platinum, and Black for those who pass over 50 times a year. Under the new calculation, long-haul and Fly-Thru flights count as two short-haul flights.

You can redeem BIG points through hotels and car rentals. Moreover, you can take your trip to the next level with an exciting travel itinerary packed with adventure and activities. In addition, you can browse and express yourself through trendy must-have pieces. Above all, you can use BIG points as cash to pay less for flights. 

AirAsia Customer Reviews

Trip Advisor Customer Reviews

Air Asia Customer Reviews

Customer Services

Air Arabia Maroc has a customer service team available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have regarding your flight. Here are the phone numbers and email addresses you can use to contact Air Arabia Maroc's customer service:

Phone Number:

You can reach Air Arabia Maroc's customer service by phone at +14085820371. The phone line is available 24/7 for customer support.

Email Address:

You can also email Air Arabia MarocMaroc'somer service at [email protected]. Be sure to email your booking reference number and any other relevant details.

AirAsia Popular Flight Routes

AirAsia Route Map

Route Details


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AirAsia FAQ's

You can contact AirAsia's customer service by phone or email. The phone number and email address are available on the airline's website or mobile app.

Depending on the route and cabin class, AirAsia offers a range of in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games. Wi-Fi is also available for purchase on select flights.

AirAsia is a low-cost airline based in Malaysia that offers domestic and international flights to over 165 destinations across 25 countries.

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