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Founded : 1989

Key people : Joerg Eberhart, CEO

Country : Italy

Office Address : Via Paolo Bembo, 70

City : Frazione di Dossobuono

State : Villafranca di Verona,

Zip Code : 37062

Phone number : +39 045 288 61 40

Official Website :

Air Dolomiti Overview

Air Dolomiti was established in 1989, by the L.A.E (Linee Aeree Europe). The airline is owned by Lufthansa and it is a branch of regional Italian airline. The word ‘Dolomiti’ originates from Alps, the Italian area, also known as the Dolomites. The airline flies its passengers to Italian destinations with the 12 Embraer ERK-190 fleet. Moreover, operation of the flights started in 1991 for the airline, it began with a Trieste to Genoa route. In addition, the international flights started operating in 1992 with flights from Verona to Munich. Ever since this airline commenced services, it has taken pride in putting the customers first and being a reliable, efficient airline. They also strive to provide the best service, are very passionate and punctual about running a regular service. 

Air Dolomiti Hub and Destination 

The hub airport of Air Mauritius is located in Bavaria in Germany, Munich airport is the hub. There are many destinations the airline provides its passengers the chance to fly. In addition, about 550 aircrafts fly out of the Munich and Frankfurt airport weekly to Germany. Some destinations, for instance, that they airline flies to include Vienna, Prague, Bari, Pise, Rome, Salerno, Turin, Catania, Florence, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Cork, Berlin, Moscow and Zurich. 

Air Dolomiti Travel Class 

Two cabin classes are available on Air Dolomiti aircrafts. This includes Business class and Economy class.

Business class

Air Dolomiti’ Business Class is a great cabin for passengers looking for a rich and relaxing journey. The airline has branded the Business class as “Emotion”. Passengers traveling in the cabin class can enjoy benefits like extra baggage allowance, free seat reservation. In addition, and most importantly, they can access the business lounges. Moreover, On-board complimentary drinks and delicious food is made available to the passengers. Furthermore, to give an extraordinary and relaxing journey the seat next to the passenger is left unoccupied. Lastly, a Business ‘Flex’ ticket allows passengers extra flexibility as they can change or cancel their flight for free.  

Economy class

Air Dolomiti’s Economy Class is a very convenient and comfortable option for passengers. To ensure that the passengers have a relaxing journey, a variety of services are available on board. Passengers can select either to purchase an Economy ‘Light’ or Economy ‘Classic’ or Economy ‘Flex‘ fare. Economy light fare is perfect for passengers who prefer travelling light. Moreover, it comes at a very affordable price, with quality and comfort. In addition, on board passengers can enjoy free drinks and snacks. Passengers can choose the Economy Classic fare if they want extra space while travelling, as checked baggage is included in the ticket. Moreover, seat reservation is totally free for the passengers. Added Perks for Economy Flex fare passengers is the flexibility provided at the convenient price. Additionally, changing of the date is included in the ticket purchased by the passenger. However, if the passenger wants a refund, there is a penalty fee included. 

In-Flight Entertainment

For entertainment, Air Dolomiti has a new entertainment system on-board that permits passengers to read, listen to music or watch content all for free. There are a variety of materials listed, this includes major Italian and foreign newspapers, mini-games, videos etc. in addition to this a moving map of the flights position is also available that too in three languages (English, German and Italian). Moreover, wifi is also available on-board so that passengers can stay connected to family and friends on ground level. Most importantly, this service is also totally free of cost. 

In Flight Food

Air Dolomiti provides the finest Italian taste and style to its passengers in the sky. All thanks to Settimoceilo or “seventh heaven”, international award winner, who provides hospitality service on board. Moreover, this is one of the reasons that flying with Air Dolomiti is such a rewarding experience up in the sky. On board business class passengers can expect a continental breakfast, cold luck or dinner, afternoon snack – depending on what’s appropriate. In addition they can enjoy a selection of soft and hot drinks, and wine for Italy’s top producer. On the other hand economy class passengers can expect complementary water and snacks. 

Special meals are also available on board, these meals conform to specific religious, dietary, medical requirements of the passenger. However, this service is exclusively available to Business class passengers, free of charge. And special meals are only served on flights longer than 75 minutes. Passengers can order their special meal up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Following are the options available for special meal:

Description Forbidden food
Vegetarian meal (vegan) Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, honey
Non lactose meal Lactose
Vegetarian meal lacto-ovo Meat, fish
Asian vegetarian meal (prepared and spiced Indian style) Meat, fish
Moslem meal Pork, alcohol, animal fats
Fruit platter meal  
Seafood meal Meat, cheese
Bland meal Fried food, fruit, raw vegetables, spices, alcohol, sugar
Hindu meal Beef, pork
Low sodium meal Salted meals
Low fat meal Fat food
Low calorie meal High calories food
Diabetic meal Sugar, syrups, marmalades, sweets, chocolate, fried food
Child meal Dried fruit, spicy food
Gluten free meal Food containing gluten
Kosher meal  

Frequent Flyer Program

Miles & More is the name of Air Dolomiti’s Frequent flyer program, this is to reward loyal customers. Passengers can earn miles and accumulate them every time they fly with the airline, or make day to day purchases. Consequently, they can redeem these miles for a lot of privileges. Some benefits, for instance, include free flight upgrades, flight, travel awards, etc. 

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