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Air Dolomiti Baggage Policy




Founded : 1989

Key people : Joerg Eberhart, CEO

Country : Italy

Office Address : Via Paolo Bembo, 70

City : Frazione di Dossobuono

State : Villafranca di Verona,

Zip Code : 37062

Phone number : +39 045 288 61 40

Official Website :

Baggage Allowance 

Carry-on Baggage 

The baggage allowance Air Dolomiti permits the passengers is maximum 8kg weight with 55 x 40 x 20cm dimensions. Economy class passengers can carry only one item, whereas Businesses class passengers can carry two items of carry-on baggage each upto 8kg. 

Checked Baggage 

The checked baggage allowance that Air Dolomiti permits passengers to carry one piece of baggage, if it is included in their ticket. However, the baggage can weigh maximum 23kg.

Moreover, the option of adding checked baggage is available, this can be done at the time of booking or by going to the “manage booking” section on the website. Furthermore, Air Dolomiti call center can be contacted for the same. Below are the details regarding the purchasing of additional baggage.

For flights within Italy:

Economy Light fare Baggage fees Online booking up to 8 days before departure  Online booking 7-0 days before departure  At the airport 
First bag 15€ 20€ 50€
Second or extra bag 50€


For all flights from Europe:

Economy Light fare Baggage fees Online booking up to 8 days before departure  Online booking 7-0 days before departure  At the airport
First bag 15€ 30€ 50€
Second or extra bag 80€


For all flights with a fare ticket that includes carry-on baggage:

First bag INCLUDED
Second bag 80€

Moreover, additional free baggage allowance is 23kg for Economy class and 32kg for Business class passengers. 

Special Equipment 

Air Dolomiti permits passengers to carry sporting equipment and other items instead of their suitcases. That is provided that their ticket includes checked baggage. Moreover, if the passengers ticket does not include checked baggage, they will be charged the fee for transportation of the special equipment. It is important to note that If the equipment is heavier than 32kg and larger than 2 meters, then transportation of the equipment will be denied. In addition, passengers need to make reservations for the transportation due to limited space on the craft. This needs to be done no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. It is also important for passengers to check the confirmation of their reservation before travelling. The flat rates for sports baggage are 70€ on national routes and 80€ within Europe. These charges are for per route, each time. Following equipment is permitted on craft:

Music equipment can be carried in the following ways 


Air Dolomiti Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. How do I measure the baggage dimensions? +

You can do so by adding up the length, width and height.


2. How do I make reservations for special equipment? +

Please contact Air Dolomiti’s call center on  +39 045 2886140* (from Germany +49 089 97580497*) 


3. Which items are prohibited on the craft? +

For a list of items prohibited on the craft, please visit here.


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