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Wizz Air Baggage Policy



CallSign : WIZZ AIR

Founded : 2003

Key people : József Váradi (CEO), Diederik Pen (COO)

Country : Hungary

Office Address : BUD International Airport Building 221

City : Budapest

State :

Zip Code : H-1185

Phone number : 00 36 90 900 555

Official Website :

Baggage allowance 

Carry-on baggage 

Wizz Air permits passengers to carry one small hand baggage on-board. Moreover, the baggage should be of maximum 10kg weight with 40 x 30 x 20cm dimensions. Furthermore, if passengers add Wizz Priority they can bring a bigger carry-on bag (trolley). In addition, this bag can weigh a maximum of 10kg with 55 x 40 x 23cm dimensions. 


Checked baggage 

Wizz does not include checked baggage in the ticket. However, passengers have the option of purchasing checked baggage according to their needs. For instance, they can purchase 10kg, 20kg or 32kg size bags. In addition, fees for the same differ accordingly. Furthermore, the baggage can be of maximum 149 x 119 x 171cm dimensions and should not exceed 32kg weight. Lastly, each passenger can bring up to 6 bags. 


Excess baggage

Baggage needs to meet the set size and weight dimensions, if it exceeds then the passenger is charged with excess baggage fee. Moreover, the fee is €11.00 per kg if the item is overweight. In addition, this charge is one-way per flight. 


Restricted items

Due to safety reasons, the airline does not permit the passengers to carry the following items on-board-


Sports Equipment  

Wizz Air permits passengers to take their sports equipment with them on their next big adventure. Passengers can carry the following items on board-

Following is the charge for carrying sports equipment-

Sports equipment


(Online or through call centre) 

Per flight, per passenger and per bag ‎€42.00
Sports equipment


(at the airport)

Per flight, per passenger and per bag ‎€60.00


Music Equipment 

Wizz Air permits passengers to carry their musical instrument with them, they must be of maximum 80 x 40 x 23 dimensions. Moreover, only Wizz priority passengers can carry instruments on board inside of the trolley bag. For instance, some musical instruments that can be carried are clarinets, violins, violas, ukulele, clarinets, trumpets, flutes, etc. In addition, these are places in the overhead cabin. Furthermore, bigger instruments like cello can be checked-in with a limited release tag. 

Wizz Air Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. How do I measure my baggage dimension? +

You can measure your baggage dimension by adding up length, width and height (length + width + height). 


2. What do I do if my baggage goes missing or is damaged? +

Visit the “Baggage Claim” or “Lost Luggage” desk in the transit area for assistance. 


3. Can I travel with my musical equipment? +

Yes, the airline permits passengers to carry both large and small equipment, either in the hold or in the cabin. 


4. Can I travel with my pet? +

No, Wizz Air does not permit passengers to travel with pets unless it is a guide dog.


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