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Volotea Cancellation and Refund Policy



CallSign : VOLOTEA

Founded : 2011

Key people : Carlos Muñoz, Lázaro Ros

Country : Spain

Office Address : Travessera de Gracia 56, 4o,

City : Barcelona

State : Barcelona Province,

Zip Code : 08006,

Phone number : (+34) 93 122 4319

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy

Upon cancellation passengers will get a refund, however, this is only provided if flex plan is purchased by the passenger. Flex plan passengers can cancel the ticket 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Moreover, the ticket will not be refunded in money but rather credit. 

Lastly, passengers can also cancel the flex plan itself within 24 hours of booking it, and they will get a full refund of the added plan they paid for. 


Refund Policy

Passengers can request a refund, however, this can only be requested before the departure of the flight and not after.  Moreover, refunds will only be given in cases where the ticket was not utilised due to unforeseeable circumstances. The refund will be given to the passenger who is named on the ticket or the person who paid for the ticket. Lastly, it will be refunded to the bank account linked to the passenger named on the ticket. 

Volotea Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

After cancellation the refund is not provided in money but rather cancellation. So credit equivalent to price paid for the ticket (minus price paid for plex plan) is associated with the user profile. 


Passengers can exchange credit within one year of cancelling the ticket. 

You can contact Volotea on (+34) 93 122 4319 


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