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Viva Air Colombia Airlines Cancellation Policy and Refund Information




Founded : September 16, 2009

Key people : William N.A. Shaw, Juan E. Posada, Gabriel Migowski, Frederik Jacobsen (founders) Félix Antelo (CEO)

Country : Colombia

Office Address : Vía El Tablazo – El Porvenir. 500mts, Zona E. Sector Llanogrande

City : Rionegro

State : Antioquia,

Zip Code : 050407

Phone number : 019005558989

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy

You can easily cancel your viva air Colombia ticket. If you book your ticket yourself then you are also able to cancel the ticket. For this firstly reach on the homepage of viva air where you will find two options book a ticket and cancel the ticket. Go on cancel tickets and entry all the required details. After cancellation, you will get an email of confirmation. After that, you can fill-up the form for refunding your amount.

Refund Policy

You should know that viva air is non-refundable. Once you pay you will not get back to you. It can be possible for those who have purchased 'cancel protection'. But there is one way to take your money back. Viva air provides a service in which you can change the name of your ticket. So you can sell your ticket to the required one. If you are lucky then one can buy your ticket otherwise your money can be wasted. 

Viva Air Colombia Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

Definitely, you can cancel your Viva Air Colombia ticket. You can do it by visiting the same site from where you have booked your ticket. So, the process is not very long. Go to the site and fill in the information after clicking on cancel ticket. After this, your ticket will get canceled.

No, you can not get your money back because it is nonrefundable. In case of canceling the ticket, you can sell your ticket but you can not get your money. You can sell it because it provides the service of changing the name of their customer so one can sell.

If you want to change your name on viva air booking then you can do it easily. Sure, you can the name on Viva air booking. If people do not want to travel then in such case they think their money got wasted. But it is not so because his money can be refunded. For this, you sell your ticket. Now whoever will buy your ticket can change the name and they can travel easily. But you can do it only before your journey started.  There are certain rules that you will have to keep in mind while changing your name:-

  • You will have to pay an administration fee which is USD 18.50 per journey per passenger
  • Check with a table where your charges are mentioned accordingly
  • You must have to do it 2 hours before departure otherwise you are not going to get a refund
  • Do it before online or offline check-in

Changing name fees

  Online Airline counter Call center
For Domestic routes COP 120,000 COP 120,000 COP 120,000
For International routes USD 117 $124 $117  
San Andres COP 120,000 120,000 120,000

However, if you want to sell, you can do by changing the name of the passenger name. If you cancel then you can not get your money back so the selling of tickets is the best option on the Viva Air Colombia ticket.

Sure, if you have good knowledge of handling the computer or the phone then you can do it. However, the whole process can be done by you online.


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