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Viva Air Colombia Airlines Baggage Allowance and Fee




Founded : September 16, 2009

Key people : William N.A. Shaw, Juan E. Posada, Gabriel Migowski, Frederik Jacobsen (founders) Félix Antelo (CEO)

Country : Colombia

Office Address : Vía El Tablazo – El Porvenir. 500mts, Zona E. Sector Llanogrande

City : Rionegro

State : Antioquia,

Zip Code : 050407

Phone number : 019005558989

Official Website :

Baggage Policy

Carry-On Baggage

It allows its passengers on both domestic and international flights one free handbag. However, it should not be exceeded by 10 kg. Firstly, dimensions of the baggage should not exceed 40 cm (101") x 35 cm (89" x 25 cm (63"). It must be adjusted under the seats. So, however, each passenger has to go with such dimensions as this is free handbag. Everyone must keep it under their seats.

If you are flying with combo++ fare then you get an offer in which you can carry 12 kg baggage. Moreover, it would be stored in the overhead locker in the cabin. So luggage facilities vary with the various fare. But, each fare has its facilities. However, the dimensions of this luggage must not exceed of 55 cm (21") x 45 cm (18") x 25 cm (10").

Checked Baggage

If you have purchased the combo++ fare then in this you will get an offer in which you are allowed to carry an extra 20 kg. You are free to carry 20 kg extra from the fixed weight. But things that should keep in mind is that it should not exceed the dimensions of 158 cm (62"). Suppose you have not purchased combo++ fare then in such case you can purchase checked baggage for which you have to pay extra cost.

Additional or excess baggage

Firstly, if you carry extra baggage then for that either you pay extra fees or leave that baggage. However, by paying additional charges you can carry that with you.

Baggage Allowance Weight Dimensions
Carry-on baggage luggage Medicines, mobile phones, gadgets,etc 10Kg 40cm x 35cm x 25cm
combo++ fare-Carry–on baggage Same as above 12Kg 55cm x 45cm x 25cm
Checked Baggage Same as above 20Kg 158cm  
Additional / excess baggage charges      

Rates XS S M L, XL, XXL Airport
First piece since COP 38.900 Same for S - COP 59.900
Second piece from COP 59.900
same for S and M
- - COP 85.900
Third or more pieces from COP 178.900
for all sizes
      COP 178.900

Viva Air Colombia Baggage Policy FAQ's

Yes, it provides such facilities but things that you have to do is buying different fares. In general, you are not going to get such facilities.

Firstly, for getting such facilities you have to buy different fares which provide you such facilities. For instance, you can buy combo+ or combo++ fares. However, both these fares give their passengers extra baggage facilities. Finally, weightage you can see above on the baggage policy section.

If you do not buy such fares then you can pay for your extra items. However, it will be done at the time of check-in. So at that time, you can weigh your extra items at the time and according to weight, you will have to pay there.


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