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TAROM Cancellation and Refund Policy



CallSign : TAROM

Founded : 1954

Key people : Ursu Mihăiță (acting CEO)

Country : Romania

Office Address : Coanda International Airport 224F

City : Otopeni

State :

Zip Code : 075150

Phone number : 00 40 21 204 6464

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy

The airline permits passengers to cancel a booking. However, the reimbursement value will depend on the tariff conditions attached to the ticket. Furthermore, some tickets may be sold at rates that are discounted and therefore, they are non-refundable.

Upon cancellation of the flight by TAROM, the airline will inform the passengers. Moreover, the airline will provide services like free meals, refreshments, accommodation, phone calls, etc. In addition to this, if the airline informs the passengers about the cancellation ahead of time then the passenger doesn’t have the right to compensation. For instance, in the following compensation is given for the delays:


Refund Policy

Passengers can get a refund of a ticket that they possess, the reimbursement value will depend on the tariff conditions attached to the ticket. However, some tickets are non-refundable as they are sold at discounted rates.  Moreover, if the ticket is completely unused then the refund is equal to the fare paid. On the other hand, if the ticket is used then refund is equal to the difference between fare paid and fare applicable for transportation/services used. Furthermore, cancellation fee or any other service charge fee is applied upon cancellation of booking. In addition to this, in case the passenger is unable to travel due to death in the family or serious injury/sickness, the airline provides a refund upon submission of a valid certificate.

Furthermore, the airline will refund the ticket to the person who is named on the ticket or whoever paid for the ticket, provided that satisfactory proof of payment is given. Lastly, the refund is made in the same currency as the payment.

TAROM Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. What is the customer service number of TAROM? +

You can contact TAROM’ customer service on (004) 021 9978


2. Do I need to provide a coupon/ticket for the refund? +

Yes, unless the ticket is stolen, the passenger needs to provide a coupon or unused coupon for a refund.


3. Can the airline refuse to give me a refund? +

Yes, if the refund application is made more than 6 months from the date of expiry of the ticket.


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