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South African Airways Baggage Allowance and Fee




Founded : 1 February 1934; 87 years ago

Key people : Thomas Kgokolo (Interim CEO), Les Matuson (Business Rescue Practitioner), Siviwe Dongwana (Business Rescue Practitioner)

Country : South Africa

Office Address : Bloemfontein Airport Bloemfontein 9301

City : Bloemfontein

State : Free State,

Zip Code : 9301

Phone number : 00 27 11 978 2888

Official Website :

Baggage policy

Personal item and carry on

We provide you South African Airways Baggage policy, although there are no differences or exceptions based upon different routes of South African Airways or class.

South African Airways assesses baggage by the number of baggage instead of baggage weight.

However, the weight restrictions do apply on South African Airways

Checked baggage

Firstly, for the Business Class of South African Airways only 2 baggage’s are allowed not exceeding 32kg per piece.

Moreover, for the Economy Class of South African Airways, only 1 baggage is allowed not exceeding 23kg.

Baggage           Weigh Dimension
Checked Baggage 32kg per piece 157cm
Checked Baggage - Economy 23kg 157 cm
Cabin Baggage 20 kg 158 cm
Mobile Phone/ CD/ medical equipment 10 kg 151 cm

Additional or excess baggage

The passengers have to pay for the extra luggage while traveling with South African Airways. In case of any extra baggage, it can cost up to SGD 45 for 20kg.

South African Airways Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. How much will it cost for excess baggage in South African Airways? +

Firstly and most importantly, the passengers of South African Airways have to pay for the extra luggage. In case of any extra baggage, it can cost up to SGD 45 for 20kg. You can also pay it in advance. However, if you pay it on board it will cost SGD 70 for 20kg extra baggage.

2. Is it possible to add baggage after booking my ticket for South African Airways? +

Yes, firstly, you can add extra baggage after booking your ticket in South African Airways. But that will be added as excess baggage. In addition, you can go through the baggage policy for the details.

3. What type of personal items can we carry? +

You can carry small bags, camera bags, bag pack laptops, and also baby accessories baggage as personal items.

4. How much can I carry as check-in baggage in South African Airways? +

Firstly, all the passengers of South African Airways traveling in any class of South African Airways can carry 1 bag as a carry-on (54cm x 38cm x 23cm) and 1 as a personal item (40cm X 30cm X 10cm). The weight of both bags must be limited to 10 Kg in Economy class and 15 Kg in ScootPlus.


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