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Qantas Airways Cancellation and Refund information



CallSign : QANTAS

Founded : 16 November 1920

Key people : Richard Goyder AO (Chairman) | Alan Joyce[5] AC (CEO)

Country : Australia

Office Address : 10 Bourke Rd

City : Mascot

State : NSW,

Zip Code : 2020

Phone number : +1 800 227 4500

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy

Qantas airline allows cancellation of your flight reservation if it is under policy. Otherwise they will impose certain cancellation fee and the charge will vary from $99 to $700 more or less depends on your route. If you cancel your flight, then the other product or service and also the other people's reservation will also get effect. However, if you want to cancel single person from the group travel, then you have to book different flights. The refundable tickets will get refunds while cancelling your reservation under circustances. You will get the refund after the deducation of cancellation fee if applicable any. You can also use the credit to book to new Qantas airline flight ticket by online website reservation.

Qantas gives all the customer service fexibility to the passengers if their travel plans got effected by the operated airline. If your flight got cancelled by Qantas airline, then they will rebook to next available flights without any cancellation or additional flights. While, you also have option to get flight creit or request refund. Even if the flight got noticable delay, then they will book your flight to any alternative flight or you can cancel your flight. The cancellation policy and fee may vary as per your class fare, frequent flyer program or other airlines programs, etc.

Refund Policy

You can request your refund easily through Qantas airline, as they do not hasitate on providing it till it follows the refund policy. However, you can request the refund from where you have cancelled or did flight reservation. If the booking is made through online or Qantas airline, then you can call to their customer care number or visit official website and go to manage your booking. But, if the Qantas airline reservation is done by third party, then you can contact to their company employee.

You can get full refund, if it the tickets are refundable. In case if there is a sudden delay, change or cancellation of flight within 72 hours of your scheduled departure, then you can request it in the form of credit or refund. Moreover, they will provide certain extra facilities s per the condition such as meal voucher or overnight stay.

Qantas Airways Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. What happens if my Qantas flight is Cancelled? +

If Qantas airline cancel your flight, then they will either book your flight to the next available flight, or you can request refund or credit as well.

2. Why is Qantas taking so long to refund? +

However, Qantas airline deliver your refund within 7 to 10 business days. But, due to any issue raised that time they will take time to request it to you; within 6 weeks.

3. How do I get a refund from Qantas? +

You can get your Qantas refund from where you have booked your flight tickets. If you have made online flight reservation, then you should provide all the booking details by going to website's refund section.

4. How do I redeem Qantas airline credit? +

You can redeem your credits by going to manage my booking section and providing the credit reference and last name. Otherwise, you can simple call their customer care number but, the chnaging or cancelling fee will be applicable.

5. How much does it cost to change a Qantas flight? +

The changing fee depends on your flight ticket fare type. If you do the economy flight change by calling Qantas airline telephone or at the airport, the service charge is $60 fee. If you do it yourself, then you can save that changing or canceling service fee.


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