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CallSign : QANTAS

Founded : 16 November 1920

Key people : Richard Goyder AO (Chairman) | Alan Joyce[5] AC (CEO)

Country : Australia

Office Address : 10 Bourke Rd

City : Mascot

State : NSW,

Zip Code : 2020

Phone number : +1 800 227 4500

Official Website :

Covid :

Qantas Airways is an acronym of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services and it is a flag carrier of Australia. Qantas airline is the largest airline in the case of international flights and destinations and fleet size. The airline was found in November 1920, staying the oldest airline in the world after Avianca and KLM. Qantas airline traditionally used to serve in the Northern Territory and Queensland and was locally known as "The Flying Kangaroo". In addition, Qantas airline owns Jetstar, that is low-cost airline which serves both domestic and international services. The airline headquarters is based at the Qantas Centre in the suburb of Mascot, Sydney, New South Wales. The fleet size of Qantas airline is 297 aircraft in total. The fleet size also including subsidiaries and 71 aircraft of Jetstar Airways and 90 of various other QantasLink airlines and 6 of Express Freighters Australia.

Qantas Airways Codehsrae

During 1998, Qantas airline is a founding member of Oneworld airlines alliance, co-founded with American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Canadian Airlines, and with other airlines joining subsequently. Moreover, it has joint venture with American airline, China Eastern airline, and Emirates.
Qantas airline also has codeshare agreement with following airlines such as Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Niugini, Air Vanuatu, Aircalin, Airnorth, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Bangkok Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, Fiji Airways, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Asia Airways, Jetstar Pacific, KLM and WestJet.

Qantas Airways Destinations and Hub Airports

In May 1935, Qantas airline began its first international destination flights. The airlines Qantas 7 and 8 flights used to take non-stop services between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth and was operated by AirbusA380. The service got commenced on 29 September 2014, as it was known for the world's largest passsengers aircraft that carries longest number of passengers. Qantas airline operates 85 destinations worldwide. The airline primary hub is based at Sydney airport with Melbourne airport and Brisbane airport. In addition, Qantas secondary hubs are Adelaide airport and Perth airport.

Economy class

Qantas airline have economy class on board for domestic and international flight reservation. For Qantas domestic flight, the economy class are been served in all Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft. In this the economy class seats have 31 inches(79cm) of pitch and 17 inches(43 to 44cm) in seat width. The seat selection configurtaion is 3-3 on 737, 2-4-2 in A330. However, for international flight reservations, you will get B787-9 with 3-3-3 and 747 with 3-4-3 confriguration, respectively. Moreover, you will also have option to buy flight tickets on Airbus A380 aircraft that will comes up with new economy seats and upgraded in-flight entertainment and services.

Premium class

The premium economy on Qantas airline is exclusively available on all Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The premium class seats has 38 to 42 inches(97 to 107cm) in pitch and 19 1⁄2 inches(50cm) in seat width. Both of the aircraft have same seat confriguration in 2-3-2. But, on Boeing 787, it has 28 seats and present in the middle of the aircraft and on contrary the A380s have 35-60 seats present at the rear of the upper deck of the aircraft. During 2019, Qantas airline started to get new premium economy seats and will gain 25 premium seats.

Business class

While traveling in business class, you can do reservation in Qantas airline on all Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft. While on Being 737, the business class comes with first 3 rows of the cabin and with seats configuration in 2-2. However, on A330, it services on both domestic and internatinal flights. The business class seats are in 1-2-1 configuration and can fully convert into bed of 198cm(31 in).

While traveling to intertional flights, Qantas airline offers two types of business class on board. The business Suites that are served on all Boeing 787, Airbus A330-300 and specific Airbus A330-200 and A380 aircraft. And the other one is Business Skybeds that are offered specfic flights on A380 aircraft. However, the business seats selection and configuration will be different on both but you will get lie-flat seat that will convert into 200cm bed. Further, you will also receive many complimentary and access to private lounges.


Qantas ailrine first class is exclusively served on Airbus A380. The first class seats comes up with 14 different suites in 1-1-1 confirguration. You can rotate your first class seats as per your comfort for instance, while dinning or sleeping. The seats are 83.5 inches in pitch and 29 inches in width. The upgraded version of Qantas airlines first class has great seats with cushioning and larger entertainment screen. Moreover, you can enjoy the compliemtary food meal, and on-board business lounge on the upper deck.

In-flight Entertainment and Food Menu

Qantas airline comes up with great in-flight entertainment mainly with the video audio and IFE system reffered as QN:Q on all Qantaas airline. The "Q" type in-flight entertainment system is powered by Panasonic vionics Corporation and present on all Boeing 747, A330-300, A330-200, and specific Airbus A380 aircraft. And, the "iQ" inflight entertainment system is also powered by Panasonic and offered on all Boeing 747, and specific Airbus A380 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Both of this system are audio video on demand(AVOD) experiences, that includes touch screen, usb cord, communication through wifi, and mobile friendly. Moreover, you will get inflight magazine and Wi-Fi options as per your class fare type. The higher classes and elite members can access to Qantas club and Lounge facilities. The food menu contains great options and variety. However, you will recieve complimentary meal, snacks and drinks as per your class type.

Frequent-flyer program


The Qantas frequent flyer program was introduced on 1987 but other sources claimed that it got launched on early 1990s. A s per the program, Qantas airline provides rewarding customer loyalty. The points are accumalated through distance flown and can receive bonuses through traveling in different class type. In addition, one can earn ponits by traveling and doing flight reservation in Oneworld airlines and other non-airline partners as well. Similarly, you can redeemed for reservations and upgarding to other fare type on all these airlines. You can earn status credits by tarevling through Qantas and selected partner airlines. There are three types you can accumulate and earn, start with Silver status, Gold status, and Platinum and Platnium One status.


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