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Korean Airlines cancellation and Refund Policy




Founded : 1 March 1969

Key people : Walter Cho (Chairman & CEO)

Country : South Korea

Office Address : Korean Air Operations Center, 1370 Gonghang-Dong, Seoul South Korea 157712

City : 1370 Gonghang-Dong

State : Seoul,

Zip Code : 157712

Phone number : +1 800 438 5000

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy 

The cancellation policy of Korean Air is very simple and one of the good policies out there. You can cancel your flight if you wish to due to any given reason. There are different cancellation conditions depending on your destination, your ticket conditions while booking, the terms and conditions of the airline for your reservation. 

The cancellation fees and charges are variable for different tickets. The cancellation policy will also vary according to the date of cancellation with respect to your scheduled flight departure time. 

Refund Policy 

The refund policy, just like the cancellation policy varies according to your ticket conditions. There are two types of tickets, refundable and nonrefundable. Having a refundable ticket is always beneficial for passengers. 

If you cancel a ticket which is a nonrefundable ticket, unfortunately, you will not receive any refund. For a refundable ticket, the following are the conditions. 

Any refund that takes place will reflect in your bank account in like twenty days of cancellation. With respect to banks and payment methods, the days can differ. 


Korean Air Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. If there is a cancellation in my flight, will the refund take place on its own? +

No, there will be no automatic refund. In order to get a refund, you will have to request for the same. 

2. Does my check-in cancellation mean my reservation is also canceled? +

No, canceling your check-in will only cancel the check-in processes and not your reservation. To cancel your reservation you need to carry out more steps. 

3. Can I cancel my reservation for an international flight online? +

You can cancel your international flight online through the official website or mobile app. If you’re not able to cancel it online feel free to contact the airline service center. 

4. What are the provisions for the refund of a seat upgrade? +

If your flight is canceled and you have a seat upgrade, you will receive a refund for the unused upgrade. There will be some fees applicable depending on the nature of your reservation. 

5. Can I get a refund for the cancellation of domestic flights? +

Yes, you can request a refund against the cancellation of domestic flights. The provisions for ticket cancellation remain the same. You can do it via the official website or mobile app or service center. 


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