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KLM Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy



CallSign : KLM

Founded : 7 October 1919

Key people : Albert Plesman (Founder) | Pieter Elbers (President & CEO)

Country : Netherlands

Office Address : KLM Royal Dutch Airlines P.O. Box 7700 1117 ZL Schiphol The Netherlands

City : Amsterdam

State : North Holland,

Zip Code : 1117

Phone number : 1 (800) 618-0104

Airline Official Website :

KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancellation for a ticket is possible if you wish to cancel your flight. You can cancel your ticket through the official website or mobile app. In doing so, it is necessary that the booking was made through the same medium. If the booking is via an agency, the agency will handle the cancellation. All the teams and conditions regarding cancellations are always present on the confirmed ticket. 

KLM Airlines 24-hour Cancellation

KLM Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of purchase without penalty. This policy applies to all types of tickets, including nonrefundable tickets. Therefore, if you cancel your KLM Airlines flight within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a full refund of your ticket price.

To cancel your flight, visit the KLM Airlines website and select the "Manage My Booking" option. You will need to provide your booking reference number and the passenger's last name to access your booking. Alternatively, you can contact KLM Airlines customer service to cancel your flight.

It's important to note that the 24-hour cancellation policy only applies to flights booked directly with KLM Airlines. If you have booked your flight through a travel agency, you must contact the agency to cancel your flight, and the agency's cancellation policy will apply.

Things to Remember 

  1. Fees and restrictions may apply for cancellations.
  2. Passengers can cancel online or through customer service.
  3. Refund options include a refund to the original form of payment or a travel voucher.
  4. It's recommended to cancel as early as possible to avoid fees or restrictions.

How to cancel a flight

KLM Airlines offers several ways for passengers to cancel their flight reservations. Here are the ways to cancel a flight with KLM Airlines:

KLM Airlines cancel booking online

You can cancel your KLM Airlines flight online by visiting the airline's website and selecting the "Manage My Booking" option. You must provide your booking reference number and the passenger's passenger's last name to access your booking. g.

KLM Airlines cancels the booking via phone

You can also cancel your KLM Airlines flight by calling the airline's customer service. The KLM Airlines customer service phone number can be found on the airline's website or your booking confirmation.

KLM Airlines cancel the booking at the airport

If you are at the airport and must cancel your KLM Airlines flight, you can go to the airline's ticket counter and speak to a customer service representative. They will be able to assist you with the cancellation process.

Cancellation Due to Weather

In the event of a flight cancellation due to weather, KLM Airlines will typically provide passengers with the following options:


Passengers can be rebooked on the next available flight to their destination at no additional cost. The airline will try to accommodate passengers on the earliest available flight.


Passengers who choose not to rebook can receive a full refund of their ticket price. The refund will be credited back to the original form of payment.

KLM Airlines Refund Policy 

In case the airline cancels your flight, you can request a refund. In such cases, your refund will occur as soon as possible, and you will also receive a total refund depending on your ticket conditions. 

Not all tickets will be refundable for the flights you cancel from your side. In the case of the nonrefundable tickets, you will not receive any refund. To get a total refund, you must cancel your flight within 24 hours of the ticket booking. 

Steps to Cancel a Flight

Step 1. Visit the Airline's Website

Visit the KLM Airlines website and log in to your account.

Step 2. Go to My Trips

Once you have logged in, go to the "My Trips" section of the website. This section will allow you to view your booking details and make changes, including cancellations.

KLM Airline

Step 3. Enter your booking reference number and last name.

KLM Airline my trip window

Step 4: Select the Flight You Want to Cancel

Once you've entered your booking details, select the flight you want to cancel from the list of reservations. You will then be prompted to confirm your selection.

Step 5: Review Your Flight Details

Before you cancel your flight, take a moment to review your reservation details, including the flight number, departure and arrival times, and any additional services that you may have purchased.

Step 6: Confirm Your Cancelation

Click on the "Cancel Flight" button. You will then be prompted to confirm your cancellation and receive a confirmation email once your cancellation is complete.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

KLM provides you with an option to receive your refund. You can either get a refund in the form of cash that you paid during the purchase or you can get in the form of vouchers which can be used later. 

If you cancel your flight anytime after 24 hours of your purchase, you will be charged cancellation fees. 

All the cancellation fees which are applied differ with destinations, departure stations, class, fare, and more. The cancellation charges and their specifications are specified on your ticket. 

No, it is not possible to cancel your flight once you check-in. If you have checked-in, in order to cancel your flight, you will first have to cancel your check-in and then proceed further with the ticket cancellation. 

You can cancel your ticket online via the official website or mobile app of KLM. Cancellation is to be done through my trip section. One just needs to enter the booking code and then process further. 


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