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Ethiopian Airlines, the national flag carrier of Ethiopia, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1945. Over the years, it has become a prominent airline in Africa and a member of the Star Alliance. Ethiopian Airlines ensures operational efficiency and passenger comfort with a modern and diverse fleet consisting of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

The airline boasts an extensive network of routes, connecting Ethiopia to destinations across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Its hub at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport is a convenient gateway for travelers. Ethiopian Airlines has received numerous awards and recognition for its operational excellence and commitment to industry standards.

Why Book Flight with Ethiopian Airlines

  1. Connectivity: Ethiopian Airlines provides excellent connectivity for passengers with its hub at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. 
  2. Award-Winning Service: Ethiopian Airlines has received multiple awards for its service excellence. Passengers can expect professional, attentive staff who strive to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

  3. Modern Fleet: Ethiopian Airlines boasts a modern and well-maintained fleet of aircraft, including the latest Boeing and Airbus models. This enhances passenger comfort and ensures safety and reliability throughout the journey.

  4. Cargo Services: In addition to passenger flights, Ethiopian Airlines operates a robust cargo network. This makes it a preferred choice for transporting goods and cargo to various destinations worldwide. The airline's dedicated cargo services ensure efficient and reliable transportation of shipments.
  5. Commitment to Sustainability: Ethiopian Airlines is committed to environmental sustainability. The airline implements various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and actively participates in programs to mitigate climate change.

Ethiopian Airlines Destinations and Hub Airports

Hub Airport Destinations
Addis Ababa Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai,
Bole International Airport Cairo, Mumbai, London,
(ADD) Frankfurt, Beijing, Toronto,
  Washington, D.C., Accra,
  Dar es Salaam
Meles Zenawi Lomé, São Paulo, Abidjan,
International Douala, Libreville,
Airport (ADD) Dakar, Ndjamena, Kigali,
(KMS) Lilongwe
Kilimanjaro Zanzibar, Amsterdam,
International Istanbul, Doha, Nairobi,
Airport (JRO) Dubai, Entebbe, Mumbai,
  Tel Aviv, Cairo
Bole International Airport Bangkok, Delhi,
(ADD) Manila, Kuala Lumpur,
  Singapore, Tokyo,
  Beijing, Hong Kong

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and Ethiopian Airlines serves many more destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East.

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Cabin Classes

Economy Class:

Economy Class is the standard class of service offered by Ethiopian Airlines. Passengers in this class enjoy comfortable seating, complimentary meals and beverages, and access to in-flight entertainment systems. The airline strives to provide a pleasant experience for economy-class passengers.

Cloud Nine (Business Class):

Cloud Nine is Ethiopian Airlines' premium business class cabin. Passengers in this class enjoy enhanced comfort and luxury. The seats are designed for relaxation and privacy, often offering lie-flat or angled-flat beds. In addition, cloud Nine passengers receive personalized service, access to exclusive lounges, priority check-in, and additional baggage allowances. In-flight dining options are also upgraded, with gourmet meals and a wide range of beverages.

ShebaMiles Platinum (First Class):

Ethiopian Airlines offers a ShebaMiles Platinum class, which represents their first-class cabin. This whole class provides the highest level of luxury and personalized service. First-class passengers enjoy spacious seating, exquisite dining experiences, dedicated airport services, and additional amenities designed to provide a premium travel experience.

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking offers a range of features that allow you to modify your reservation according to your needs, such as Modifying your itinerary, Selecting your preferred seat, Requesting special assistance, Adding extra baggage, Upgrading your heart, and Updating your contact information. You can access this feature on the Ethiopian Airlines website or mobile app by entering your booking reference and last name. In addition, passengers can customize their travel plans with various tools Ethiopian Airlines manages booking offers. You can manage bookings for Ethiopian Airlines in several ways, including the following:

Flight Status

Additionally, travelers may choose their seats in advance, with Ethiopian Airlines managing to book. Therefore, people who want to sit with their travel companions or have specific seating preferences may find this function helpful.

Change Flight/Cancel Flight

To cancel your Ethiopian Airlines flight, you can do so through the following methods:

  1. Ethiopian Airlines Website:

Visit the Ethiopian Airlines website and navigate to the "Manage Booking" or "My Trips" section.

  1. Phone:

Contact Ethiopian Airlines' customer service by phone. You can find the customer service number on the Ethiopian Airlines website or your booking confirmation.

  1. Ticket Office:

You can visit an Ethiopian Airlines ticket office to make changes or cancel your flight.

Select Seats

Another helpful feature of Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking is the ability to select your seats. This is especially important if you have a specific seat preference or want to ensure that you sit with your travel companion. Go to your itinerary and select the "Select Seats" option to choose your seats. You'll then be able to see a seating map of the aircraft and select your preferred seats. Note that some hearts may come with an additional fee.

Upgrade Your Seat

Upgrading your seat can provide added comfort and convenience during your flight with Ethiopian Airlines. Whether you're looking for more space, better amenities, or a premium travel experience, the airline offers a range of upgrade options to meet your needs.

Add Special Requests

Ethiopian Airlines offers several types of special requests for their flights, including:

  1. Dietary Requirements: If you have any special dietary requirements, you can request a special meal on your flight. This includes options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher meals.
  2. Medical Assistance: If you require medical assistance during your flight, you can request special assistance. This includes options such as wheelchair assistance and oxygen supply.
  3. Special Needs: If you have any special needs, such as traveling with a service animal or requiring special seating, you can request a special. Assistance.

Add Baggage

If you need to bring more baggage than your allowed baggage allowance, you can do so by paying an excess baggage fee. The fees vary depending on your destination and the extra luggage you must bring.

In-Flight Entertainment and wifi

  1. In-Flight Entertainment: Ethiopian Airlines provides a range of entertainment options on select flights. Passengers can enjoy various movies, TV shows, music, and games through individual seatback screens or personal devices. The entertainment library includes international and Ethiopian content, ensuring a diverse selection for passengers during their journey.

  2. Wifi: Ethiopian Airlines offers wifi connectivity on some of its aircraft. Passengers can stay connected during the flight, browse the internet, check emails, or communicate with family and friends. Wifi availability may vary depending on the aircraft and the route, so it's advisable to check with the airline or during the booking process to determine if wifi is available on your flight.

In-Flight Food Services

  1. Complimentary Meals: Ethiopian Airlines offers complimentary meals to passengers on most flights, depending on the duration and timing of the flight. 

  2. Special Meals: Passengers with specific dietary requirements or preferences can request special meals during the booking process or by contacting the airline. 

  3. Beverages: Alongside the meals, Ethiopian Airlines offers a range of beverages to accompany the dining experience. Passengers can enjoy a selection of soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages (where permitted and by the airline's policies).

  4. Snacks and Refreshments: On shorter flights or during specific times, Ethiopian Airlines may offer snacks or refreshments to keep passengers satisfied during their journey. 

Frequent Flyer Program 

Ethiopian Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called ShebaMiles. Here is some information about the program:

  1. Earning Miles: As a member of ShebaMiles, you can earn miles when you fly with Ethiopian Airlines or its partner airlines. The number of miles earned depends on the flight distance, class of service, and fare type.

  2. Membership Tiers: ShebaMiles has different membership tiers that offer increasing benefits based on your level of engagement and miles earned. The membership tiers include Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

  3. Mile Redemption: You can redeem your accumulated miles for various rewards and benefits. Ethiopian Airlines offers a range of redemption options, including award flights, flight upgrades, excess baggage payment, hotel stays, car rentals, and other partner services. 

  4. Partner Airlines: ShebaMiles members can also earn and redeem miles when flying with Ethiopian Airlines' partner airlines within the Star Alliance network. 

  5. Online Account Management: ShebaMiles provides an online platform to manage your account, track your miles, view upcoming trips, and access special offers.

  6. Special Promotions: Ethiopian Airlines frequently offers special promotions and bonus mile opportunities to ShebaMiles members. These promotions may include discounted award flights, bonus miles for specific routes, or other exclusive offers.

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Ethiopian Airlines FAQ's

You can make a reservation with Ethiopian Airlines through various methods. The most common options include booking online through the airline's official website, contacting their customer service via phone, or visiting an Ethiopian Airlines ticket office in person.

When making a reservation, you will typically need to provide your personal details such as your full name, contact information, and passport details.

Yes, you can make a reservation for someone else. When making the reservation, you will need to provide the passenger's information, including their full name, date of birth, and passport details.

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines typically allows passengers to select their seats during the reservation process.

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