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Bahamasair overview 

Bahamasair was founded in 1973, this airline is the national airline of Bahamas and it is wholly owned by the Bahamas government. The aim of this airline is to provide safe, comfortable and reliable mode of transportation domestically and internationally. It provides essential service connecting Nassau, the nation’s capital, and the remote family of islands. Bahamas Holdings Limited was the name under which the carrier was incorporated, and it resulted from the union of two privately owned carriers. 

Bahamasair Hub and Destinations 

The headquarters of Bahamasair is in Nassau, the nation’s capital. Leyden Pindoinf International airport is the airlines’ hub airport. At the given moment, the airline operates many flights to both international and domestic destinations. The airline operates domestic flights to Abaco, Exuma, Acklins, Mayaguana, Iguana, along Island, Eleuthera, Crooked Islands, San Salvador, etc. Some international destinations, for instance, are in Cube, United States of America, Haiti, Turks and Caicos. 

Bahamasair travel class

This airline only offers Economy class on-board 

Economy class 

Economy cabin class is a very comfortable and convenient option that comes with satisfying service. It is also the only cabin class available on Bahamasair. The cabin crew is very friendly and receives high levels of training. For in-flight entertainment, magazines are available on-board to the passengers. Lastly, the seat formation is  in a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 configuration. The seats are spacious, with plenty of legroom. 

In-Flight Entertainment 

Only a magazine is available to passengers for entertainment on their journey. 

Frequent Flyer Program 

Bahamasair operates a frequent flyer program to reward its loyal customers. Passengers just need to collect 250 miles to join, however, no benefits will be available at that point. Passengers can enroll in either of the tier levels, they are as follows:

  • Bronze level – 5000-10000 miles 
  • Silver level – 10001 – 15000 miles 
  • Gold level – 15001 – 20000 miles
  • Platinum level – 20001 and over 

Tier benefits are as follows: 

Bronze: 5000 – 10000 miles:


  • Dedicated check-in line
Silver: 10,001 – 15000 miles:


  • Earn bonus for five flights in one month (2500 miles)
  • 2 Dedicated check-in lines
Gold: 15001 – 20000 miles:


  • Pre-boarding allowed
  • No change of itinerary fee
  • Second bag free during non- peak season
  • Bonus for five flights in one month (5,000 miles)
  • Dedicated check-in line
Platinum: 20001 + miles:


  • Pre-boarding
  • Second bag free all year
  • No change of itinerary fee
  • No transfer of points fee
  • Earn bonus for five flights in one month (7,500 miles)
  • Permission to transfer 50% for family members
  • Dedicated check-in line


Bahamasair Popular Flight Routes

Bahamasair Route Map



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