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Azur Air Flight Reservations

  • IATA : ZF
  • ICAO : AZV
  • CallSign : AZUR AIR
  • Founded : 1992
  • Key people : Alexander Zosymov, General Director
  • Country : Russia
  • Office Address : office XII, floor 2, Kozhevnicheskaya st. 14
  • City : Moscow
  • State : .,
  • Zip Code : 115114
  • Phone number : +7 495 374-55-14
  • Official Website :

Azur Air Overview

Azur Air was founded in 1992, and flew its first flight in 1995. It is a Russian airline which was previously known as Katekavia. The airline used to operate domestic flights in Russia, but later started operating as a charter airline.

Despite not being a member of an air alliance, Azur Air is associations with different companies. For instance, a Turkish company owns this airline.  The name of the company is Anex Tourism Group. Furthermore, there is connection between Azur and Azur Air Ukraine, a carrier that is likewise an subsidiary of a similar business.

This present airline’s  fleet contains right around 30 distinctive airplane, which are all Boeing. During long haul flights, the airline for the most part utilizes the Boeing 777-300ER. This plane is known for being the biggest twinjet. This Boeing 777-300ER can carry somewhere in the range of 428 and 531 travelers. For smaller flights, the airline utilizes the Boeing 737-800. This craft can accommodate up to 189 travelers and can fly short to medium-range trips.

Azur Air Hub And Destination

Azur Air is based out in Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo International (KJA), Vnukovo International Airport is also its hub. Primarily the airlines provides services domestically. But it also flies to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America. Some of these destinations for instance are China, India, Greece, Thailand and Spain.

Azur Air Travel Class

Passengers who choose to travel with Azur Airlines can pick out from 2 travel classes; Economy Class and Business Class.

Economy Class

Alitalia Economy Class is a very convenient and comfortable option for the passengers.  Moreover, passengers can enjoy food on board along with a wide range of beverages. Lastly, the seat formation of Economy class is 3 x 4 x 4. This seating formation is subject to change depending on the carrier.

Business Class

The cabin crew of business class facilities is specially highly trained. They are very friendly and attentive. Firstly, passengers can happily enjoy their separate check in counters. They will help the traveler avoid the long lines which crowd the counters.  Secondly, passengers can enjoy increased baggage allowance as well as carry-on allowance. In addition, they can enjoy priority boarding. Thirdly, passengers get travel kit to make travel easier. The kid includes pillow, slippers, earplugs, toothbrush, etc. Moreover, they also get a set of newspapers for entertainment. Moreover, passengers can also savor food along with a wide range of beverages. Lastly, the seat formation of Business class is 2 x 3 x 2.

In Flight Entertainment

In 2019 Azur Air made an upgrade and equipped its long haul flights with new multimedia systems. The aim was to provide safe, affordable and comfortable travel to the passenger. The content on the system ranges from popular movies to tv shows. Additionally, music of different genres is available. The available 40 movies; drama, comedy, animated cartoons and more. Movies to entertain children are available as well.

In Flight Food

As of 2019, meal services came to an end on Azur Air flights which were 5 hours or less. Instead, passengers are provided hot beverages and water. However, the service is continues for Business Class passengers on flights of 5 hours and less.

Business Class passengers are provided with 2 hot meals if their flight is more than 6 hours. In case it is less than 6 hours then only one hot meal is offered. The hot meal is of course accompanies with cold drinks, hot drinks and, alcoholic beverages. Economy Class passengers can enjoy a selection of hot meals and snacks. Additionally, they will also be offered drinks. However, the hot meal is offered only if the flight is more than 6 hours.

Additionally, Azur air provides a vegetarian and children meal. Passengers can opt for either instead of a standard meal. However, the passenger needs to order for the same 3 days before and no later than 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. The form to order a special meal is available on the link below-

Frequent Flyer Program

Azur Air does not have a frequent flyer program.

Azur Air Popular Flight Routes

Azur Air Route Map


Azur Air

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