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Air China Check-in information



CallSign : AIR CHINA

Founded : 1988

Key people : Cai Jianjiang (President and CEO) | Song Zhiyong (Chairman)

Country : United States

Office Address : Xidan Civil Aviation Building, No. 15 Chang'an West Street, Beijing China 100031

City : Beijing

State : Beijing,

Zip Code : 100031

Phone number : +1 (800) 882-8122

Official Website :

Online Web Check-in

You cannot cancel your check-in after the 3 hours of check-in. 

Offline Check-in at Airport

Check-in at the airport is different for domestic and International, you might get confused so reaching at the time would be an appropriate option. 

Check-in Time Online Check-in Airport Check-in
Start (prior to departure) 24 Hours Not Specified
End (prior to departure) 90 Minutes 60 Minutes
Medium (Source for check-in) Official website 
Airport Desk


Air China Flight Check-In FAQ's

1. Do I need to cancel my check-in if I’m not able to board my flight?

Yes, you will be required to cancel your check-in before you proceed to cancel your reservation due to any reason. 

2. Do I need to print my boarding pass if I’ve checked-in online?

Yes, you shall take a print of your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport. As you have already checked-in online you will be able to directly head towards the baggage counter. 


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