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Air Caraïbes Baggage Policy




Founded : 1969

Key people : Marc Rochet

Country : France

Office Address : Immeuble le Caducee Morne Vergain

City : Abymes

State : Guadeloupe,

Zip Code : 97139

Phone number : +820 83 583 5

Official Website :

Baggage Allowance 

(Baggage Policy)

Travel classes

For all passengers

 and the statutes

Silver Preference

For Silver Plus status,
Students 18-29

For Flexil subscribers
Gold and Diamond
Preference status


BASIC class


No checked baggage One bag
of 23kg*
One bag
of 23 kg*

Soleil class


One bag
of 23 kg*
Two bags
of 23 kg*
Two bags
of 23 kg*
See conditions here

Caribbean class

(premium economy)

Two bags
of 23 kg*
Two bags
of 23 kg*
Three bags
of 23 kg*
One pack of 23 kilograms of
connecting passengers
(regional flights).

See conditions here 

SMART and FLEX class


Two bags
of 32 kg*
Two bags
of 32 kg*
Three bags
of 32 kg*
One bag of 32 kilograms of
connecting passengers
(regional flights).


For travel in Soleil class on direct flights across the Atlantic, Préférence Silver Plus, Gold, Diamant, and Flexil subscribers are eligible for a free second bag of 23 kg.

Gold, Diamant Préférence members, and Flexil subscribers in Carabes and Madras class receive a third bag (only a second bag on connected flights*).

Checked Baggage 

Air Caribbean's checked baggage policy allows passengers to bring a certain number of bags on their flight, each with a specific weight limit.

For Economy class passengers, the allowance is one checked bag weighing up to 50 pounds or 23 kilograms. Business class passengers are allowed two checked bags with a maximum weight of 70 pounds or 32 kilograms each. The maximum size for each checked bag is 62 inches or 158 centimeters (length + width + height).

Passengers may be charged additional fees for extra bags or overweight luggage. It is essential to check with the airline for the latest fees and policy updates before traveling

Excess Baggage

1- Exceeding the number of bags:

- If less than 48 hours remaining before departure, a fee of €100 will apply for any additional baggage(s).

The maximum amount of luggage allowed is three pieces* (1 piece that fits in the allowance and two pieces that cost the most).

*Subject to approval, based on the hold's capacity on the day of departure.

2- Overweight on the transatlantic network:

 Beyond the permitted 23 kg and up to a maximum of 32 kg per piece of luggage, there is a fee of €100 per piece of luggage for every journey.

Sports Equipment 

The following equipment falls under this category-

  1. Scuba diving equipment 
  2. Sailboards
  3. Surfboards
  4. Kitesurfing equipment
  5. Bicycles
  6. Water ski equipment 
  7. Snow ski equipment 
  8. Golfing equipment 

Air Caraïbes Baggage Policy FAQ's

You can do so by adding up the length, width and height.


The passengers can expect to pay 50 EUR.


Yes, passengers can bring additional bags, but they may be charged additional fees. The fees vary depending on the route and the number of bags. It is recommended that passengers check with the airline for the latest fees and policy updates.

Prohibited items include weapons, explosives, flammable liquids, and certain types of electronics. Passengers should check with the airline for a complete list of prohibited items.


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