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Aerolíneas Argentinas was established in 1950; since 2014, it has been state-owned. In Argentina, this airline is the largest one; it also happens to be the national airline. It has a subsidiary airline which is called Austral Líneas Aéreas. This subsidiary airline handles most of Aerolineas Argentina's regional routes. These two airlines also operate from the same hub. Lastly, in August 2012 Aerolíneas Argentina’s joined 18. It formed codeshare agreements with Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Air Europe, etc. As one of the leading airlines in Latin America, Aerolíneas Argentinas has been connecting passengers across the globe for over 70 years. Founded in 1950, the airline has become a symbol of pride for Argentina, providing exceptional services to domestic and international destinations. With a vast network of flights, a state-of-the-art fleet, and a dedicated staff, Aerolíneas Argentinas has become a popular choice for travelers seeking comfort, safety, and quality. This article will provide an in-depth overview of the airline, its services, destinations, and everything you need to know before booking your next flight.

Why Book Flight with Aerolíneas Argentinas

  1. Wide Range of Destinations: Aerolíneas Argentinas offers a vast network of flights, connecting passengers to over 60 destinations across the globe. Whether traveling domestically within Argentina or internationally, the airline has covered you.
  2. Modern Fleet: The airline has invested in new and modern aircraft to ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers. With a fleet of 82 planes, including Airbus A330, Boeing 737, and Embraer E190, passengers can enjoy a comfortable and efficient travel experience.
  3. Excellent In-Flight Services: From in-flight entertainment to onboard catering, Aerolíneas Argentinas offers a range of services to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Passengers can enjoy a selection of snacks, meals, beverages, various movies, TV shows, and music.
  4. Loyalty Program: Aerolíneas Argentinas has a loyalty program called Aerolíneas Plus, which rewards frequent flyers with points that can be redeemed for flight tickets, upgrades, and other benefits. Passengers can earn points by flying with the airline or through its partners.
  5. Competitive Prices: Despite offering top-notch services and a modern fleet, Aerolíneas Argentinas offers competitive prices that are affordable for travelers. Passengers can also take advantage of promotions and special offers that are frequently available on the airline's website.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Hub and Destinations

Hub Buenos Aires, Argentina
Domestic Over 40 destinations within Argentina, including Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, and Bariloche
International Over 20 destinations outside of Argentina, including cities in South America, North America, Europe, and Oceania. Some popular international destinations include New York, Madrid, Sydney, Rome, and Cancun.

Aerolíneas Argentinas' hub is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with over 40 domestic destinations served across the country. In addition, the airline also operates flights to over 20 international destinations, including popular cities such as New York, Madrid, Sydney, Rome, and Cancun.

Cabin Classes

The airline offers three cabin classes: economy class, premium economy class, and business class. 

Economy Class:

This is the standard class of travel on Aerolíneas Argentinas flights. Passengers can enjoy comfortable seats with ample legroom, in-flight entertainment, snacks, and meals. The airline also offers a range of special meals to cater to different dietary requirements. Additionally, passengers can purchase additional services such as extra baggage allowance, seat selection, and more.

Club Economy (Business) Class:

This is the premium cabin class on Aerolíneas Argentinas flights. Passengers can enjoy priority check-in, access to airport lounges, comfortable seats that recline into a fully flat bed, in-flight entertainment, and gourmet meals and beverages. The airline also offers special services, including a dedicated cabin crew, amenity kits, and more.

Regardless of the class of travel, passengers on Aerolíneas Argentinas can expect a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience with top-notch services and amenities.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Manage Booking

Aerolíneas Argentinas offers a convenient manage booking feature that allows passengers to change their flight itinerary, add services, check-in online, and more. With this feature, passengers can easily customize their travel experience and make the necessary adjustments to their booking. Whether changing the flight date or time, selecting a preferred seat, or upgrading their class of travel, Aerolíneas Argentinas' manage booking feature offers flexibility and convenience for a stress-free journey.

Flight Status

Aerolíneas Argentinas provides passengers easy access to their flight status through its website and mobile app. This allows passengers to stay informed and up-to-date on any changes to their flight, including delays or cancellations. This information will enable passengers to adjust their travel plans and ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.

Change Flight/Cancel Flight


Passengers can change or cancel their flight itinerary through the airline's website. But, first, they must log in to their account and select the booking they wish to modify. Passengers can also view their booking details and check their flight status on the website.

Mobile App:

The airline's mobile app also allows passengers to manage their booking, change their flight, or cancel their reservation. In addition, passengers can access their itinerary and make necessary adjustments from their mobile devices.

Customer Service:

Passengers can contact Aerolíneas Argentinas' customer service center to make changes or cancel their flight. In addition, the airline has a dedicated call center that operates 24/7, and passengers can speak to a representative in English or Spanish.

Airport Desk:

Passengers can also visit the airline's airport desk to make changes or cancel their flight. However, making changes online or through the customer service center before arriving at the airport is recommended to avoid any delays or long wait times.

Select Seats

Passengers can choose their seats on the flight and select a preferred seating arrangement. The airline offers different centers, including standard seats, preferred seats, and seats with extra legroom.

Upgrade Your Seat

Passengers can upgrade their class of travel from Economy to Club Economy (Business) Class, subject to availability and payment of the fare difference.

Add Special Requests

Aerolíneas Argentinas' manage booking feature also allows passengers to add special requests to their booking. Whether it's a special meal, a wheelchair, or assistance for traveling with children, the airline offers a range of services to accommodate the needs of its passengers. This feature allows passengers to customize their travel experience and ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey.

Add Baggage

If you need to bring more baggage than your allowed baggage allowance, you can do so by paying an excess baggage fee. The fees vary depending on your destination and the extra luggage you must bring.

In-Flight Entertainment and wifi

Aerolíneas Argentinas offers a range of in-flight entertainment options to keep passengers entertained during their flights. Here are five points to know about the airline's in-flight entertainment and wifi services:

  1. In-Flight Entertainment: Passengers can enjoy various movies, TV shows, and music on Aerolíneas Argentinas flights. The airline provides individual screens on the back of every seat in both economy and Club Economy (Business) Classes. This allows passengers to choose from a selection of on-demand movies, TV shows, and a range of music and games.
  2. In-Flight Magazine: The airline also offers an in-flight magazine called "En Vivo," available in English and Spanish. The magazine features interesting articles, stories about destinations, culture, and lifestyle, and information about the airline's services and promotions.
  3. Wifi Services: Aerolíneas Argentinas offers wifi services on select flights, allowing passengers to stay connected and browse the internet during their flight. The airline offers two options: Fly Pass, which provides 1 hour of internet access, and Fly More, which offers 3 hours of internet access. Passengers can purchase these services on board using a credit card.
  4. In-Flight Map: For passengers who are interested in tracking their flight, Aerolíneas Argentinas provides an in-flight map that shows the flight's progress, altitude, and other relevant information. This can be accessed on individual screens or overhead screens throughout the cabin.
  5. Child-Friendly Content: Aerolíneas Argentinas also offers child-friendly content on its flights, including movies, TV shows, and games for kids. Additionally, the airline provides special meals for children and amenities such as coloring books and crayons to keep them entertained during their flight.

In-Flight Food

Economy class passengers are given food and drinks depending upon whether the flight duration allows it. Economy class passengers Enjoy an in-flight dining experience, which is rounded with premium service. Business class passengers are also provided with fantastic food. The price for the meals is included in the ticket.

Aerolíneas Argentinas also offers special meals. However, on domestic flights, the only special meal available is the gluten-free option. On an international flight, passengers can order a special meal up to 36 hours before the flight's scheduled departure. After that, the order can be placed at the time of booking; passengers can contact the Aerolineas Argentina customer service team in case of an issue.

Unique meal options are as follows-

  1. Fruit platter
  2. Low-calorie meal
  3. Hindu meal 
  4. Diabetic meal
  5. No dairy means
  6. Low cholesterol 
  7. Soft meal 
  8. Kosher meal 
  9. Gluten-free meal 
  10. Vegetarian meal
  11. Low-fat meal 
  12. Low sodium meal  
  13. Lacto-vegetarian meal
  14. Children meal 
  15. Bland meal 
  16. Moslem meal
  17. Baby meal 
  18. Asian vegetarian meal

Frequent Flyer Program 

Aerolíneas Argentinas has a frequent flyer program called Aerolíneas Plus, which rewards loyal passengers with points that can be redeemed for flight tickets, upgrades, and other benefits. Here's what you need to know about Aerolíneas Plus:(Aerolíneas Plus)

  1. Earning Points: Members of the Aerolíneas Plus program can earn points by flying with Aerolíneas Argentinas or its partners. The number of points earned depends on the fare type and the distance traveled. Passengers can also earn points using the airline's credit card or booking hotels or car rentals through the airline's partners.
  2. Redeeming Points: Aerolíneas Plus members can redeem their points for flight tickets, upgrades, and other benefits. Points can be redeemed online through the airline's website or by contacting the Aerolíneas Plus service center. The number of points required for redemption depends on the destination, the fare type, and the availability of seats.
  3. Elite Status: Aerolíneas Plus offers elite status to its most frequent flyers, including Gold and Platinum members. Select members can enjoy benefits such as priority check-in, access to airport lounges, and additional baggage allowance.
  4. Partnerships: Aerolíneas Plus has partnerships with various airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other businesses, allowing members to earn and redeem points for different services and products.
  5. Family Plan: Aerolíneas Plus also offers a Family Plan, which allows family members to earn points together and redeem them for travel. This will enable families to accumulate points faster and enjoy travel benefits together.

Overall, Aerolíneas Plus offers a range of benefits to loyal Aerolíneas Argentinas passengers. Members can earn and redeem points for flights, upgrades, and other advantages and enjoy a more rewarding travel experience.

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Aerolíneas Argentinas FAQ's

Yes, Aerolíneas Argentinas offers in-flight meals on its flights, including a range of special meals to cater to different dietary requirements.

Passengers can check-in for their Aerolíneas Argentinas flights online or at the airport. Online check-in is available up to 24 hours before departure, while airport check-in is available up to 3 hours before departure.

Yes, passengers can change or cancel their Aerolíneas Argentinas flight. Fees may apply, depending on the fare type and the route of the flight. Passengers should check the airline's website for more information on change and cancellation policies.

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