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CallSign : AEGEAN

Founded : 1987

Key people : Eftychios Vassilakis (Vice president) Dimitrios Tsoporis (ECO)[6]

Country : Greece

Office Address : 31, Viltanioti str.

City : Kifissia

State : Athens,

Zip Code : 145 64

Phone number : +30 210 62 61 700

Official Website :

Aegean Airlines overview 

This airline happens to be one of the largest Greek carrier. In 2009 it carried 6.6 million passengers. Also, it began scheduled passenger operations in May 1999. Since then it has been providing its passengers full service, premium quality on both short and medium haul flights. In addition, the airline is internationally recognized by its customers. It consists of about 61 aircrafts. Moreover, Prizes 47 Airbus family aircraft and 14 bombardier Q series family aircraft. Lastly, Aegean airlines was awarded the skytrax world airline award for the sixth time. They received the award for the best regional airline in your Europe. 

Aegean Airlines hub and destinations 

The hub airport of this airline is Athens international airport. This is a Greek airport and as of now this airport has the most amount of air traffic in Greece. Maybe because the capacity of this airline is 7 million per annum, and the airport has two runways. Furthermore, the airline flies to both domestic and international destinations. A few domestic destinations for instance are Athens, Lemnos, Rhodes, Kavala, Corfu, et cetera. A few international destinations that this airline flights to are across Asia – Pacific, with the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Africa. 

Aegean Airlines Travel Class

There are two classes of seating available on flight. These are economy class, and business class. Premium economy class in business class is not available on Aegean airline flights. 

Business class 

This travel class is absolutely the most luxurious class of cabin on a Aegean airlines flight. Passengers can expect the highest standard of service. Some perks of flying in this cabin is that the passengers can avail free cancellation as well as changes on their flight. Moreover, passengers can also enjoy priority boarding, priority baggage pick up, priority check-in, and the airlines business class lounge. Once on board passengers can enjoy a complimentary drink. On domestic flights they can also enjoy a cold snack/hot meal. On the other hand, International flight passengers can expect a hot meal along with dessert. Lastly, the seat for mission in business class is set out in the 3 x 3 formation. The seeds are extra wide to provide utmost comfort to the passengers. Additionally the middle seat is left unoccupied so that passengers can have more space and enjoy privacy. 

Economy class

Although this cabin is the most basic cabin of Aegean Airlines, a high standard of service is at disposal. Moreover passengers have the option to choose between GoLight and Flex fare. The difference between these two options is that Flex fare passengers are given more flexibility when it comes to cancellations and changes. Additionally, Flex fare passengers are given 23kg baggage allowance. On the other hand GoLight passengers are required to pay for any checked baggage they wish to travel with. All economy class passengers can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks on all domestic flights. On the other hand, international flight passengers can enjoy a hot meal along with unlimited drinks and refreshments. Lastly, the seat formation in economy class is set out in a 3 x 3 formation. The seats are made from genuine leather and for comfort there is a 30 inches space for legroom.

In-Flight Entertainment 

All passengers can access the Aegean STREAM system. This is the airline’s in-flight entertainment system. Games, music, newspapers and magazines in plenty of languages, all are available on this system. Passengers can truly enjoy amazing content from the comfort of their seat. Both Business and Economy class passengers can enjoy this service on their own personal electronic device. Lastly, this particular service is available on international flights from/to Athens. 

Apart from these magazines are also available on board.

In-Flight Food

Economy class passengers traveling domestically are given a complimentary drink and snacks. On the other hand, economy class passengers travelling internationally are provided a hot meal along with unlimited drinks and refreshments.

 Business class passengers can enjoy a complimentary drink. On domestic flights they are given a cold snack/hot meal and on International flights they can expect a hot meal along with dessert. In addition, Aegean Airlines has combined forces with distinguished Master of fine and Greek chefs, to provide passengers with an all inclusive flavor experience. This way business class passengers can enjoy all manners of Greek flavors and drinks. Moreover, passengers can reserve their meal online before they board the plane, the services available up to 24 hours before departure of the flight. 

Special meals are also available on Aegean Airline flights. However only business class passengers can pre-select the special meal. Special me list includes diabetic meal, kosher meal, low-fat meal, seafood meal, baby meal, Hindu meal, etc. for more information on special means please visit

Frequent Flyer Program 

Miles + Bonus is the loyalty program that Aegean Airline offers. This is to reward passengers who fly regularly with the airline. Passengers earn miles with the airline itself, as well as its partners. Moreover passengers can redeem the miles on airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, seat upgrades and shopping.

Lastly, three memberships are available. These are – Blue tier, Silver Tier and Gold Tier. For more information on the same please visit 

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