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WestJet Flight Check-in



CallSign : WESTJET

Founded : 29 February 1996

Key people : Ed Sims (CEO, President)

Country : Canada

Office Address : 22 Aerial Pl NE

City : Calgary

State : Alberta,

Zip Code : AB T2E 6W6

Phone number : +1 888 937 8538

Official Website :

Online web check-in

During online check in passengers can easily go through the process via their official website, you can operate it whenever you want but just prior to departure. 

Offline check-in at the airport

During offline check in, passengers have to reach the airport on time because after that the length of the Q will increase and you can get late to check in, and then the passenger will miss the flight. 

  Online Check-in Airport Check-in
Start (prior to departure) 48 hours Differs from Airport to Airport
End (prior to departure) 12 hours  Differs from Airport to Airport
Medium (Source for check-in) Official Website  Airport Counter

WestJet Airlines Flight Check-In FAQ's

1. Do I have to cancel my online check-in if I cancel my flight? +

Yes you need to cancel your online check-in if you cancel your flight. 

2. Are there any special check-in provisions? +

With WestJet airlines you can get agent guest assistance who will guide you through the procedures. 


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