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Vieques Air Link Baggage Policy



CallSign : VIEQUES

Founded : 1965

Key people : Osvaldo "Val" Gonzalez-Duriex

Country : Puerto Rico

Office Address : 358 Calle Antonio Melladoe,

City : Vieques

State : .,

Zip Code : PR 00765

Phone number : 7877418331

Official Website :

Baggage allowance 

Carry-on baggage 

Vieques Air Link permits passengers to carry one piece of carry-on baggage as well as one personal item. The total baggage can weigh a maximum of 30lbs (13.5kg). Furthermore, the cabin baggage can be of maximum 22″x 5″x 9″ size for all passengers. Lastly, the personal item can be a handback, laptop etc. 


Checked baggage 

Checked baggage which weighs 30lbs is complimentary. Furthermore, passengers can bring as many pieces of baggage as they want, as long as the total weight is 50lbs. The baggage which exceeds the weight allowance,(between 30lbs – 50lbs) will be charged $1.00 per pound. Lastly, if baggage weighs more than 50lbs weight (22kg) then its transportation is based on the availability of space on the craft.

In case there is no space available on the aircraft, Vieques Air Link offers to take the baggage on the subsequent flight. However, passengers can expect to pay expenses. 


Additional Equipment

Passengers can bring the following equipment:

  1. Golf bags containing golf equipment  Like clubs, balls and a pair of golf shoes. 
  2. Fishing equipment is allowed as long as it’s packed properly in a case. 
  3. Firearms – passengers are required to inform the airline when they are booking the ticket. The firearm should be packed properly in a hard locked case. Passengers can expect the counter agent to inspect the fire alarm keys before accepting it as luggage. Lastly, passengers need to provide necessary documents and license to carry the firearm. 
  4. Scuba equipment – empty tank and accompanying shipments like mask, finds, snorkel etc. are allowed. 
  5. Passengers can also carry wheelchairs, both electric and manual, as check-in baggage. Moreover the airline also provides a wheelchair at the gate of departure or arrival. 


Travel with pet

Vieques Air Link allows passengers to travel with their pets. All the passengers need to do is make a reservation for their pet 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. The fee for the same is $30 one way. Moreover, the airline permits domesticated animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and birds for transport. It is important that the passenger keeps the animals in a secure kennel. In addition to this for passengers convenience the airline also provides a kennel for an extra fee of $15. The total weight of the animal and kennel should not exceed 30lbs. If the pet weighs more than that, then passengers are required to inform the airline. Lastly, one family can also get to animals if there is space availability on the craft. However each pet is charged separately.

Vieques Air Link Baggage Policy FAQ's

You can measure your baggage dimension by adding up length, width and height (length + width + height.


You can contact Vieques Air Link on 787-741-8331


Yes, Vieques Air Link permits passengers to travel with their pet.


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