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CallSign : UNITED

Founded : April 6, 1926

Key people : Scott Kirby (Chief Executive Officer)| Oscar Munoz (Executive Chairman)| Jane Garvey (Chairman)| Brett Hart (President) | Gerry Laderman (Chief Financial Officer) | Walter Varney (Founder)

Country : United States

Address : United Airlines Inc., 233 S Wacker Dr

City : Chicago

State : Illinois,

Zip Code : 60606

Phone : 1-800-864-8331


With various choices for flights, hotels, and activities, United Airlines Vacations provides customers with a simple and comprehensive method to plan and book their vacations. United Airlines Vacations packages is a well-liked option for travelers seeking to secure their upcoming holiday because of its emphasis on high-quality customer service and loyalty program that rewards customers for their travel purchases.

Why book United Airlines Vacation packages?

We know you have a wide range of choices when picking a vacation provider, and you're looking for someone who genuinely cares about your trip and will be there for you throughout. That's what you get when you make a reservation with United Vacations. To ensure that your holiday is seamless from the planning stage to the shuttle ride to the airport at the conclusion, we provide full-service vacation planning. See why United Vacations is the best option for your travel requirements by reading the benefits of booking with us listed below.

Lowest airfares on United Airlines

 customers can find the lowest airfares on United Airlines by being flexible with travel dates, booking in advance, taking advantage of MileagePlus rewards, checking for promotions, and considering partner airlines. With various options and a commitment to affordability, United Airlines is famous for travelers looking for affordable airfares.

MileagePlus benefits

Customers who enroll in United Airlines' MileagePlus program can take advantage of several advantages. Here are some of MileagePlus's main benefits:

  1. Earning miles: Members of MileagePlus can accrue miles for travel on United Airlines and affiliated airlines, as well as for transactions made with affiliated companies like hotels, vehicle rentals, and credit cards.
  2. Miles can be redeemed through MileagePlus for airfare, room upgrades, and other travel-related costs like hotel stays and rented cars.
  3. Elite status is a benefit that MileagePlus provides to customers who reach a certain threshold of miles or flights in a given year. Numerous advantages come with select membership, including priority boarding, access to lounges, and bonus miles.
  4. Benefits from partners: MileagePlus members can also profit from advantages offered by partners' airlines, including priority boarding and check-in, access to lounges, and increased baggage allowance.
  5. Rewards for dining and shopping: Members of MileagePlus can accrue miles by dining and buy at participating partners, which can then be redeemed for airfare and other travel-related costs.

Book now, pay later

With the "book now, pay later" program offered by United Airlines Vacations, customers can reserve their vacation package with just a $250 deposit and choose to pay the remaining amount later.

  1. The "book now, pay later" program has the following essential characteristics:
  2. Low down payment: Customers can reserve their trip with just a $250 per person down payment, allowing them more time to pay the remaining balance.
  3. Payment Flexibility: United Airlines Vacations provides flexible payment options, including paying the amount in full at once or spreading payments out over time.
  4. Price protection: Customers are protected against price increases for their holiday package when they make a reservation through the "book now, pay later" program.
  5. Booking with the "book now, pay later" option allows customers to add cancellation protection, which enables them to rescind their reservation for any reason and receive a refund.
  6. Convenient booking: Customers can call a United Airlines Vacations representative or book their trip package online.

Group vacations

United Airlines Vacations offers group vacation packages for customers seeking to travel with family, friends, or other groups. The following are some salient aspects of group travel deals from United Airlines Vacations:

  1. Packages that can be altered: United Airlines Vacations offers group vacation packages that can be changed to meet the requirements and interests of the group, with choices for tickets, accommodations, and activities.
  2. Devoted group travel experts: A team of dedicated group travel specialists are available at United Airlines Vacations to help organize and reserve a group vacation.
  3. Discounts for more prominent groups are frequently included in group vacation packages from United Airlines Vacations, making it more affordable for customers to travel together.
  4.  Flexible payment options: United Airlines Vacations provides flexible payment options for group holiday packages, including the ability to spread payments out over time and among group members.
  5. Dedicated group check-in is a service that United Airlines Vacations provides for bigger groups. This can help to speed up the check-in procedure and make it simpler for groups to travel together.
  6. Group travel insurance: For bigger groups, United Airlines Vacations also provides options for group travel insurance, which can add security and security for group travel.

Travel Protection Plus

Here are some of Travel Protection Plus's salient characteristics:

  1. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance: Travel Protection Plus offers insurance for trips that are canceled or cut short for reasons that are covered, such as sickness, injury, or bad weather.
  2. Travel Protection Plus provides medical coverage for unexpected medical costs encountered while on vacation.
  3. Coverage for baggage loss or delay: Travel Protection Plus offers protection against luggage loss, theft, or delay while on holiday.
  4. 24/7 assistance is available to customers who buy Travel Protection Plus for situations like medical emergencies or flight delays.
  5. Cancel for any reason coverage is another optional add-on that Travel Protection Plus provides. This coverage enables customers to cancel their trip for any reason and obtain a refund.

  Use Miles to Book

The following are some advantages of booking with United Airlines using miles of how much United miles are worth

  1. Customers of United Airlines can use their miles to pay for tickets, upgrades, and other travel-related costs. 
  2. Options for flights: MileagePlus users can use their miles to book one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flights on United carriers and partner carriers.
  3. Options for upgrades: Members of MileagePlus can use their miles to fly in a better class of service on eligible flights, such as going from economy to business class.
  4. Redeeming miles for hotel and car rentals allows MileagePlus users to make reservations with participating partners.
  5. No blackout dates: MileagePlus members can use their miles to schedule flights on any available seat because United Airlines does not have blackout dates for travel redemption.
  6. MileagePlus X app: Customers can collect and redeem miles for purchases at participating stores, eateries, and internet merchants using United Airlines' MileagePlus X app.

Customer Service

Through several channels, such as phone, email, and online help, United Airlines Vacations provides its customers with customer care support. The following numbers can be used to reach United Airlines Vacations customer service:

  1. Phone support: Customers can contact United Airlines Vacations customer service by phone at
  2. Online support: Customers can access online support through the United Airlines Vacations website, which includes a range of resources such as FAQs, travel advisories, and a contact form.
  3. Email support: Customers can also contact United Airlines Vacations customer service by email at


Here are some of the top destinations offered by United Airlines Vacations:


About 2,000 miles southwest of the United States, in the Pacific Ocean, are a collection of islands known as Hawaii. It is the only U.S. state outside North America and is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, lively culture, and internationally famous beaches. Hawaii's stunning beaches are one of its key attractions. The state offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with more than 750 kilometers of coastline. 


Mexico is a country of contrasts, where old and contemporary cultures coexist, and natural beauty is abundant. There is no shortage of sights to see and activities to partake in this varied nation, from the humming metropolis of Mexico City to the relaxed beaches of Cancun. Mexico has a lot to offer tourists of all ages and interests due to its extensive history that dates back thousands of years. Mexico has something for everyone, whether you want to see historic sites, indulge in delectable food, or unwind in the sunshine. 


The giant nation of Canada is situated in the northern region of North America. It is the second-largest nation in the globe by land area and is renowned for its varied terrain, which includes rough mountains and glaciers, as well as huge grasslands and deep forests. Numerous distinctive and well-known natural attractions, including the Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls, and the Northern Lights, may be found nationwide.

United States

The United States, also known as the USA or America, is a federal republic located in North America. It is the world's third-largest country by land area and population. The government comprises 50 states, each with its unique culture, history, and geography. The United States is known for its diverse landscape, which includes mountains, forests, deserts, and coastlines. Some of the most famous natural landmarks in the country have the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and Niagara Falls. The government is also known for its cultural diversity, with a population that includes people worldwide.

Disney Vacations

Disney Vacations are a popular option for families and Disney fans alike. Disney offers several vacation destinations, including theme parks, resorts, and cruises. Walt Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most popular Disney vacation destinations. It features four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Each park offers a unique experience with rides, attractions, and shows based on popular Disney movies and characters. In addition to the theme parks, Walt Disney World provides numerous resort options for guests, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury accommodations.


Booking a vacation package with United Airlines Vacations is easy and can be done online or over the phone with a customer service representative. Here are the steps to book a vacation package with United Airlines Vacations:

Step 1. Visit the United Airlines Vacations website at and select your destination, travel dates, and the number of travelers.

United Vacations Destination Window

Step 2. Select your preferred hotel or resort based on your budget, location, and amenities. You can also choose to stay in a vacation rental or condo. 

united vacations hotel list

Step 3. Customize your vacation package by selecting your flights.

united vacations flight list

Step 4. Review your itinerary and make any necessary changes or adjustments.

Step 5. Add any extras to your vacation packages, such as travel protection or car rentals.

Step 6. Enter your personal and payment information to complete your booking.

Deals and Promo Codes

To help customers save money on holiday packages, United Airlines Vacations provides a variety of offers and discount codes. The following are some methods for customers to discover discounts and coupon codes from United Airlines Vacations:

  1. Special deals: United Airlines Vacations provides discounted hotel prices, resort credits, or complimentary upgrades as part of special deals on vacation packages to specific locations.
  2. MileagePlus offers: United Airlines Vacations provides MileagePlus users with access to special offers and promos, including bonus miles, reduced airfare, and complimentary hotel nights.
  3. Customers can subscribe to the United Airlines Vacations email newsletter for special deals and discount coupons.
  4. Social media: United Airlines Vacations frequently shares special offers and coupon coupons on its social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Last-minute offers: Visitors to the United Airlines Vacations website can also discover last-minute offers on vacation packages by looking through the "Deals" section.

Customer Reviews

In various customer reviews, numerous customers have praised United Airlines Vacations for its vacation packages, customer service, and general travel experience. The following are some recurring topics in client evaluations of United Airlines Vacations:

  1. The helpfulness and professionalism of the customer service personnel, as well as the simplicity of booking and customization choices, are all mentioned in reviews by customers who have used United Airlines Vacations.
  2. Value for money: Many customers laud United Airlines Vacations for its importance, with reviews praising the availability of affordable vacation packages and a wide range of choices.
  3. Convenience: Several reviewers point out how easy it is to plan a vacation package through United Airlines Vacations, which offers choices for flights, hotels, and activities in one location.
  4. MileagePlus, a program offered by United Airlines that enables members to accrue and exchange miles for future travel, also allows customers to accrue bonus miles.



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When you book your flight the option to reserve seat assignments will be available. If you don’t reserve a seat, you will be assigned one automatically.

There can be a few reasons for the same, it may not be available on the specific dates you are planning to travel on or the preferred hotel is not offered.

You can email united vacations or contact the customer care center (1-888-854-3888).

Not only will you be saving time by booking hotel, air and other activities with united vacations but you will also be saving money. We have negotiated deals when it comes to car rentals, hotels, optional activities saving you money.

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