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SunExpress Cancellation and Refund Policy




Founded : 1989

Key people : Max Kownatzki (CEO), Ahmet Fevzi Çalışkan (Deputy CEO)

Country : Turkey

Office Address : Antalya PO Box 28

City : Antalya

State :

Zip Code : 07230

Phone number : 00 90 444 0 797

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy

The airline permits passengers to cancel a booking. However, this depends on the fare type of the ticket passenger books. Furthermore, cancellation fee is also applicable but it depends on the fare type of the ticket. For instance, international flight passengers with SunEco fares cannot cancel the ticket. On the other hand, SunPremium and SunClassic fare passengers can cancel the ticket but will need to pay a penalty depending on when they cancel the booking. Look below for details:

SunClassic (International Flight)

SunPremium (International Flight)

Furthermore, the cancellation option for international flights is not available if only 48 hours before the flight is left. Lastly, for flights within Turkey cancellation can be made by all passengers 6 hour before the flight with a 7.12 USD penalty. However, if only 6 hours are left before the flight, cancellation of the booking cannot be done. 


Refund Policy

Passengers can get a refund of a ticket that they possess, the reimbursement value will depend on the tariff conditions attached to the ticket and how long before the flight the passenger cancels the ticket. Moreover, a penalty is applied upon cancellation of booking. In addition to this, the passenger needs to submit valid photo identification of the passenger names on the ticket to get a refund. In addition to this, if the booking is done through a travel agent then the passenger needs to contact them to apply for a refund. Furthermore, the airline will refund the ticket to the person who is named on the ticket or whoever paid for the ticket, provided that satisfactory proof of payment is given. Lastly, the refund is made in the same form and currency as the payment was made by the passenger.


SunExpress Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. What is the customer service number of SunExpress? +

You can contact SunExpress’ customer service on 0124-4973838 (India).


2. Can I cancel my SunEco fare ticket? +

Yes, but only if you are travelling within Turkey. 


3. Can I change my ticket instead of cancelling it? +

Yes, you can. However, this is only possible 2 hours before a domestic flight and 48 hours before an international flight. Moreover, passenger will be required to pay an additional fee as well as the price difference between the two flight tickets. 


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