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Founded : 1983 (as Charter One)

Key people : Ted Christie, CEO | Scott M. Haralson, Senior Vice President & CFO | John Bendoraitis, Executive Vice President & COO | Matt Klein, Senior Vice President & CCO

Country : United States

Address : 800 Executive Way #6542

City : Miramar

State : Miami,

Zip Code : 33025

Phone : 1 (855) 728-3555


Offering holiday packages to locations in the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America is Spirit Vacations, a division of Spirit Airlines. Customers can reserve a travel and lodging package and rent cars, events, and more through Spirit Vacations.

Customers can save money on their journey by reserving a vacation package with Spirit Vacations Packages, which is one of the advantages. In addition, customers frequently save more when planning a ticket and a hotel together than if they did so individually.
Spirit Vacations also provides a variety of trip bundles to accommodate various travel preferences and price ranges. As a result, there is a plan for every kind of tourist, from all-inclusive resorts to affordable choices.

Why book with spirit vacations?

You can book a vacation package with Spirit Vacations for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Savings: Booking a travel and lodging bundle with Spirit Vacations often results in financial savings over doing so independently.
  2. Convenience: By reserving your ticket, hotel, and other travel services with Spirit Vacations, you can simplify and speed up the scheduling process.
  3. Customization: Spirit Vacations allows you to alter your travel itinerary to meet your needs and spending limit. This includes choices for incorporating sports, vehicle rentals, and more.
  4. Many options are accessible because of the wide range of holiday packages offered by Spirit Vacations to destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.
  5. Spirit Vacations is a division of Spirit Airlines, a reputable and well-known name in the tourism sector.
  6. Extra benefits: Spirit Vacations may provide additional benefits like complimentary accommodations or vacation vouchers, depending on your chosen plan.

Miles Rewarded

A mileage loyalty program is currently out of Spirit Vacations Packages. Free Spirit is a loyal traveler program offered by Spirit Airlines, the parent business of Spirit Vacations. Program members can accrue points by purchasing tickets with Spirit Airlines, using a Spirit Airlines credit card, or purchasing from a limited number of vendors.

These points can be used to schedule tickets to your preferred vacation location, which can then be paired with a vacation package from Spirit Vacations, even though they cannot be used to pay directly for vacation packages with Spirit Vacations.

Free Spirit Loyalty 

Here's what you need to know about the program:

  1. Earning points: Free Spirit members can accrue points by purchasing tickets with Spirit Airlines, using a Spirit Airlines credit card, or buying at specific partners.
  2. Redeeming points: Free Spirit points can be used to purchase tickets on Spirit Airlines and other travel-related products and services like hotel stays, renting cars, and holiday packages.
  3. Based on the number of points over a year, Free Spirit provides different degrees of elite rank. These tiers grant advantages like extra points, free checked baggage, priority seating, and more.
  4. Promotions and discounts: Free Spirit users might also be qualified for special offers and reductions on transportation, including Spirit Vacations getaway packages.
  5. No blackout dates: One perk of the Free Spirit program is that there aren't any restrictions on when users can use their points for trip arrangements.

Book Now, Pay Later

 Customers who want to reserve a holiday package with Spirit Vacations but may not have the money to pay for it all at once can "Book Now, Pay Later." With this choice, you can reserve your trip with a modest down payment and settle the remaining amount over time.

Depending on the plan and the trip dates, a different deposit sum and payment timetable will apply. It's crucial to read the terms and conditions of the deal thoroughly before making a reservation because the deposit is frequently non-refundable.

Choose the "Book Now, Pay Later" choice during the reservation process, then adhere to the on-screen directions to place your deposit and establish your payment schedule. Customers can use this choice to reserve their trip without paying the entire cost upfront, locking in the price.


Aruba Vacations

Aruba is a small, picturesque island in the southern Caribbean that is known for its crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture. With a unique blend of Dutch and Caribbean influences, Aruba is a must-visit destination for travelers of all types. From world-class diving and snorkeling to delicious cuisine and colorful festivals, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island.

Las Vegas Vacations

In the state of Nevada sits the city of Las Vegas in the country's southwest region. It is renowned for its glitzy resorts, world-class entertainment, and thriving nightlife. The town is a well-liked vacation spot for travelers worldwide and is frequently called the "Entertainment Capital of the World.
The abundance of casinos and resorts in Las Vegas is one of its key charms. Some of the world's significant and opulent hotels are located in the city, and many provide top-notch eating, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. A performance showcasing some of the best entertainers in the world is available, or guests may unwind by the pool or try their luck at slot machines or table games

Florida Vacations

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is a vibrant and diverse state that is known for its stunning beaches, theme parks, and rich history. From bustling cities to tranquil nature reserves, there is something for everyone in Florida. With world-class museums, delicious cuisine, and a unique blend of cultures, Florida is a must-visit destination for travelers of all types.

Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica is a vibrant and diverse Caribbean island that is known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant music scene. With a unique blend of African, European, and Caribbean influences, Jamaica is a must-visit destination for travelers of all types. From the delicious cuisine and colorful festivals to the warm and friendly people, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island.

California Vacations

California is a diverse and fascinating state that is known for its stunning natural wonders, vibrant cities, and cultural richness. From the towering redwood forests and sandy beaches to the bustling metropolises of Los Angeles and San Francisco, California is a must-visit destination for travelers of all types. With a unique blend of cultures, traditions, and lifestyles, California has something to offer everyone.

HOW TO BOOK All Inclusive Spirit Vacations?

Step 1. Go to the spirit vacations website to search for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

spirit vacations destination chosen window

Step 2. Choose your package: They provide a range of holiday packages, from all-inclusive resorts to adventure tours, to suit all types of traveler. Select the package that best fits your requirements and financial situation.

spirit vacations hotel chosen window

Step 3. Customize your package: Add any additional services or amenities you may need, such as flights, car rentals, or travel insurance.

spirit vacations additional services

Step 4.  Once you've chosen your package and customized it to your liking, simply follow the prompts to complete your booking. You'll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your trip.

Deals and Promo Codes

Here are some of the ways you can save when you book

  1. Early bird discounts: Book your vacation in advance and receive an early bird discount on select packages.
  2. Last-minute deals: If you're flexible with your travel dates, take advantage of our last-minute deals and save on select vacation packages.
  3. Group discounts: Traveling with a group? We offer group discounts on select vacation packages.
  4. Promo codes: Keep an eye out for our promo codes, which offer additional savings on select vacation packages.
  5. All-inclusive packages: Our all-inclusive packages offer great value for your money, with meals, drinks, and activities included at one low price.
  6. Loyalty rewards: Sign up for our loyalty program and earn points for every dollar you spend on vacation packages. Redeem your points for discounts on future vacations.

Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews of our services:

  1. "I booked a vacation package with Spirit Vacations, and it was a fantastic experience. The customer service was top-notch, and they helped me find the perfect destination for my family. The package was affordable and included everything we needed for a great vacation. Highly recommend!" - Sarah T.
  2. "I've used Spirit Vacations for multiple vacations and have always been impressed with their service. They offer a wide range of destinations to choose from, and their packages are great value for the money. Their staff is always friendly and helpful, making the booking process a breeze." - John D.
  3. "My husband and I booked a romantic getaway through Spirit Vacations, and it exceeded our expectations. The resort was stunning, and the customer service was exceptional. We felt like VIPs throughout our entire stay. We will definitely be booking with Spirit Vacations again!" - Lisa M.
  4. "I had a great experience with Spirit Vacations. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, and they helped me find a vacation package that fit my budget. I was impressed with the level of service I received and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great vacation." - Mark S.

Customer Service

Spirit Vacations' customer care team is ready to help you with any queries or issues regarding your reservation or overall experience. Call or email Spirit Vacations to get in touch.

  1. Contact Number: 855-728-3555
  2. Spirit vacations Airlines offers a variety of online assistance options, including a FAQ section on their website and a virtual assistant chatbot that can provide instant answers to common questions.



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The prices of packages vary according to the peak and non-peak travel. One tip would be to avoid major holidays. If you compare midweek travel to weekend travel, the former tends to be less expensive.


Contact Number: 855-728-3555

All purchases that include travel, hotel, car rental, baggage fees, seat fees, leisure activities and booking fees are not refundable.

Spirit is ticketless, but we will send an email regarding the confirmation to the person on the record.

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