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Qantas Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy



CallSign : QANTAS

Founded : 16 November 1920; 102 years ago

Key people : Richard Goyder AO (Chairman) Alan Joyce AC (CEO)

Country : Australia

Office Address : Qantas, 10 Bourke road Mascot NSW

City : Mascot

State : New South Wales,

Zip Code : 2020

Phone number : 13 13 13

Airline Official Website :

Qantas Cancellation Policy 

Qantas allows passengers to cancel their tickets for free within one day, regardless of the fare type (domestic or international). The airway serves many destinations and has a rule for cancellations and fees. If a passenger misses the free cancellation window, you will be charged as per your destination and fare type. The international cancellation fee is usually more than the domestic cancellation fee. If you have purchased a group ticket and wish to cancel one ticket, Qantas will use special conditions and make the refund accordingly. 

Cancellation Fee Qantas 

If passengers cannot cancel the tickets within 24 hours, they can withdraw them later. However, the airway would apply a certain fee depending on several factors. For example, passengers with a domestic flight ticket are usually charged less than international passengers. If you wish to know about your cancellation fee, review the below conditions. 

Domestic Cancellation Fees 

  1. Passengers with a "Red e-deal" in Economy class can not make any cancellations with Qantas. 
  2. Passengers with a "Flex Economy" ticket can make the cancellations 30 minutes before the flight's departure at a small fee of 99 Australian dollars. 
  3. Tickets for "Premium Economy-Saver" can be canceled before 60 minutes of departure at a small cancellation fee of 99 Australian dollars. 
  4. All the passengers with a ticket "Premium Economy-Flex" can cancel their tickets 60 minutes before the flight's departure without paying any extra cancellation fee. 
  5. Passengers traveling with a business class ticket can make cancellations at any time without having any cancellation charges imposed. 

International Cancellation Fees

Qantas cancellation fees International is different for different destinations. Qantas serves a wide range of passengers from all around the world, functioning in several countries. If you wish to know about your cancellation fee as per the destination, type of ticket purchased, and the time of cancellation, you can visit the "Cancellation rules and fee" page of Qantas and check out the fee imposed on you. You can also call the local Qantas office and ask an executive about the cancellation fee. 

Things to Remember 

  1. Fees and restrictions may apply for cancellations.
  2. Passengers can cancel online or through customer service.
  3. Refund options include a refund to the original form of payment or a travel voucher.
  4. It's recommended to cancel as early as possible to avoid fees or restrictions.

How to cancel a flight

Qantas Airlines offers several ways for passengers to cancel their flights. Here are the different ways to cancel a flight with Qantas Airlines:

Qantas Airlines cancels booking online

Visit the Qantas Airlines website ( and navigate to the "Manage booking" or "Manage flights" section.

Qantas Airlines cancels the booking via Customer Service Center

Contact Qantas Airlines customer service by phone.

Qantas Airlines cancels the booking in Travel Agent

If you booked your Qantas flight through a travel agent or a third-party website, contact them directly to cancel it.

Cancellation Due to Weather

In the event of a flight cancellation due to weather, Qantas Airlines will typically provide passengers with the following options:


Passengers can be rebooked on the next available flight to their destination at no additional cost. The airline will try to accommodate passengers on the earliest available flight.


Passengers who choose not to rebook can receive a full refund of their ticket price. The refund will be credited back to the original form of payment.

Qantas Airlines Refund Policy

Qantas Airlines has a refund policy that outlines the conditions and guidelines for receiving a refund for canceled flights. Here are some key points from Qantas' refund policy:

  1. Fare Type: The eligibility for a refund depends on the fare type you have purchased. Some fares may be non-refundable or have specific refund conditions, while others may be partially or fully refundable.

  2. Flexibility: Qantas offers more flexible fare options, such as Qantas Flex or Qantas Business Flex fares, which generally provide more refund or rebooking opportunities than other fare types. 

  3. Timeframe: The timing of your cancellation request plays a crucial role in determining whether you can receive a refund. I

  4. Refund Methods: If you are eligible for a refund, Qantas Airlines typically provides rebates in the original form of payment used during the booking process.

  5. Fees and Deductions: In some cases, cancellation fees or penalties may apply, especially for non-refundable fares. Qantas Airlines may deduct applicable fees from the refund amount before processing the refund. 

Steps to Cancel a Flight

Step 1. Visit the Airline's Website

Visit the Qantas Airline website and log in to your account.

Step 2. Go to Manage Booking

Once you have logged in, go to the "Manage Booking" section of the website. This section will allow you to view your booking details and make changes, including cancellations.

Qantas Airlines tab

Step 3. Enter your booking reference number and last name.

Qantas Airline Manage Booking Tab

Step 4: Select the Flight You Want to Cancel

Once you've entered your booking details, select the flight you want to cancel from the list of reservations. You will then be prompted to confirm your selection.

Step 5: Review Your Flight Details

Before you cancel your flight, take a moment to review your reservation details, including the flight number, departure and arrival times, and any additional services that you may have purchased.

Step 6: Confirm Your Cancelation

Click on the "Cancel Flight" button. You will then be prompted to confirm your cancellation and receive a confirmation email once your cancellation is complete.

Qantas Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

Yes, Qantas does have a 24-hour free cancellation policy which allows the passengers to cancel their tickets absolutely for free if they are making the changes within 24 hours of booking. If you are canceling the ticket online, you would not have to pay any additional service charge but if you are making the changes offline, you would have to pay a certain fee even if the cancellation is made within 24 hours.

Yes, the passengers are allowed to seek a 100 percent refund if they cancel their bookings by following Qantas flight cancellation policy. Refund initiation greatly depends on the class of the ticket a passenger holds, in some cases a passenger would not be able to cancel their ticket, even when the cancellations are made within the released span. Make sure to check your ticket and conditions before booking.

Qantas flight cancellation charges are different for domestic flights and international flights. If you are making the changes online, you would not have to pay any service fee, however, if you are making the cancellation via the call center of Qantas or by visiting the airport, you would have to pay a service fee along with the cancellation fee.


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