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Iberia airline baggage allowance and fee



CallSign : IBERIA

Founded : 28 June 1927

Key people : Antonio Vázquez (Chairman) | Luis Gallego (CEO)

Country : USA

Office Address : Boston Logan International Airport -500 Terminal E East Boston

City : Boston

State : Massachusetts,

Zip Code : 02128

Phone number : +1 800 772 4642

Official Website :

Carry-on Baggage 

Economy/ Premium Economy carry-on baggage allowance

Business Class Short / Medium Haul carry-on baggage allowance

Business Plus Long Haul carry-on baggage allowance
 1 cabin bag
1(one) personal Bag 40x30x15cm 

1 cabin bag
1(one) personal bag 40x30x15cm

 2 (two) cabin bags
1(one) personal accessory 40x30x15cm

Personal Bag: 

This accessory could be a laptop, briefcase, purse, or compact portfolio. You can bring a bag for the baby's food, drink, and flight necessities if you are going with them.

Cabin Bag:

The measurements take the handle, pocket compartments, and wheels into account. Any luggage that is larger than these limits needs to be checked in. You must be able to move these items into the overhead locker on your own, and they must fit in the size-check machine found at airports.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Iberia airline baggage allowance maximum permitted weights and sizes 23 kg (maximum 32 kg) (Height + Width + Length) 158 centimeters.

The measurements take the handle, pocket compartments, and wheels into account.

Your baggage allowance specifies the maximum weight for each item, but you can bring up to 32 kg if you pay an excess baggage charge. However, over 32 kg packages are not accepted by them.

Each passenger must check in their object as all checked baggage is personal and non-transferable.

Additional Baggage

When making your reservation, either through Booking management or later on during web check-in, you can add up to nine extra bags if you need to bring more than the amount of luggage that comes with your ticket.

Choose the additional bag's weight and only pay for what you require: 

15 kg. if you're only taking the absolute necessities.

23 kg. standard bag (some routes currently only allow this option).

32 kg. if you require more medication than normal.

Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy FAQ's

Yes, Iberia Airline allows passengers to bring sports equipment or musical instruments on their flights. However, these items may incur additional fees or require special handling. It's essential to check with the airline before your flight to understand the specific rules and regulations regarding these items.

Yes, passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance with Iberia Airline. It's essential to do so in advance to avoid higher fees at the airport. Passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance online, through the Iberia Airline mobile app, or by contacting the customer service center.


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