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CallSign : FIJI

Founded : 1947

Key people : Andre Viljoen (Managing Director & CEO) Rajesh Punja

Country : Fiji, Oceania

Office Address : Nasoso Road, Nadi Airport, Fiji

City : Nadi

State : Viti Levu,

Zip Code : 00000

Phone number : +679 672 0888

Official Website :

Covid :

Fiji Airways overview

Air Pacific currently known as Fiji Airways, is one of the biggest flag carrier airlines of Fiji.

Fiji Airways was founded by Australian in 1931but after World War 2, it registered as a Airline.

The first flight was operated on 1 September 1951, from it's hub Nadi International Airport to 13 countries including 23 cities.

Fiji Airways is owned by the Fiji Government as well as Qantas.

Currently, it operates over four hundred flights to almost ten countries around the globe.

Fiji Airways offers the finest hospitality from the moment you start your journey.

Their Business Class experience as well as economy class will make your journey as comfortable as possible in each aspect. They offer seats that give you comfort.

Airline alliance airlines and codeshare programs, fleet


On 5 December 2018, Fiji Airways became one of the members of One World Alliance and served 23 direct-flights in the Pacific Ocean region.



Fiji Airways fleet consists -

Aircraft In service
Airbus A330 - 200 5
Airbus A330 - 300 1
Airbus A350 - 900 2
Boeing 737 - 800 2
Total 10

A total of 10 aircraft running by the airlines.

Historical fleet

Aircraft Total Introduced Retired Notes
Boeing 737 - 200 1 1981 1990  
Boeing 737 - 300 1 1995 1999  
Boeing 737 - 500 1 1992 1999  
Boeing 737 - 700 1 1998 2020  
Boeing 737 - 100 1 1988 1989  
Boeing 737 - 200 8 1985 2001  
Boeing 737 - 400 2 2003 2013 Replaced by A330
Boeing 737 - 200 1 1990 1994  
Boeing 737 - 300ER 1 1994 2012  
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 1 1983 1985  

Airlines Destination and Hub Airport

International Country

International Cities

Fiji Airways booking in the class of services

Fiji Airways has only two classes. Economy class and Business Class.

Economy Class

Their Economy Class is mainly focused on the warm hospitality by their crew members and they are so friendly by nature. The cabin of economy class is so elegant and comfortable that it makes you feel better.

With all the luxury and comfort, Economy Class offers seats giving you comfort and lots of space with 34''stretchable seats and 6-degree inclination. Added with 12” monitors, USB port for your entertainment. The cabin of economy class is in a 3-3-3 configuration.

These seats make your journey comfortable and memorable.

Passengers comfort at the best priority for Fiji airways. Passengers' comfort is utmost for the airways. Facilities and services are up to the mark in the industry.

Business Class

Business Class of Fiji Airways offers a unique and classic experience. 1-2-1 configuration in business class makes it more personal and luxurious.

Wider seats with fine legroom increase its comfort, having individual screens for entertainment. Three time non-stop dining and a wide range of beverages and fine.

You can also access the fine lounge, when you are waiting for your flight.

The impressive look and feel of business class for sure enlighten the passenger’s comfort and also the mood. For entertainment purposes, In Business class, there is noise cancellation headsets, individual aisle access. Quite luxury menu and these cusines give you a taste of delicious foods.

Short-haul Flights

Fiji Airways offers the finest hospitality from the moment you start your journey.

Their Business Class experience as well as economy class will make your journey as comfortable as possible in each aspect. They offer seats that give you comfort.

In-flight Entertainment

Talking about In-flight entertainment programs offered on Fiji Airways are stocked with finest movies on demand, web shows, radio and TV through personal screens or overhead screens.

Passengers can access their screen anytime.

In addition to they give you access check-in into the business class lounge.

In-Flight food menu and meal or beverage

You will get an awesome collection of dining and lots of drinks. The dining of Fiji Airways is amazing and unique. They offered a three-course meal, rum cocktail with canapes. Fiji Airways serves you fresh ingredients and wonderful flavours define Fijian food. South Pacific cuisine included Roast pork, Roast chicken, Taro root with coconut milk, Sliced yams, Steamed crabs, Fish marinated in lime juice in curry style, Coconut cream puddings wrapped in traditional banana leaves and many more.

Not only this, there is a lot of variety of wine flavors are specially meant for the class.

When you want to sleep, their comfortable seat of Fiji Airways made especially for a good night’s rest cover that provides extra comfort.

Frequent flyer programs

The passengers of Fiji Airways are getting rewards only if they are regular customers of Fiji Airways.

They can get the reward in the form of points that can easily be redeemed in their next tickets. Not only this you can also enjoy the lounge facility from this reward.

The passengers of Fiji Airways can also use the points to purchase cuisine and other services at the airport lounge. They can also enjoy other airport facilities and other privileges.

Fiji Airways Popular Flight Routes

Fiji Airways Route Map


Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways FAQ's

1. Is customer services for Fiji Airways are available for 24*7? +

Fiji Airways customer services are available 24*7 and can easily find flight tickets for both international and domestic at the lowest fares, especially for their passengers. They constantly strive to make sure that you have your beautiful memory with Fiji Airways.

Phone number: +679 6 720 888

2. How can I check my flight status if I book Fiji Airways? +

You can check your flight status on the Mobile app and also by visiting the website page.

Phone number: +679 6 720 888

3. What are the offline check-in schedule for Fiji Airways? +

In Fiji Airways, you should check in 3 hours before your scheduled departure time for international flights. As it closes 60 minutes before departure.

Talking about Domestic flights, you should check in 1 hour 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.  As it closes half an hour before departure.

For International Flights - 3 hours before your scheduled departure time

For Domestic flights - 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time.


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