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Condor Cancellation and Refund Policy



CallSign : CONDOR

Founded : 1955

Key people : Ralf Teckentrup (CEO)

Country : Germany

Office Address : Condor Platz, Frankfurt am Main

City : Frankfurt

State : Hesse,

Zip Code : 60549

Phone number : 00 49 180 6 767767

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy

The airline permits passengers to cancel a booking. However, this depends on the fare. Classic fare, best fare and light fare passengers a cancellation is not possible. In addition to this, flights to/from the USA passengers can cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking the ticket and get a full refund. Moreover, for passengers with a flex fare and flex options the cancellation can be made until 24 hours prior to the flight departure. Following fees is applicable:

Zone 1:

Zone 2:

Zone 3:

Next, Best fare with flex coupon also permits passengers to cancel tickets until 24 hours before the flight. The cancellation fee is 50 euros for Zone 1 and 75 euros for Zone 2. Lastly, If cancellation is made within 24 hours before flight departure a cancellation fee of the entire fare paid is applicable. 


Refund Policy

Classic fare, best fare and light fare passengers the ticket is non-refundable apart from unconsumed taxes and fees. Furthermore, the refund will be given to the passenger names on the ticket or the person who paid for the ticket. Lastly, refund will be made in the same currency as it was paid for by the passengers.

If the passengers faces a daley is flight of more than 5 hours, then they can get a full reimbursement of their ticket. However, If passengers face a delay of 3 hours of more, they will get the compensation. Morever, it will depend on the flight distable. Look at the following for compensation provided:

  • €250 for flights covering a distance of up to 1500 km
  • €400 for flights covering a distance of between 1500 and 3500 km or more than 1500 km in the case of flights within the EU
  • €600 for flights covering a distance of more than 3500 km


Condor Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. What is the call center number of Condor? +

You can contact Condor on +49 (0) 180 6 767767 (Germany).


2. Can I cancel my ticket online? +

No, that is not possible. 


3. How do I claim a refund? +

You can contact the call centre for the same.


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