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China Southern Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy




Founded : 1 July 1988

Key people : Tan Wangeng (Vice Chairman/President)

Country : China

Office Address : 278 Jichang Road. Guangzhou, Guangdong 510405 China

City : Guangzhou

State : Guangdong,

Zip Code : 510405

Phone number : +1-888-338-8988

Airline Official Website :

China Southern Airlines Cancellation Policy 

China Southern has kept their cancelation policy relatively straightforward to its loyal passengers. Cancelation is allowed, but passengers have to go with the rules and genuinely follow them. If they keep the rules in mind, their request will be nullified.

  1. Passengers can cancel the ticket, but it should be done within 24 hours of booking.
  2. If passengers exceed the period of cancelation or their free period expires, they have to pay the penalty for cancelations. 
  3. If you have travel insurance, there is no need to worry; your penalty will be nullified.

Things to Remember 

  1. Fees and restrictions may apply for cancellations.
  2. Passengers can cancel online or through customer service.
  3. Refund options include a refund to the original form of payment or a travel voucher.
  4. It's recommended to cancel as early as possible to avoid fees or restrictions.

Ways to cancel a flight

China Southern offers several ways for passengers to cancel their flight reservations. Here are the ways to cancel a flight with China Southern:


Passengers can cancel their flight reservations online through the airline's website or mobile app by accessing the "Manage Booking" feature. This option allows passengers to quickly and easily cancel their reservation, view their refund options, and receive a confirmation of the cancellation.

Customer Service

Passengers can also cancel their flight reservations by contacting the airline's customer service by phone or email. The customer service representative will assist the passenger with the cancellation and provide information on the refund options and any applicable fees.

At the Airport

If you cannot cancel your flight online or through customer service, you can visit the airport and speak to a customer service representative in person.

Cancellation Due to Weather

In the event of a flight cancellation due to weather, China Southern Airline will typically provide passengers with the following options:


Passengers can be rebooked on the next available flight to their destination at no additional cost. The airline will try to accommodate passengers on the earliest available flight.


Passengers who choose not to rebook can receive a full refund of their ticket price. The refund will be credited back to the original form of payment.

China Southern Airline Refund Policy

On average, China Southern has thoroughly understood what passengers ask for, and they have developed policies that will satisfy the passenger so airlines will not face loss. 

  1. If the flight is canceled from the airline's end, they will refund all of the sums and will compensate the airline can do for the passengers. 
  2. Passengers must apply for a refund; their request will not be considered if they have not used it. 

China Southern has published terms on conditions on the refund policy; they usually refund the ticket cost if the case is genuine and the key is canceled from the passenger's end.

Steps to Cancel a Flight

Step 1. Visit the China Southern Airlines website.

Step 2. Click "My Trip" and select the flight you wish to cancel.

China Southern Airline window

Step 3. Provide your booking reference, e-ticket number, and last name to confirm your booking.

China Southern Airline detail window

Step 4. Follow the prompts to cancel your flight and review any applicable cancellation fees or restrictions.

Step 5. If you are eligible for a refund, provide any necessary documentation or information to initiate the refund process.

Step 6. Receive confirmation of your cancellation and any applicable refunds or fees.

China Southern Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

Usually China Southern takes 7 – 8 business days if you had paid the fare online. 

For the people who paid cash would take more time than online, they will nearly take 20 days to refund your money. 

No, you have to apply for the refund in the given time, it would be better if you apply at the same time, after the given time limit the request will not be considered. 

Passengers can cancel the ticket but the cancelation should be done within 24 hours of booking and the ticket must be of 7 days from the booking or more.

No, if your booking is through an agency you can’t cancel your ticket online. You can cancel online, only if you book on the official website. 


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