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Asiana Airlines Baggage allowance and fee



CallSign : ASIANA

Founded : 17 February 1988

Key people : Han Chang-soo

Country : South Korea

Office Address : Asiana Town, PO Box 98, No 47 Osae-Dong

City : Gangseo-gu

State : Seoul,

Zip Code : 157-713

Phone number : +1-800-227-4262

Official Website :

Personal item and carry-on baggage

Asiana airline allows carry-on as per your class type and it should be under dimension policy. It should be store in overhead bin and below the seat in front of you.

Checked Baggage

You can get free checked baggage as per your routes and class type. There is a difference in the baggage weight and quantity for US routes and non- US routes. For instance, the checked baggage quantity for non-US routes in economy class and infant will be only 1 free checked bag allowed.

For the Asiana domestic flight, the free checked baggage allowance depends on the weight.

Excess or Additional Baggage

Asiana airlines excess baggage charges for international and domestic routes may vary. However, the total size baggage allowance should be under 292cm and the overweight baggage allowance should not exceed over 32kg. For any extra or excessive baggage weight or size, you should give advance notice to Asiana airline.

Bag Types Business-class Economy class Weight Infant
Carry-on 10kgs(22lbs) up to 2 bags 10kg(22lbs) up to 1 bag - 10 kg (22lbs)
Free Checked bags(international flights) 32kg(70lbs) up to 2 bags(Adult, child) 23kg(50lbs) up to 2 bags(Adult, Child) 23kg(50lbs) up to 1 bags -
Free Checked bags(domestic flights) - 20kg(44lbs) (Adult, Child) 1 folding stroller, 1 bassinet,
or 1 infant car seat
 32 kg


Asiana airline gives baggage allowance of 2 pieces aas per class fare. However, the maximum dimension should be under 62 linear inches and baggage weight should be 50lbs and 70 lbs for economy and first and business class.

Asiana airline gives one free checked luggage for domestic flights. Moreover, for US flights, 2 pieces for economy class(23kg) and business class(32kg), and 3 pieces for first class(32kg).

Yes, Asiana airline gives one personal item (backpack) with carry-on. But, the personal item size and weight should be under Asian baggage policy.


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