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About Omaha

The city, which was established in 1854, is situated on the west side of the Missouri River. It's not the worst time of year to schedule a flight to Omaha because of its seasonal climate. Since his trail-blazing days in Oregon in the 19th century, the population of Nebraska's largest city, which now boasts 400,000 residents, has increased quickly. Visit the Warplane and Missile Museum or take a drive through a wildlife reserve. The Boys of His Town, the 1938 Spencer Tracy advertisement with Mickey Rooney, takes place in an inspirational haven for underage vulnerable children. Sites like this enhance Omaha's already solid status as a large city by bringing respect and attention. While in Omaha, see the riverfront with its Renaissance architecture.This little area is ideal for tourists wishing to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer, with new pathways heading towards the Old Market District. His 12 blocks of derelict warehouses have been changed into welcoming, relaxed, and modest eateries and retail establishments. Omaha, which is surrounded by rolling hills and situated on the banks of the Missouri River, has a continental climate with warm summers and chilly, dry winters.


Top Attractions In Omaha

  • Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo 
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Heartland of America Park
  • Strategic Air and Space Museum 
  • The Durham Museum


Flight To Omaha

Omaha travel is currently most affordable in January. The most expensive month is June. Price is influenced by a number of variables, such as advance booking, airline, airport of departure, and time. It is suggested that you make your reservation at least 61 days prior to the departure date for the most affordable flights to Omaha. Up to a week prior to departure, late reservations may result in higher airline charges. The cheapest day to travel to Omaha is often Tuesday. Now, Tuesdays are the most expensive day. Omaha flight prices are often lowest during the day. Flights in the evening are typically the most expensive.When planning a trip to Omaha, consider flying during the summer (June to August), when the weather is pleasant enough for outdoor activities and walking tours of the city. It's now. Explore Omaha's beautiful outdoors while wearing light clothing and sunglasses. The cold and blustery winters (December to February) deter visitors, but if you don't mind chilly, overcast days, you can find inexpensive flights and lodging options to Omaha.

Airline information 

Eppley Airfield (OMA), usually referred to as Omaha Airport or Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport, is the only airport in Omaha. There are taxis, shuttles, and car rentals available at the airport if you need ground transportation. Numerous automobile rental businesses exist, including Alamo, Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise. 23 airports across the world provide flights to Omaha on seven different airlines. One of the most well-liked routes to Chicago is via an American Airlines trip. Omaha is often serviced by American Airlines and United Airlines.


What To Do In Omaha

Omaha, which is situated on the powerful Missouri River, was formerly known as the "Gateway to the West" and a significant stop for travellers going to the coast. Although while Omaha clings to its past, it is nevertheless a distinct city. For instance, the Durham Museum details the history of the city, whereas Omaha's Union Stockyards, which were once the biggest in the nation, are now a collection of dilapidated enclosures that stubbornly cling to the past. For instance, the Durham Museum details the history of the city, but Omaha's Union Stockyards, which were once the biggest in the nation, are now a collection of dilapidated enclosures. Nonetheless, the downtown skyline is illuminated by skyscrapers belonging to large, global firms that serve as museums, theatres, and sculpture parks. And people congregate here to take part in everything. The Old Market is located downtown if you've been in the city long enough. Restaurants, stores, art galleries, and popular attractions including the Durham Museum, Omaha Children's Museum, and Joslyn Museum of Art can be found in this historic quarter.The Lauritzen Gardens at the Omaha Botanical Center and the priceless Henry His Dolly Zoo, which both hug the Missouri River, are also located here. Although there are many steakhouses in Omaha, which is famed for its steakhouses, a new trend in farm-to-table cooking is gaining popularity as more and more local merchants supply their restaurants with produce and meat. Visit Kitchen Table, a casual restaurant serving contemporary comfort food, for a taste of the best in town (meatloaf sandwiches, bourbon pulled pork, fried chicken breasts, and more). Here, almost everything is either produced on-site or is supplied from nearby farmers. Make a reservation at The Gray Plume for a celebration meal. An acclaimed eatery called The Gray Plume is well known for its high-quality meats and Featuring a variety of seasonal meals, such as duck-fat fries, wagyu beef, and grilled steelhead.


Where to stay in Ohama

Downtown Omaha is perfect for first-time travelers. It is the entertainment hub of the city and the perfect place for a fun-filled vacation. There's a little bit of everything from great hotels to great restaurants, and plenty of transportation to other popular attractions. Council Bluffs offers cheaper accommodation and meals, making it a good choice when you're on a budget. There are plenty of unique attractions, so you can go out without having to stray too far from your base. The Old Market District is a small area in downtown Omaha packed with people on just a few streets. With easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment, this district is a top choice when choosing a stay if you're visiting with family/kids. Omaha isn't a big city, but it's a vibrant and unique city with many neighborhoods that have their own personality and charm.


Many airlines fly to Omaha Eppley Airfield, the most common being American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines.

The cheapest month to fly to Omaha Eppley Airfield is January/February.

Currently, you can only fly to Omaha Eppley Airfield if you are a US citizen or meet other strict immigration requirements. But the world has opened up again and things are changing rapidly.

The Omaha Eppley Airfield is located 6.5 km from downtown Omaha.


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