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Air Tanzania Airline Baggage Allowance and Fee




Founded : 11 March 1977 (as ATC) December 2002 (Restructured)

Key people : Ladislaus Matindi (CEO)

Country : Africa & Middle East

Office Address : ATC House, Ohio Street/font P.O. Box 543

City : Dar-es-Salaam

State :

Zip Code : 00000

Phone number :

Official Website :

Baggage Policy

Air Tanzania has a baggage policy that outlines the maximum size and weight allowances for checked and carry-on Baggage, as well as any additional fees that may apply. Air Tanzania's baggage policy is designed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of passengers and their belongings. Therefore, following the size and weight allowances and additional regulations can provide a smooth travel experience with Air Tanzania.

Carry-on/Cabin Baggage Policy

  1. Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage weighing up to 7kg (15lb) and measuring up to 55cm x 38cm x 20cm (22in x 15in x 8in) on all flights.
  2. Business Class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of cabin baggage, each weighing up to 7kg (15lb) and measuring up to 55cm x 38cm x 20cm (22in x 15in x 8in) on all flights.

NOTE: Bulkhead seats lack under-seat storage, so all carry-on and cabin luggage must be stored in the overhead compartment during takeoff and landing.

Checked Baggage

  1. Baggage Allowance: Air Tanzania's checked baggage allowance varies depending
    on the class of travel, route, and fare type. Generally, the airline allows passengers
    to check in one or two pieces of baggage, each weighing not more than 23 kg or
    32 kg, respectively.
  2. Dimensions: The maximum size of each checked baggage should not exceed 158
    cm (sum of length, width, and height).
  3. Prohibited Items: Passengers are not allowed to check in dangerous goods,
    firearms, explosives, and other prohibited items.
  4. Labeling and Identification: Passengers are advised to label their checked baggage
    with their name, contact details, and flight information. This will help the airline
    to identify and locate the baggage in case it is misplaced or lost.

Excess or Additional Baggage Fee

  1. Domestic Flights: Passengers on domestic flights are charged TZS 10,000 per kg
    for excess baggage.
  2. Regional Flights: Passengers on regional flights are charged USD 5 per kg for
    excess baggage.
  3. International Flights: Passengers on international flights are charged USD 50-100
    per kg for excess baggage, depending on the route.


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