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Air Seychelles Baggage Policy




Founded : 1977

Key people : Remco Althuis (CEO)

Country : Seychelles

Office Address : Air Seychelles Ltd Head Office International Airport

City : Victoria

State : Mahé,

Zip Code : P.O.Box 386

Phone number : +248 4 39 10 00

Official Website :

Carry-on Baggage

Instead of counting the number of checked bags, Air Seychelles bases its regional network's luggage allowance on total weight. The maximum dimensions for all checked baggage are 90 cm in height, 75 cm in breadth, and 43 cm in depth. The maximum dimensions for all hand luggage are 55 cm in height, 40 cm in breadth, and 20 cm in depth.

  1. Passengers can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item (such as a handbag or laptop bag) on board.
  2. The carry-on bag should not exceed 7kg in weight and should fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of the passenger.
  3. The personal item should fit under the seat in front of the passenger.

Baggage Allowance - Domestic Flights

  1. For internal travel, all residents (point-to-point) are permitted a combined 20 KG, which comprises 15 KG of checked baggage and 5 KG of carry-on hand baggage per person.
  2. Non-residents would be permitted a total of 28 KG for domestic travel, which comprises 23 KG of checked luggage and 5 KG of carry-on hand luggage per person.
  3. The baggage allowance specified on the ticket from the initial point of travel will apply to passengers carrying a through ticket from an overseas aircraft on the connecting domestic flight.

Checked Baggage 

On domestic flights, economy class passengers are given the free allowance of 23kg for checked-in baggage. Whereas business class passengers are given a free allowance of 30 kilograms of checked-in baggage. Furthermore, on international flights, economy-class passengers are given a free allowance of 23kg for checked-in baggage. At the same time, business class passengers are given a free allowance of 40 kilograms of checked-in baggage. Lastly, all carry-on baggage must not exceed 75 x 43 x 90cm dimensions.

Air Seychelles permits residents a 15kg baggage allowance per passenger for journeys between Praslin and Mahe. At the same time, non-residents have a 23kg baggage allowance per passenger.

Excess Baggage 

Airlines won't accept any checked luggage that weighs more than 32 KG. Any luggage weighing more than the permitted 32 KG must be repacked to be transported.

Sports Equipment 

Air Seychelles allows passengers to carry their sports equipment on their next adventure. However, the equipment should be a part of the passenger's baggage alliance. The maximum dimensions of the sports equipment must be 75 x 43 x 90cm. Moreover, an excess baggage fee is applicable if the equipment exceeds the allowance; refer to the above section for the rates. The general information is as follows-

  1. Diving equipment consists of one scuba regulator, one empty scuba, and one tank pressure gauge. For additional equipment, a standard excess baggage rate is applicable.
  2. Golf equipment includes golf balls, clubs, umbrellas, and one pair of shoes. 
  3. Fishing equipment includes fishing tackle, landing net, fishing boots, reels, and rod. 
  4. Cycling – the nonmotorized bicycle. The handlebars must be fixed sideways,s and the pedals must be removed. And tires must be deflated.

Air Seychelles Baggage Policy FAQ's

You can measure your baggage dimension by adding up length, width and height (length + width + height.


You can contact the cargo department via email ([email protected]) or by phone call (+248 4391046 or +248 4391311). 


For information on this please click here, and refer to the ‘Baggage Policy’ section.


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