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Air Serbia Airlines Baggage Allowance and Fee




Founded : 17 June 1927

Key people : Duncan Naysmith (CEO) | Declan Keller (COO)

Country : Srbija

Office Address : Air SERBIA a.d. Beograd, Jurija Gagarina 12, 11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija

City : Jurija Gagarina 12

State : Novi Beograd,

Zip Code : 11070

Phone number : + 1 (888) 3909847

Official Website :

Personal item and carry on

As we know that on all flights there is a limitation of luggage or baggage. You can not carry whatever you want and of any measurement. Some items are prohibited on flights. If you are flying on Air Serbia in economy class then you can carry one item. Only one item is allowed in free carry-on baggage. The weight of this free carry-on baggage can not exceed 8 kg. If you have booked for business class then you can carry two personal items. Each bag should not exceed 8 kg. Dimensions of baggage for both classes are 40 x 20 x 55 cm.

Checked baggage

In Economy Class, one can bring one item of checked baggage. This baggage must not exceed 23 kg. If you have booked for business class in Air Serbia then you can carry 32 kg checked baggage hardly with you. The dimension of the bag should not exceed 158 cm. This dimension is mentioned by combining length, width, and height.

Additional or excess baggage

You will have to pay some charges if you carry extra baggage. As we discussed above, there should be 23 kg weight and the dimension should not exceed 158 cm ( length + breadth + height). If you bring extra baggage then their weight should lie between 23- 32 kg and the sum of dimensions should lie between 158- 203 cm.

Baggage Allowance in Air Serbia flights:-

Check the baggage allowance for different classes such as business class and economy class. There is a difference in baggage allowance according to age. The age is categorized as age 12+ and age 2-12.



Age 12+ years

Age 2-12 years

Economy Class

8kg max / 1 bag max

8kg max / 2 bags max

Business Class

8kg max / 1 bag max

8kg max / 2 bags max


Air Serbia Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. How much can I carry as check-in baggage in Air Serbia? +

As we know that there are two class fares available on this flight. On both of the flights, there is a difference in the weight of check-in baggage. For getting details you can enter the above section of checked baggage.

2. How much will it cost for excess baggage? +

The cost will depend on the size of the baggage. There is a fixed amount according to the weight and dimension of the baggage.

3. Is it possible to add baggage after booking my ticket? +

Yes, you can add additional baggage but for that, you will have to pay some fees. It will be according to your baggage. You can not add baggage more than the limitation of the size of the baggage.


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